The business of love: 10 happy couples

The business between husband and wife a lot of benefits and the same pitfalls. Starting a common business with someone, you run the risk of not only business, but relationships. Spouses running a business together, face double the risk for the family budget. Problems at work can affect personal life, you will have to learn not to bring home work differences. On the other hand, the family business brings, ensuring maximum confidence and allows you to spend a lot of time together.

  Alexander Brailovsky and Hope Park, network of cafe of healthy food "Receptor»

Two million seven hundred sixty three thousand five hundred thirty six

The first institution of the network, the couple opened in 2010. And now they have four cafes in the Big Kozikhinsky pereulok, Bolshaya Nikitskaya street, at Chistoprudny Boulevard on Derbenevskaya Embankment.

The idea to open a "Receptor" came to mind Hope she is Korean by birth and knows many traditional vegetarian recipes. Spouses jointly develop a menu and experimenting with marketing. Hope the legal and operational issues, Alexander is responsible for strategic planning, software and staff training.

The advantage of the family business, Alexander Brailovsky believes the frankness in the discussion of operational issues and more thoughtful decisions together. In his opinion, the family business, there is no universal niche — the choice of activities depends on the nature of the entrepreneur.

The formula of a family business: "The husband and wife should encourage each other, sometimes to be different and unlike — then they will be able to complement each other."

 Alexander and Marina Fediaeva, bakery"care bear.Russia»

Ninety three million eight hundred fifty six thousand sixty four

Actually the guys didn't plan to do business together. They had enough and other joint projects — weddings, repair, birth of a child. But the crisis has forced to spin in search of opportunities to increase the family budget. "At first I thought to open a coffee shop but the same thought came a thousand and one mazafaker of Moscow", — says Sasha. In the end, I decided to bake chocolate glazed cinnamon rolls, tested the hypothesis and it worked.

The role of spouses in the project are distributed in a natural way. "I'm not sure how to break the eggs, and Marina doesn't know what is different from domain hosting, — said the head of the family. Although for our case the eggs are more important. The main task of the wife is to do the buns are irresistible, and I think Costa, set the price, nervous, seize all rolls, think again and sit at home with her daughter, while Marina is busy with production."

According to Fadeevich, in their case work and private life harmoniously complement each other. Doesn't have to worry about the tardiness and overtime. "Having a hot pan over claims to the size of the rolls, can calmly discuss the remaining differences in life values," laughs Sasha. In their opinion, for the couple best suited to small craft businesses, retail shops, food production or farming.

The formula of a family business: "We always know how much money we have and how much we earn. Therefore, trust is the most important. And willingness to the fact that at some point everything goes to hell... I was surprised when he realized that Marina is ready for this much bigger than me."


Alexey and Natalia Svecova cleaning company "Albatross» Thirty three million six hundred forty nine thousand six hundred sixty

In 2002, the couple beg the question — what business can be opened for relatively little money? At that time they already had management experience and available funds. Alex led the manufacturing and retail food sales, she worked in the accounting Department of a network of salons of optics. She invited her husband to start a business washing Windows. Seeing that that whole industry, they expanded the idea and in 2003 opened a cleaning company. Now in the "Albatross", 450 people work and, according to the company, she became a leader in the region.

The main problem of the family business entrepreneurs believe the difficulty of differentiation of personal and business relationships. At first they did not succeed: when he had the problems of, could not bring them home. Working relationship with each other and staff too lined up by family type. Then Svecova clearly divided and formalized their roles of owners, managers and spouses. "So we have a stable, wonderful relationship, — says Alexei. — We have now been married 20 years and we have two children, which we will pay for the time regardless of what happens in business."

By working together, spouses insure each other and work together to achieve a common goal, say Shvetsova. "If they've built a business relationship, their business is stronger than business with multiple founders are not from the same family», — sure couple. In their opinion, for couples it is best to run a startup or small business, and when the company grows to medium business, sooner or later the couple will have to move away from operational work (or one of them).

