Disease is not punishment, but the Teacher tells you how to live

Each of us comes into this world with his program. Before each has specific tasks in the plan of spiritual evolution.

If we don't do standing still or doing the exact opposite — there is a disease.

Disease is not punishment, but the Teacher tells you how to live.

The disease is an indicator of our wrong actions in relation to their own Purpose. So says Ayurveda, and other spiritual practices.


Modern Western medicine has created a system of suppression of symptoms of various types of disease with pharmacological agents based on synthetic drugs, which relieve man from his disturbing symptoms of disease such as increased body temperature, impaired blood pressure, coughing, or pains in any parts of the body.

However, all these methods do not solve the subtle psychological causes of the disease and often do not act on the cause of the disease. Symptomatic treatment only leads to chronicity of the process, because contribute to the fact that the disease "goes inside".

The same psoriasis traditional medicine cures hormonal ointments that only temporarily clean the skin manifestations of psoriasis are not acting on the cause of the disease. While hormonal creams sold in pharmacies, have a lot of side effects. And psoriasis is the body cry for help. The skin is the intestines, turned inside out, say the Vedas. And all the patients with psoriasis one hundred percent have problems with digestion.

If you normalize the fire of digestion, to forget about bad habits and harmonize the emotional sphere, the psoriasis will go away by itself. It just indicates that it is necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle and get rid of the enemies of the mind. A "smearing psoriatic plaques", as already mentioned, leads to the care of the disease inside.

Any care of the disease inside most often halloo to one another more severe pathology and that the most sad — formation, both benign and malignant neoplastic processes.

So the disease is a good Teacher and leader on the path to spiritual and physical recovery. Communication with the disease helps to have the courage to honestly and directly face the conflicts and challenges of his inner world.

Every thought is like a seed


Feel watch, just stop for a second and look around... Maybe we are not the villains, but only act on some negative stereotypes: we are used to someone to envy, someone to criticize and not to consider it bad. Just think, condemn others — what's the big deal? And as soon as people gather together, begin to "wash up bones" to others. Or are you starting to feel sorry for another person, thinking that it was good. And, actually, sparing the person we limit its capabilities.

Special astrological and bio-Cosmo-Ritmo-logical studies show that no one is incompetent. Everyone has talent, everyone has unique abilities, but I don't know about them or live in such conditions as these abilities cannot occur. It therefore implements only 4% of its potential and suffers from it. Nature constantly guides: go go go... But people can't hear it, because all the time in a hurry to earn a lot of money to gain power... But if the person still is not there, that is violates the rules of evolution, then it stopped. Nature stops him, the Creator stops him. They do this with the help of the disease.

The disease is not a punishment, a disease – is the salvation for man, because, stopped, begins to think why he was sick. And begins something to learn, he begins to change himself. Most importantly, to begin to understand why it happened – and then the person will be saved from more of the worst, for with the death of this body nothing ends. Ends and bad – that is terrible! When we die, the disease continues to live.

When we die, we are born again. The disease is a certain stereotype, she lives with us because we have deviated from the evolutionary path. We stopped and can be stopped very seriously – we ended up in a wheelchair, but did not understand. We thought, "it's all over me, I am old, I will die soon. Start a new life with a clean slate." But when we are born again, the old stereotype remains. It will force us to do the same and we again get sick with the same disease, and again find ourselves in a wheelchair. And again, think: "What have we got to lose"? Then there will be a third and a fourth life, and will again be a serious illness, and it will be harder and harder. The nature of the disease stop us, warn us, make us think. In fact, if you look at your life, as often happens.

Vices, acting at the level of our psyche, the mind inevitably sprout roots in our physical body, capturing the negative effects of destructive stereotypes of various organs. For example, there is a program of fear. We think, "Tomorrow will raise prices, I get fired from work tomorrow something happens to my child," we are all the time afraid of something. When we are afraid, we razbalansirovat certain centers of their bioinformation field.

A musician before you perform a piece, you must configure your instrument on a tuning fork. He needs to take the sound "La" and build all the sound, otherwise he will start blasting. The same tuning fork, able to deliver us from the many diseases we have. This is our bioinformatic body governing our state. Once disturbed function of some organs, as soon as some sort of hormone began to stand out more, as soon as glucose or cholesterol were above or below, immediately begins to work the tuning fork body. But if you have some negative programs that they ruin the tuning fork, and tuning becomes impossible. Then, instead of the sound a, the sound "si", your body begins to produce the wrong number of some enzymes, and a body starts to fail.


When the body is no longer able to work properly, it accumulates a variety of cellular waste products. The slag will fill all the space, they will settle in certain organs, corresponding to the resonance of your program. For example, if you are afraid, then fear will compress your kidneys. Every body, in higher planes, there is a matrix, which can see some people having super abilities. Such people see that the matrix begins to shrink kidney that the kidney goes wrong, blood changes in the body of the infection escalates, the inflammation begins urolithiasis. You will have pain. Why? Because there are constantly projected to the program of fear. And the man thinks it's all nonsense, begins to take on some new-fangled pills, but nothing helps. Because that remains the roots of the disease that will constantly grow.

Western medicine has reached a stunning level of surgery and in the field of computer diagnostics. So why do we now have to turn to Ayurveda? Why not just us, the whole world turned to that Knowledge? Yes, because the tens and hundreds of thousands of physicians, biologists and scientists have realized the futility of their efforts, because we with you all the time started from the end. When the body suddenly showed signs of distress, we have started to take medicines that suppress symptoms: we anesthetized a body shot nausea or lowered temperature.

Getting cancer, a man exposes himself to radiation therapy or chemotherapy that would ultimately destroy all the mechanisms of self-regulation. And then he dies. Why? Yes, because the reason left. Because this seed is a plant that we water for a long time, left their roots in our minds. You can cut the top off of this plant many times, but the roots remain. And these roots will produce new shoots. And the worst thing is that they will give these shoots and in the next birth and the next, and the next – if you don't change, it will happen thousands and thousands of births.

Ayurveda teaches from look deep inside and identify the cause. That is why it is so effective. According to Ayurveda, a dying man is born again. He is a long way of evolution before we are included in their original form in the spiritual world. If people can view their previous incarnations, he would see that they are all very closely linked. That is, people would recognize themselves as learn actor playing in different performances. The role can be very different: both tragic and comic, but the actor is always recognizable. Here also you'd know yourself if you'd be able to see your past birth.

For a long time people did not understand why it is necessary to be a righteous man. "Let the righteous Saints will be" — thought some people. But it isn't, we ALL have to live in resonance with the Universe. We are cells of the Universe, and the universe gives us signals every day, every minute, in one form or another, not necessarily rude.


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This is an extreme case – when we were pushed or hit with a stick on the head. Prior to these extreme measures, she tells us gently, but we do not hear this voice, we can't hear the breathing of the Universe. Therefore, we are beginning to push people or circumstances, and we do not like. But as soon as we improve their attitude to life, once we learn how to perceive signals from the Universe, we will become a part of this stream, the disease will go away and we won't grow old. We will stay young until death.published

Based on the book by I. I. Vetrov "Fundamentals of Ayurvedic medicine"


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