The choice of a profession for Ayurvedic Constitution

Few people think when choosing a profession – does this matter to Ayurvedic Constitution, particularly the mental, practice? Choosing a profession and themselves, and at the insistence of parents in many ways, except this one. If you choose the right activity that fits your level of energy, it can bring moral satisfaction and good monetary compensation, as the person doing the right thing achieves great resultatov than someone who is accidentally hit in this area. You can see the characteristics of each dosha and understand how it will behave with each dosha in a particular operational environment.

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For example, Vata dosha. This is a very creative people, and the best area for them is one where they can create, in any form. Men need constant change of impressions. They don't like to sit around and constantly find something to do. Wool gushes ideas, but implement them in her life very quickly gets bored, she throws begun and carried on, as had a new idea.

Excited by a new idea, she dives into a new project quickly emasculated and rarely makes it to the end, if not correctly calculate their strength, will not distribute routine work which is necessary in almost any case, will not take time to recover lost energy with proper rest.

Prone to mass psychosis "healthy lifestyle" a wool believe that the sport will benefit them. Will bring, but not all classes. Most sports are very energy-intensive, and not fill Teryan energy. Some time excited wool rushes from work to the fitness club, loads heavy exercises, lifts weights, runs to the state of obessolivanija. But this can not continue for long. And when power runs out, all the wool throws, until the next "attack recovery".

If it's wool-deficiency, many hope classes with weights to build muscle and gain weight. The rest so the muscles are developing, and when Vata deficiency weight is typed differently. So with the choice of sport need to be very careful.

People of Vata Constitution are best manifest themselves when they operate in "free flight" without guidance and restrictions. Among them often there are real estate developers (whether they are successful – it's hard to say, because pitt -agent can be more assertive, and Kapha take his methodology), but the fact remains – originally a wool more go to real estate agents.

For the same reason many of them are commercial agents – a lot of movement, talking, constant change of impressions is what attracts the wool. Here, Pitta-agent with its assertiveness can win. Alas! Such an active profession might further unbalance the wool, but that's where they feel at ease.

Among artists is more common Vata type, as it is the place where they can Express their impulsivity, its the constant movement of thoughts and body. The best designers, artists, dancers, teachers, photographers, it is often the people Vata Constitution. From the medical professions, they often choose the profession of a psychiatrist.

Sedentary job as a bookkeeper, the programmer can hold them only in great need, but they will invertase and wanting somewhere to escape. If they can't physically leave the workplace/to quit a boring job, they will be constantly "in the clouds", to somehow compensate yourself the boredom of the monotonous work. Although this is monotonous work calms them down.

Anywhere wool is good to temper their enthusiasm (which quickly droops), and do everything at an average pace, without violent emotions. This will allow will last longer and qualitatively to perform work.

Men also need to carefully equip your workplace (to the extent possible, it is not always possible to change something), but still keep in mind that the wool is very sensitive to loud sounds, lights, drafts, dry air, cold. All speakers, radio, flashing fluorescent lamps can bring the wool to a complete imbalance. And no one, except them, did not notice, Pitta and Kapha bugout to respond to their stimuli.

If you can't affect your surroundings and change something in the workplace, it must compensate for imbalance of Vata arising in the workplace the rest of the routine – sleep, food, leisure, and hobby. Everything needs to be in a certain allotted time that the body is already pre-prepared and reduced stress levels: "in 2 hours I have a hot dinner in a warm family atmosphere, in 5 hours I will do a relaxing walk before bed and then lie in a soft bed and read a novel." No activity, computer games shooting, watching a noisy movie before going to sleep men are not needed.

Night's sleep wool need longer than others, and sometimes, if possible, and to sleep in the day. For wool there is not a lot of sleep. If conditions permit, she can lie down at any time, INOGATE than once a day, take a NAP and then a wonderful night's sleep. Although the most restless, superficial sleep with "flight" is from wool.

Of physical activity best soothes the cotton wool quiet walk (preferably in nature) and swimming (in a warm pool), without zakalivanii. Recommended Surya Namaskar (the sun salutation, a few laps at an average pace).