The formula of a family business: "To go into business, the couple must be unanimous in most of life's issues and to believe in each other. Before you start you need to agree on expectations and agree on goals and roles. The only way they will be able to cope with increasing difficulties and will not damage family relationships. Of course, no less important is the competence of the spouses. And at least one of them should be leader."


Vladimir and Vera Mirolubova, Internet shop of professional diaries Plano

Twenty one million five hundred twenty five thousand four hundred fifty nine

A year ago, the head of the portal on electronic trade E-Mr pepper size decided to buy myself a diary, but found nothing worthwhile. The same evening he developed a prototype of the diary specifically for business owners and leaders of all stripes. Thus was born the project Plano. At first, Faith reacted to the idea of her husband with doubt, but when he managed to sell the first edition without a website, got interested and joined. Vladimir is working with partners, is engaged in marketing and technical support to Faith — accounting and creativity (individual skins for diaries).

A huge plus of the family business — that you can feel free to criticize and offer even absurd ideas, says Vladimir. Joint discussion of business is very common, and mutual support helps us to work more efficiently. According to Mirolubova, for the couple best suited to a business that is based on a unique product, allows the flexibility to divide responsibilities and does not require many employees.

The formula of a family business: "The couple should be confident in the abilities of each other, have similar way of thinking and to be ready not only to profits but to losses."


Boris Zak and Elena Golovina, shop hand-made goods "hoarder-Ville»

Sixty five million one hundred ninety five thousand three hundred twelve

The couple opened a shop of hand-made products in November. In "the hoarder-Ville" you can buy original toys, decorative items, jewelry, cosmetics and handmade accessories. The idea came from Boris, and Elena helped him work out a business plan, looking for information about the market and competitors. Before the opening she quit her job and immersed himself in the family business. Boris is responsible for advertising, legal issues and communicating with suppliers (private masters of the craft). Elena also unloads the goods on the website, puts them in a retail store and prepares documentation.

Entrepreneurs rejoice the atmosphere of mutual trust and the fact that all the earnings goes to the family. However, in an emergency the first few months they could not devote enough time to their children. "We have not to talk about work outside of work, — said Boris. — Wife is more difficult to restrain myself (gush of ideas), but in General it turns out. In General, joint activity we are very closer together". Small businesses, especially manufacturing, is ideal for couples, think Zack and Golovin.

The formula of a family business: "The husband and the wife must have sufficient perseverance, because at first have difficulty. Need to be sure that in case of a failure or, on the contrary, the tremendous success of the husband will not betray and will not leave. Well and professional skills are paramount. We with the spouse experienced marketers, so I understand what to do."


Vyacheslav and Victoria Dragiev Soloshenkov, production of Board games Games Corporation

Seven million six hundred ninety nine thousand five hundred fifty six

Games Corporation is the third joint business of Vyacheslav and Victoria. In 2006, when they met, he had the Internet-shop of musical equipment. Vyacheslav was not enough time for receiving and processing orders, and Victoria took it. Later, the pair has launched two projects — coupon service Bupl (sold three years after launch) and a coupon service Gvinis (not took off).

In 2013 Dragizhevo and Soloshenkov got the idea to do the online shop of Board games. But in the end they wanted to come up and release the game themselves. Birthday Games Corporation they believe the release date of his first game — "fly Swatter". In the future, they have developed two Board games — "Huggermugger" and "Move smart".

A clear division of responsibilities of spouses not all decisions are made together. However, Vyacheslav engaged in accounting and working with partners — he's got more experience. And the process of game development are completely mutual.

The advantage of the common cause Vyacheslav and Viktoriya see in absolute trust and common purpose, the disadvantage is that the business problems will inevitably climb in personal relationships. "But not just because we three times to start joint business — reflects Dragilev. And actually begin every time you step for the development of a new game. The funny thing is that we have repeatedly promised not to get involved in this adventure, and still continue to work together."

    Artem and Alexander Tolokonin, Wellness Neo Vita clinic and Center for family psychology

Ninety million three hundred three thousand six hundred forty two

In 16 years of marriage, the spouses have achieved much — they have three children and two joint business. Elite Neo Vita clinic provides services in the field of cosmetology, figure correction, rehabilitation, gynecology and psychology, Center for family psychology Artem Tolokonin advises clients on a broad range of personal and family problems.

