10 IT-occupations of the future

Humanity needs to create information systems to a new level. A few years ago it was enough to be able, in principle, create any information system, operating with the least number of errors and to automate individual processes of human activity. But it is already capable of intelligent information systems using advanced algorithms replace almost any human activity. And that is why the requirements for the information systems of the future will increase by hundreds of times - she no longer has to be simple to operate, easy to communicate with databases and simple though as that respond to user actions, today technology should be friendly to man, not to distract, not to bother, not to provoke the wrong action, automatically find the problem and make their own decisions. In this article, we will analyze why the creator of a simple code in the near future will no longer enough to "revive" the information system. And at the same time give advice as just a student or a housewife today is beginning to take make the most of future skills.


Who: Architect information systems
A person skilled in a wide range of works with data processing systems. In particular, database designs, develops algorithms action provides an effective treatment of user data stores, monitors the quality of storage, logic, storage and retrieval of information, etc.

What problems are solved: and the logic of the internal algorithms of any information system - is its foundation, without which it simply can not exist. And if before the entire structure responsible for programmers who write the final code is already interaction scheme, the processing of heterogeneous information, the logic of interaction between different units have become so complex that there is no longer dispense with individual experts in this matter

Analogues: The name "architect" tells us that the analogy is found in the building. And if the construction of a conventional dugout or huts on the development of the IT industry raze the architects were not needed, then the next. when the buildings become more and more difficult, above all, there were all new techniques, materials, construction technology - is an architect, designing the overall concept of the building - began to lead the simple builders, masons. Today, these functions are already carried out a completely different specialists: leading programmer or technical director, product-managers or experienced designers with systems thinking.

What skills should have thought
How to start a housewife: with planning the family budget in the table excel. For a start will be enough to make a plan to start a monthly income and expenses to determine the most important local (for a month) and global (a year) goals and to be able to reserve resources for unforeseen circumstances - it can foster their own thinking in the right direction to further establish advanced architecture crafted to detail the program "Family Budget".

Feature Film, clearly illustrate the essence of the profession: The trilogy "The Matrix"

Who: Designer interface
He engaged in the development and creation of "friendly", adapted to humans and safe for him to interface equipment and software at various levels. It has good expertise in "usability" (creation of interfaces, the most comfortable for the user).

What problems are solved: to create the perfect logic and advanced data processing algorithms is not enough to interact with the program could live person. What does a person need? - Simple, user-friendly and efficient interface, ie the system of management, control, and make important decisions. Information system with user friendly interface must be able to build up a dialogue with the end user, to inform him about any problems or errors to make it clear what information it needs input and explain exactly what will get people at the outlet. Speed ​​and correctness of management, ergonomics and just sympathy for what is happening on the screen is becoming increasingly important. It is very important to be able to smooth out the smallest seams between native code and features of thinking typical user.

Do not forget also that the interface of the future - this is not necessarily the image and the pixels. The ability to use informative sounds and smells, taste and body position in space of 5 years will be much more important skills in the profession than skills illustrator.

Analogues: translators from foreign languages ​​to help people understand other people's speech and conduct cooperation in spite of the language barrier. Also, now there are dozens of companies and thousands of experts, one way or another has specialized in the design of interfaces. However, due to the low prestige of these professions basic studying human communication - like pedagogy, sociology and psychology, while their release competencies experts today are not always enough to make friends effectively man and machine at the current level of technology that they try to retouch with graphic illustrations.

What skills should have thought: The ability to perfect communication, especially between the various categories and groups, ability to find common interests and to identify the primary problems. It is also very help knowledge of human anatomy, psychology, sociology, and a lot of experience in teaching, in order to properly train a person and a system of communication skills, and even a "friendship".

How to start a housewife: with the observations of their own children, with an analysis of how the kids, not knowing any language in the world, unable skills treatment with any object or system - cleverly adapted. trained, coming up with new features and quickly overtake their parents. It is this experience will be invaluable in creating and then adapted to the people the information systems of the future.

Feature Film, clearly illustrate the essence of the profession: "The robot named Chappy" - scenes of consciousness evolution of the machine when dealing with different people.

Possible problems that may create the appearance of a given profession: The fact that people no longer must every moment throughout his life attracted to the unknown, the complex, incomprehensible. Tomorrow will be required to do the complexity falls to his level - and it can radically change the whole structure of thinking of people all over the next 10-15 years.

Who: Architect virtuality
Specialist engineering solutions to work, study and relax in a virtual reality. Develops software and equipment, taking into account biological and psihoparametrov user (including under the individual order).

What problems are solved: information systems transformation of episodic application entire virtual worlds with its laws, ways of interaction, specific embodiments of concepts that are impossible in reality. In fact it is the creator of human dreams and dreams.

Analogues: the creators of computer games, the creators MMORG-universes, filmmakers and animators. Today has created a lot of virtual universes, which are nevertheless firmly in the real life: it is the army of fans of Star Wars, and roleplayers-Tolkienists and gamers of all stripes.

What skills should have: multicultural ideal creative beginning and a perfect understanding of what the public wants, what it lacks in real life. There must be a full immersion in the problems insoluble for the user in the real world. It can not escape from the excellent knowledge of the anatomy of the human perception, its psychology, sociology, mass behavior and principles of pedagogy.