It is also useful tai Chi (non-combat). Readers of my unit know that I have been doing tai Chi (not a combat). All of the practitioners in my group definitely say that in the day when they are doing tai Chi, especially in the evening, their sleep improved significantly, as it is a true moving meditation. Unfortunately, to find sections of tai Chi is not possible everywhere, but to learn some basic movements from youtube. Anything is better than nothing.

To restore the wool will help the advice from the "Shaman.Cotton»

Shaman – temporary relief For Wool:

1.Massage with lots of sesame oil (sesame oil). Sesame oil has warming properties and weight. More light oil, but also a warming mustard (mustard oil). It stands on 2nd place of preference for Wool. You can also use almond oil and oil of apricot pits. The oil can be nastoyanka different spices and herbs that reduce Vata (cinnamon, ginger, calamus, etc.). The massage should be gentle, but strong enough, although the Wool is the most sensitive to pain. Oil massage can be applied only after the AMA started is displayed after taking appropriate spices. Making yourself a massage, follow the flow of energy in the body to not reject the Wool from its normal flow.

It can be done, acting in the direction of hair growth from the outside and inside. Liberally apply oil to all areas that have hair. Oil on the scalp of the head helps to control Vata (anxiety) in your mind. It would be nice 1 times a week to RUB the oil into the scalp and do not rinse it at least 20 minutes. Oil head massage relaxes the mind and body and strengthens the senses. When you do not have time for a full massage, at least massage the soles of the feet. This massage promotes healthy sleep. If you have a weak eyesight, before bed oil the nails of both big toes.

External and internal tension is a fundamental method for balancing Vata Dosha and regulatory violations caused by Cotton States.

2.Sweating (moderate) in a wet steam room, bathtub, Jacuzzi. A dry sauna is not suitable, as it increases the Vata. Before sweating good to use diaphoretic. In the period of sweating, drink plenty of water and do several approaches with breaks. Not overheat. If felt thirsty, weakness, dizziness, immediately stop everything and relax in a calm environment.

3.The use of toning and strengthening plants together with seasonings. Tonics are used in very small quantity, especially if the language has RAID and there are problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

4.Internal oiling can be done with Sesame oil or Ghee (melted butter). Usually when Shaman 1-2 tablespoons of oil per day, about 1 week, after which should follow a cleaning enema. Oil in large quantities should not be consumed inside with weak Agni (digestive Fire).

5.Asanas, uspokaivayuschee Wool, exposure to the sun in warm weather (without the wind), Pranayama. Not a large acceptance of physical activity and stay in a cold climate (preferable but if not possible, the clothing should be warm).

6.Anti-Vata diet, spices for Wool.

Not to overeat, but to eat often, small portions (this advice is only for the Wool, without constant “hand-outs” they get nervous). To enter into a harmonious rhythm, Wool is best to eat in her own time. Time Wool – from 2 nights to 6 a.m. and from 2 days to 6 PM. With the evening clear, but to have Breakfast before 6 am, probably few people get. But it's the “best”, and you have yourself adjust your daily routine.

Some authors write that the Vatam is sometimes useful short starvation from 1 to 3 days drinking only tea with ginger or cinnamon. But then point out that without food the Wool starting to get nervous. So decide for yourself – if without nerves something fast, otherwise, it is better to eat.

7.Increase the heat of your home and style, surrounded by red, orange, gold (warming) and white (wet). Warm comfortable clothes, a soft bed will also soothe the Wool.

8.Physical and mental tranquility, avoiding intense travel, especially flying, noisy companies. Allow yourself to NAP during the day if feeling tired (only Men are prescribed daily rest because of its weak nervous Constitution). It would be good to lead a regular, stable way of life surrounded by loving people with minds full of happiness.

9. Calming meditation, observing silence, liberation from worry and anxiety.

Shaman – Temporary relief for Wool is different from restorative techniques, only the amount of spices: when Shaman take them in large doses to removing AMA (toxins), while toning the method – in much smaller quantities. Diet in Shamakhi lighter, until, until you appear AMA (toxins)

Pitt well-trained and focused on the problem, likes to criticize everything (in business and in other areas of life), sometimes excessively. Loves to compete. They are realistic, plan well, very disciplined. Good in science, for scientific experiments, as they are more focused than wool. In group work they are always leaders, but they sunk enough to bring the project to the execution stage (though, to fulfill his will, accumulation as wool has long been flew into the distance, and pitt had been established and to understand the little things – not the "master's business". As a performer, Pitta stands up well to high stress.

