Posters twins. Plagiatchiki not asleep!

Creativity and imagination that could be more important for the creators of posters for the film? Probably nothing. But they were on a "damn" because plagiarism is much easier and more profitable. Most often plagiarized posters engaged our craftsmen, who must have decided that the better the plagiarism, the better. Russian creators of the posters do not believe that their business - it is a certain kind of art, and it must be approached with due responsibility. What a good idea to have a western, why not take !? Now, if it was punished, then yes ... But in this case there is no right or wrong, and everyone does what they want.

Let's look at the most obvious plagiarism in the world of cinema, which simply can not be overlooked, even if you do not enjoy watching films, but the vision you everything is fine.

The poster for the film "Jennifer's Body" with Megan Fox in the lead role ...

inexplicably similar to the posters for the series "True Blood».

The film "Star Wars" was the inspiration for ...

for the movie "Tron" poster which is very similar to the movie poster thereof.

Daring Rosario Dawson in the poster for the film "Sin City» ...

and our "old" Zhanna Friske in the movie "Day Watch". Well, what is it worse Rosario?

Shameless our plagiatchikov tricks do not end there. The poster for the film "The Bank Job» ...

and the poster for the film "Alien." Jason Statham is indignant.

Heroic spin Mark Wahlberg in the movie "Shooter» ...

and no less powerful spin of the film "Cowboys and Aliens».

Fantasy creators of movie posters Nolan is clearly running out, so the poster for "Beginnings» ...

a copy of the poster for the film "The Dark Knight." It is not enough film world Heath Ledger, uh ...

"Ingenuity" of Russians there is no limit, so the poster for the film "The Family!» ...

identical with a poster for the film "Everybody Dies But Me».

Make way for the animals! The poster for the film "Unforgiven» ...

and poster for "Cat in Boots." Brutal Cat you Ladder! (the more so that the cat is voiced by himself Banderos).

Our fellow citizens do not know the measure of anything. We compare the poster for the film "Inglorious Bastards» ...

and the poster for the series "Black Sheep" (well, the name).

Domestic "Phobos" and ...

zabugorny "My Bloody Valentine" - twin brothers?

Heroic half turn Bruce Willis is haunted by "creatives." His cram in any film starring the actor. Even bald head will soon be forgotten when there is planned!

"16 Blocks»

«Die Hard»


Tattooed back too excite the minds of the creators of posters ...

"The Expendables»

"Red Dragon»

"Get Rich or Die Tryin '»

"Pearl Harbor" has obvious similarities with ...

with the movie "Dresden". Man, woman, plane - which still need to be completely happy creators of posters?

The severed head - the best PR move for the horror.



"Oil" and ...

and "Tambourine, Drum". The resemblance is there, but not strong.

"D-Day" carbon paper film ...

the film "The Bourne Ultimatum." Who steeper - Porechenkov or Damon?

And a couple of similarities, which quite simply can not be forgotten!

Movies "Golden Chain" (1991) and "The Fugitive" (1993)

Stills from "dangerous combination" (2008) and a poster of the film "Dangerous Bangkog" (2008)

The poster of the film "Pushkin. Last Duel "(2006) and the poster of the film" Lucky Number Slevin "(2006)

The poster of the film "Harvest" (2004) is similar to the poster of the film "American Beauty-on" (2000), but the flowers are different.

Poster "Dawn of the Dead" (2004) and a poster "The Other" (2004)

Poster "Strangers" (2008) and a poster "Highway of Death" (2003)

"Brotherhood of Stone" (2006) and "Ball Gown" (2003)

Movies "Female friendship" (2007) and "Cheaters" (2010)

Stills from "Rule hundredth mile" (2002) and a poster of the film "Gone in 60 Seconds" (2000)

The film "Flower of the Devil" (2010) and "Twilight. Eclipse "(2010)

And esch one similarity - The poster of the film "Good Luck Chuck" (2007) and the cover of the magazine «Rolling Stone» (1981)


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