The genre of "film" on its last legs

Forty nine million eight hundred seventy thousand three hundred eighty six

You think I sleep? And I don't sleep, I see everything. See how millions of people on the earth ball watching movies And I think that it is good that this is normal.
The company is entitled to require security for the offered goods and services for its members. The question is, is it safe for the person are cinematic services. By what right do filmmakers have imposed on mankind the so-called art films? They conducted a psychological study of the influence of feature films on the person? No, not performed. Meanwhile, the films give the viewer a regressive setup. The filmmakers from the very beginning went the easy way.

Movies first appeared as a screen adaptation of novels and novels and has become the main product presented for consumption. The film is not so harmless product, as it seems offhand. Closer examination revealed that the films negatively affect the identity of the viewer. Instead help the person to solve their problems, they distract from solving them. But vodka too distracting. Movies present miserable patterns of behavior. Hence, immaturity, pessimism, and lack of initiative. The movies are worthless pragmatic means. The audience can extract their practical use. Movies extremely poor perform the function of educator. Hence the lack of will and stubbornness, and selfishness, and indifference. Movies mediocre perform the function of teacher. The value of knowledge of life, reported to feature films, is close to zero. The audience can enrich your experience of life and knowledge of life. From this total ignorance.

Films perform the function of low - qualified consultant. A person periodically there is a need for advice on life problems, conflicts. Expectations of the spectator are not satisfied, and he remains alone with their problems and conflicts. As a site of feelings, movies to block the development of the intellectual sphere. They wean people to think, train only the most primitive intelligence. Hence the dullness, stupidity, short-sightedness. This brings to mind the Chinese philosopher Shang Yang. In 350 BC, he said: "People should be deliberately befuddling to the state it was easy to manipulate his mind".

Movies are an emotional product. Thus, they contribute to the transformation of a normal personality in an overly reactive person. Hence, aggressiveness, and intolerance, and conflict, and impulsivity, hysteria, and anger, and sentimentality. Themes of movies — life stories ordinary. This leads to blockage of alternatives for solving life's problems. Hence the inertia of the person. Movies are a supplier of uninteresting, unattractive ideas. Hence the narrow-mindedness, and indecision, fussiness, and self-centeredness and inferiority complex.

Instead of trying to help the individual in the development of creative abilities, artistic films, on the contrary, suppress them. Movies hinder the development of the cognitive component of personality. The filmmakers have formed a false idea of life as a chain of actions and events, whereas life is a process, which includes periodic orientation and subsequent regulation of behavior. Beautiful name of the film "art" does not define their essence. A more accurate title would be: gossipy, emotionalmotivational, slave emotional.
People watching movies, and as a result degrades himself as a person. There are reasonable and unreasonable needs. Shaped film-makers need in watching movies is foolish. A hundred years of its existence, the cinema has become the enemy of man. The reason for this was feature films.
If a hundred years ago, filmmakers have tried to obtain a license for its production: a report, a chronicle, documentary, popular science film, educational film, feature film, educational film, the authoritative Commission of eminent scientists never gave the license to that genre as an art film. Or, to abolish the genre of "art film"? Long overdue.

Author Efim, Reitblat



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