Pitt often have to restrain their impulses. She always knows that everything is wrong and knows what to do. But its not always asking. So pitt can in angry, boiling from injustice. And if it were not for the workplace, you can get the family, or to result in an ulcer (which happens only from continuous nervous tension), or something else. In General, sometimes bushouse emotions with no outlet may have a negative impact on the welfare of Pitta.

In General, where need energy and pressure – Pitta indispensable. Pitt like a prestigious occupation. There they can prove that they are "the best". Pitt among the most common scientists, politicians, lawyers, financiers, brokers, currency traders (this corresponds to the risky nature Pitta). Builders, workers, sportsmen most often Pictou, as these jobs require strength, endurance and pretty good response and maneuverability.

Pitta can go out of balance and become very aggressive, overheating yourself mentally and physically. Competitiveness, the assignment to decision-making, overcoming obstacles – all this leads to intolerance, irritation, power.

Working place pitt must be organized so that was cool, there was bright lighting. Mentally you need to restrict yourself from the competition and prove (yourself or others) that you can do everything better than anyone. And so all have long known.

With the correct regime of pitt, great feel. She's not emasculated at work, as cotton, the energy hits her over the edge, she doesn't need a long rest to recover. But pitt will need to devote time to your hobby, as it is often "enjoys" the work, at a time when no one needs, again proving to all that it will do everything better than anyone. Pitta is most often sits up on the work, completing the "important" things (which can easily wait until tomorrow).

To feel normal, Pitta needs to ogruntovyvat yourself a "cool lifestyle" cutting diet, cooling colors in clothing and interior, cold bathing, fitness is everything for Pitta.

"Pitta shaman»

Kapha is slow and calm, responsible, compassionate. Has a good long-term memory. Such qualities are required in many areas. Kapha – best performers. They won't be spouting ideas like cotton wool, will not lead the project (voluntarily, but of necessity, of course, and only on calm projects), but they are still no comparison do not go with the head-Pitta (the effective Manager).

Kapha prefers sedentary work, it is her nature, laziness and heaviness.

She easily falls into self-satisfaction, inertia, don't have anyone to compete (unlike Pitta). Kapha is very strongly tied to the results of their labor.

"The manifestation of Kapha on the mental level»

It is Kapha shed tears prosaas with the place of work, while the Vata and Pitta has long been rushed to the next distance. Kapha can even fall ill from longing, because it was ripped away from the usual places where she would have sat all my life.

Kapha very conservative, hard to change habits, especially the work, sometimes even losing in material terms, thinking about what you need to change something and the future work to active. She komfortnee to sit still.

My place of work, she believes his property, often a home, while for wool any place of work is temporary stop, for Pitta is a platform for self-affirmation. Kapha accept to lose the payment, if only nothing changed. It is on the desktop Kapha all sorts of useful things in the lockers there are always cookies and candies to soothe a frustrated colleague. Wherever Kapha not move, she immediately arranged for the home. So close to her all comfortable, you can snuggle up in case of troubles.

Kapha is important not to tighten itself into the swamp, where she would not budge to think. She needs motivation, stimulation. Kapha need to force to change the situation ("often" for Kapha can be calculated for decades), engage in a competitive activity (at least virtually), podlastva itself, and dispersing laziness.

Kapha need to forcibly push back the "struggle", to take the initiative, "brains", not to stall in life.

In the workplace, Kapha need to create a few stimulating environment, but at the same time to monitor irritants that will bring her even more out of balance – it's a cold and improper artificial lighting.

The best profession for Kapha is adminitrator, conservative managers on peaceful projects, accountants, agricultural workers. Kapha is most often "goldsmith", they will not exceed, where applicable, manual labor. From the medical professions, they often choose the profession of a pediatrician, nurse, nurse.

