20 professions of the future


«60% of the best jobs of the next decade have not even been invented» i>. - Thomas Frey (Thomas Frey), futurist .

Research agency Sparks & Honey offered his vision of the near future. More precisely, the vision of 20 professions that, according to the authors, are very much in demand in the next decade.

In the past, people have built their careers steadily and linearly. Everyone chooses any one path in life and stick to it from college to retirement. But in this age of exponential technological development, this model no longer works. Today, the construction of his career is a complex, fragmented process, we have to specialize in a narrow area and constantly collaborate with others. More than ever, this process requires the involvement of other people. Often, our portfolio consists of a list of mikrokarer i>.

Some of the following professions of the future already exist, some still only in its infancy. The rest is not yet established, but according to our daily observations, it is likely their emergency demand.

Consultant productivity (Productivity conselor) Due to the emphasis on "productivity" and "the creation of distinction", as well as a new tracking technology, people need help in organizing their lives to improve their productivity, welfare, effective time management and advice on careers.

Personal digital curator (Personal digital curator) Specialist who will make for you a unique set of applications and information resources for your personal and work needs.

Specialist microflora (Microbial balancer) Consultant who picks up for you both external and internal composition mikromiflory, and gives recommendations for a sustainable healthy ecosystem.

Corporate disorganizer (Corporate disorganizer) Specialist who changes the hierarchical relationships in the company in order to create the atmosphere of a startup or an organized chaos.

Mentor curiosity (Curiosity tutor) Personal Advisor flanёringu ( flaneuring ) i>, which not only inspires and supports you in curiosity, but also teaches you the art of independent research world.

Trader alternative currencies (Alternative currency speculator) Bitcoin and other virtual currencies gaining importance for people who do not trust the traditional money. This creates the preconditions for the formation of a full exchange of trade and investment with the help of alternative currencies.

City caretaker (Urban shepherd) Micro-farmer and consultant on the creation of living spaces in the city. These people will specialize in tiny gardens and flowerbeds, which will be located in the most unusual places.

Master printer (Printing handyman) Specialist in 3D-printing, a sort of "master on call" that can help you create a variety of things.

Digital posthumous manager (Digital death manager) Specialist who creates, manages, or "freezes" page in social networks deceased person.

Personal chronicler (Personal life log archivist) In this age of complete documentation of every day of our lives, we need the help of experts to organize, organize and understand information about our daily lives. And in order to understand how this all can be usefully applied.

specialist treatment depending Digital (Digital detox therapist) Advisor who helps people get rid of harmful depending on various gadgets, creating individual "analog" zone.

Specialist Crowdfunding (Crowdfunding specialist) Master fundraising on sites like Kickstarter and Indigogo, who can profitably apply various public projects.

The support of cultural skills (Cultural skill sherpa) As a financial advisor, the person helping clients acquire and develop the skills necessary for employment of a post.

Quantitative personal trainer (Quantified self personal trainer) Specialist who not only recommend the right diet, but also analyze your everyday and sports activity and offer the best choices in their personal lives.

Authorized Videographer (Vicarious videographer) Like a guinea pig, HC to customer engaged in any activity and record what is happening in the video (using a GoPro or Google Glass).

Advisor layfhakingu (Hackschooling counselor) This person will inspire pupils and students to "hacking" the real world to experiment with their own lives (ie, "to seek adventure on his w") that is not limited to traditional occupations in the school.

Consultant privacy (Privacy consultant) Specialist to address vulnerabilities in your home and the digital environment.

Videoinstsenirovanie (Skype staging) Wage adviser will help prepare for the various activities and events via videoinstsenirovaniya specific situations (including etiquette, appearance and features of speech).

Mem agent (Meme agent) Similarly profession agent talent, meme-agent identifies and evaluates personal or intellectual features used in various memes.

operator drones (Drone driver) Civil service and private individuals are increasingly beginning to use all kinds of drones (mostly flying), which would entail the emergence pobtrebnosti in people who are able to manage them well in a complex urban environment.

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