How do we choose the profession or the influence of the unconscious

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Well, when the chosen profession brings pleasure, satisfaction. In this case don't often think about the choice made. It is easy to explain the choice of profession when continuing the dynasty of the military, doctors, academics, artists, etc. and it is interesting to understand how the unconscious influenced the selection.

Here are some interesting observations, in my opinion, from my psychoanalytic practice and colleagues.

Girl from a relatively prosperous family to marry the man who served time in prison. In this case, she dreams of a career in law and police work. Of her family no one has nothing to do with the police, the military, law, criminals. In the course of working with her, it turns out that the girl was adopted in early childhood and taken to live in another region of the country. Alive of her former family no one left and ties with their homeland, it does not. Gradually clarifying the situation, it is known that the biological parents were alcoholics, and way of life were chaotic with fights, escapes from home. The girl were abused, starved until it was taken away from their parents and not given up for adoption. In the memory of the girls almost had no memories at the level of pictures from the past. She had a good childhood in a new family. But at the level of feelings memories was unbearable. In her mind entrenched desire to bring order and justice to establish a law to punish rapists, to warm the homeless. Having a good new family, she found her husband, with whom she lived in fear, like early childhood fears last family. And thus, fueled by a desire to acquire the profession of a person who can establish law and order – lawyer – COP.

Or the woman who has become a good composer, a successful musician, teacher, and accomplished in the profession and receiving her pleasure. But deep down she was blind longing and dissatisfaction. She wanted to sing from the stage and be the singer's success, while doing nothing to advance their dreams. This woman is from a family where mom was an accountant, dad is an economist, and musicians in a family was not. In the course of working with her, she remembered that distant youth, when the client was very young, her parents were in an Amateur band. Mom sang, dad played instruments. And the girl was often behind the scenes. Watching the performance of the parents, she saw how happy mom was on stage. Then family life happened difficult, parents ceased to speak and even abandoned singing and playing. There were many bitter moments in the life of this family, and the girl never saw my mother happy. And professional she arranged that wrote songs and taught to sing. If satisfied a longstanding desire to mother, as if to make her happy. And were quite successful on this path. And she sing "don't dare", since that prerogative belonged only to the mother in the unconscious of this woman.

Or when a man in his childhood mother died quite young from a long illness. The boy had a desire to save her, despair, helplessness. And then he chose the medical profession, and became very successful in his profession.

These are the times when the discharge of feelings and instincts led to a positive result and transformed them into a professional activity where the person feels pretty good. But sometimes such negative sublimation is the transformation of unbearable feelings and instincts. For example, when people find themselves on the wrong side of the law. Or when your chosen profession is unfulfillable desire to be somebody.

One of the case studies shows how a man — a successful lawyer, has a good career, occupies a large position. But the internal contradictions of this man is that he wants to be the main key figure in their field of activity, that is to be the first person. He is everywhere and always takes the second position. That is, having a growth in your career, moving from one organization to another, it is always the first Deputy of the first person. This man is from a family of teachers and military. The father of this man was also "great" leader, but is always "first person", that is, he led the organization. Father died long ago. And the son followed in his footsteps. Having in mind the huge respect and love to the father, he could not afford to not only surpass his father but to stand up with him at one stage on the career ladder. This unbearable inner conflict keeping him from getting pleasure not only from the profession but also from his personal life and leads to health problems.

But often there are cases when it is difficult to choose a profession, find a business, when it is impossible to listen to their desires. The person rolls from side to side.

Of course, there are various methods to help you determine the choice of profession, expert opinions. But people unconsciously seek to find relief to his condition, to move the energy, to transform emotions, including through the choice of a profession or business. And if you are throwing are the place to be if you feel dissatisfied in your profession and life, and do not find an explanation for this and is this helping profession as a psychologist. Although, it is a shrink could help you to understand the true depth of the problem.

Natalia Leonova


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