How to start a housewife: tell stories to their children tales, invent whole game worlds, where the child will be able to dream, to learn and to become a personality in recognition of his individual talents and inclinations

Feature Film, clearly illustrate the essence of the profession: Almost anyone with a good direction and logical scenario

Possible problems that may create the appearance of a given profession: in these people for the first time in history there are strengths and opportunities to create for each individual and society as a whole hell of an individual, filled with the most terrible nightmares of childhood

Who: Designer virtual worlds
A conceptual solution for the virtual world: philosophy, the laws of nature and society, the rules of social interaction and the economy, landscape, architecture, sensations (including smells and sounds), the living world and the social world.

What problem solve: details and embodies everything that is designed by the architect of virtual worlds

Analogues: an ordinary designer, game designer.

What skills should have: the skills of drawing, modeling, creative, create interesting narrative and graphical detail

How to start a housewife: with the purchase of a license of the graphic editor 3D Max

Feature Film, clearly illustrate the essence of the profession: "Avatar & quot;

Possible problems that may create the appearance of a given profession: earthiness of human thought, which does not allow to create truly unique new worlds, and which amounts only to attempts to copy an existing bad with the same laws, fauna and moral norms.

Who: Lawyer Network
Specialists involved in the formation of regulatory interactions in the network (including virtual worlds), develops system of legal protection of property rights and on the Internet (including virtual property).

What problem solve: makes the area of ​​norms and rules in any man-made virtual worlds with the amendment to the existing installation there originally.

Analogues: Lawyer on copyright. Also the profession in one person performs Roskomnadzor.

What skills should have: you can not do without systems thinking and vast multicultural knowledge. It will be useful also have the flexibility of thinking, and, of course, legal education.

How to start a housewife: no chance

Feature Film, clearly illustrate the essence of the profession: series "Better Call Saul"

Possible problems that may create the appearance of a given profession: The people with negative infusion, especially when combined with IT preacher - the profession risks degenerate into a new kind of activity "Internet Inquisitor", destroy and burn out on the network any thought, freedom, self-expression, beyond the established rules.

Who: Designer neurointerface
Professionals involved in the development of the nervous system compatible with human interfaces to control computers, household and industrial robots, with the psychology and physiology of users.

What problem solve: is now where the world is ruled flashy banner ads and text slogans - will soon be scorched desert, as it is assumed that in the very near future the information will be transmitted to man directly into the brain via neyroimpulsov. Bypassing all intermediaries in the form of graphical interfaces of human language or simply a set of images, the human brain will come once the desired frequency electronic signals and sily.Odnako this simplification and getting rid of "intermediary" does not mean that the information transmitted will not have to optimize and the best way to interpret, depending on the social, gender and cultural layers each user.

Analogues: specialist UI and UX. While the interface design begins and ends with pictures made in the graphics editor on the Mac is required to the latest model. How to replace this technology to create a unique identity for a specific coded stream of pulses - is quite clear. Quite possibly, all of today's skills will not be enough and they will even harm the experts in an attempt to look at the exchange of information in new ways. Yet in the "old bottles do not pour new wine" and so on.

What skills should have: electrical engineering with the understanding that such a piece of information, to know and to be able to use the methodology and methods of encryption, decryption, data archiving. In addition, the need to be an expert on the human brain to not make a mistake by momentum crazy.

How to start a housewife: almost all of them, and so are the gurus of "brain stem" all relatives and friends - so there's nothing to pump is not required.

Feature Film, clearly illustrate the essence of the profession: "The Black Mirror", an episode of White Christmas

Possible problems that may create the appearance of a given profession: experts in human neyroimpulsam longer need not be put in jail the whole person, it will be enough just to hold down his mind.

Who: Organizer online communities
Specialist in the organization and moderation of electronic forums, games and educational sites in the network.

What problem solve: most ancient - communication and communication between people, the search for optimal solutions, the ability to negotiate and to direct the efforts of the masses in a constructive direction.

Analogues: experts in the promotion of groups in social networks, network marketing. Even today in the profession has involved millions of housewives in social networks. Anyone who now puts his first photo in instagram or create a group in Odnoklassniki - can already be considered the organizer of potentially monetiziruemogo online community.

What skills should have: excellent oral and written language, charisma and leadership skills, communication skills and extroversion, self-organization and expertise on the "theory of the crowd".

Feature Film, clearly illustrate the essence of the profession: "Pirammmida"

Possible problems that may create the appearance of a given profession: Leading experts in the profession will be able to form part of its series online government of the future. Assuming such a scenario, it becomes obvious that there is no place better to form the ranks of the future rulers of the world, nor of the community leaders who have demonstrated their organizational and communication skills, especially the ability of exceptional interest to the masses, manage and influence their mood.

Who: IT preacher
Specialist communication with end-users of IT products, promotion of new solutions in the group, conservative with respect to advanced technologies, provides training for people new programs and services for bridging the digital divide among the population.

What problem solve: introduction of new technologies, solutions, methodologies.

Analogues: Training Specialist, futurist, teacher information disciplines in schools and universities. If you look wider, the adept of the profession is almost every speaker at the annual thousands of IT conferences, symposia and mitapov. Today, "preaching" is obsessed with itself, that is, today's preachers are trained exclusively on each other, for fear is to go with propaganda speeches, "the people" - large and heterogeneous audience of people far removed from information technology.

What skills should have: First of all, it is actually the most expertise in the field of information technology. also require excellent learning and self-learning (pedagogy), oratorical skills and the ability to motivate different categories of people.

How to start a housewife: try to convince my mom to have instagram and stick to self.

Feature Film, clearly illustrate the essence of the profession: series "Silicon Valley».


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