In General, where the desired routine work, attentiveness, calmness, dobrozhelatelnost, patience, perspective – Kapha essential. In science, the most peaceful Kapha the researchers, they can repeat the experiment, carefully noticing all the details. Kapha does not like pressure and potoraplivaya side of okrujayuschih.

To be in balance, Kapha most need to follow the food as it is often prone to overeating. She's also in need of heavy physical activity, energy cost (which is not recommended exhausted men), running, aerobics, Vinyasa yoga, Surya Namaskar (worship of the sun, a lot of laps at a very fast pace), martial arts.

"Shaman Kapha»

All told above it is not always possible to implement, because in life you have to work for those who have learned/managed to get/so happened that work. And rarely the combination of all the "right" qualities and desires, the coincidence of all parameters. When you need to feed a family, it's not the career choice for vikriti. Since perfect odnodolnyh States practically does not happen, then you need to watch the General features of the intended profession and try to calculate – how it would be to go to a specific person.

The choice of profession is not so straightforward it depends on vikriti. Among the different professions there are gradations actors, for example, need different, and not all actors are Vata Constitution. People of different constitutions will find their charms in the same profession.

About the choice of medical destinations in wrote. But if Vata is not a psychologist, but will work in other areas of medicine, it will attract a variety of treatments different patients (compared to with what to talk to), the ability to change different clinics and hospitals. Pitt also will be more love their ability to be effective anywhere else, an opportunity for all to explain and to educate (themselves and others). Kapha will enjoy the human contact, labor to create the comfort of patients.

Among the teachers of wool will be the most creative, finding new approaches, metaphors for the study of the same year after year. She will always be ready for updated material.

Pitt-the teacher will be to achieve efficiency in education, best results, the title of "best teacher" "best class". She always has everything under control, among the students – more than all the honors and the winners of various competitions. Pitt instills in her pupils a desire to "be the best". Kapha-the teacher will enjoy the stability of the education system, friendly support of colleagues and parents.

In the field of cooking all the same will find its charms. Chef Wat will constantly invent something new, improve the old recipes to create a masterpiece out of nothing.

Cook pitt will be happy that you've created a very special dish, prepared with special care (meticulously weighing all up to milligrams), in record time and will be sure to expect that his work will be appreciated. Pitt has to be always the best and ahead of everyone. Kapha-the cook will be pleased by the fact that all will be fed, the fact that it is a stable job, the fact that it is surrounded by natural products – an indicator of abundance. So will not starve and everything will be stable!

In those professions where you need to make responsible decisions, and at the same time to create (e.g., the architect)that people can be Vata-Kapha. Athletes often athletes are Pitta-Kapha, because along with endurance, competitiveness Pitta, they should have the stability of Kapha.

The most versatile type in terms of professions – the tridosha type. And already it has added all the rest – talent, representatively type (audio, visual, kinestetik). Because of this, and skazyvaetsya success in their chosen profession.

In General, "all works are good, choose on taste"!

And a little of Ayurveda, and life. I have a book by Linda Goodman "Astrology with a smile." The book has been long pillaged by Chapter on the Internet and you've probably met these full of soft humor of the description. No astrology is not there, except the names of the Zodiac. But there are accurate descriptions of the personality types on the signs: "virgin husband", "the virgin wife", "virgin child," "maiden-head", "virgin slave". The last 2 descriptions (superior and subordinate) can be very useful in life. The characteristics are so accurate that knowing the sign of the head, it is possible with high probability to predict how it will behave in certain situations. By knowing the sign of a slave, it is possible to predict how it will do the job.

Yes and in everyday life, in different relationship to me this book was very helpful. Well, I won't expect from wool-Archer of permanence and stability, it does not know where to look from permanent movements. But I know that the same wool-Archer go to Kapha -the virgin, where everything is so laid out on shelves, zagotovlen good, soft and comfortable, only there, pressed against Kapha Vata a little otmoknet.

In General, it's a difficult one – to do what they enjoy and to choose a profession, sootvetstvuyuschuyu Ayurvedic Constitution. But every case has its interesting moments, they need to find!  published 

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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