The initiator run them was Tom, a medical doctor by education. The roles were distributed by themselves — he organized the construction of the building of the clinic, looking for investments and took over the operational management. Alexander is responsible for the strategic development, marketing and the ideology of companies.

If you observe a healthy balance between work and family life, and business, and the family of such a tandem can only benefit, says Artem. Have Tolokonina the priority of the family — they don't cancel family dinner for an extraordinary business meeting. Common goals, themes, and simultaneous development of a very bonded relationship, they say.

According to Artem Tolokonin, family business fits perfectly into the service sector, where very important personal factor. For example, people love the restaurant, whose owner was known for many years. You can talk to him heart to heart, to bring money for dinner the next day — all nicely binds the customer to the institution. Host children inherit his principles and continue the business in the next generation.

The formula of a family business: "The joint business can run any family, if they have trust and faith in the cause. The case will go to the mountain if personal and business qualities of the spouses complement each other. If one of them is a brave innovator and a pioneer, the other will need a healthy skepticism and practicality."


Alexey and Elena Olifrienko system integrator "Proftek" (complex automation of enterprises)

One million eighty one thousand six hundred thirty six

NGO "Proftek" is engaged in complex automation — developing and implementing information systems in enterprises. Entrepreneur Alex Olifrienko founded it in 2007 and immediately got involved in the matter wife. He directs the implementation of management software and development of software products. Elena took over the marketing, consulting direction and external communication of the company.

In joint work couple Olifrienko encouraging trust and mutual interest in the result. The disadvantages they attribute the blurring of the boundaries of personal space of spouses and psychological fatigue. "Quietly go home talk to discuss business over a work meeting, — says Alexey. — I know a lot of examples among friends of entrepreneurs, when it began a joint business has led to the destruction of the family. But there are positive examples."

The formula of a family business: "To build a company and keep the family together, each spouse needs to devote time to yourself — this can be Hobbies, sports, meeting friends or walking alone. Vacation is best done separately, allowing you to relax from each other, and the company remains under control."


Nicholas and Anna Morozova, creative Agency Brusnika

Thirty one million six hundred thirty one thousand three hundred thirteen

The Agency makes videos for exhibitions and conferences, corporate videos, test drives and reviews, drawing 2D and 3D graphics, conducting aerial surveys. Nikolai Morozov started the company with a partner in 2010. When they had differing views on the future and said goodbye, Nicholas suggested to my wife to continue the business together.

Morozov takes important strategic decisions, oversees the style and quality of work of employees. Anna is responsible for internal and external communication, to build relationships with bloggers and developing new directions.

"The biggest advantage — we are always together, the biggest drawback — we are always together», — laugh Morozov. They have some rules "person-business" harmony: to devote at least one day off family to pay attention to each other every day on a regular basis to compliment each other, sometimes to arrange the days of loneliness and self-development. Perhaps there is no such area, where the couple would not be able to build business relationships and to start a business, according to Nicholas. Another issue is that some businesses are more difficult to work together because of the eternal stress and strain, but it all depends on the entrepreneurs themselves.

The formula of a family business: «Common cause can and should start when you are fully sure that you will be able to join hands and enter this "burning house" together".


Vladimir Kunin and Yulia Podolskaya, a portal for artists DotArt

Fourteen million seven hundred thirty three thousand one hundred seventy five

In our list of stories this is the only pair that are not yet married, wedding scheduled for September. Vladimir is a professional Internet marketer, he is the sculptor. In November 2015 they launched a startup in the field of art, an online platform for interaction between artists and customers DotArt. The launch of the website was preceded by a successful company on Boomstarter, during which they collected nearly 130 thousand rubles.

DotArt aggregates the orders and jobs for artists, art news, collect information about exhibitions and competitions for young artists. The portal has a directory of painters, sculptors, graphic and other artists. There they can post their work and receive orders from connoisseurs of art. According to the founders, this site is very lacking in the Internet, although the world such portals quite a lot.

Running DotArt, Vladimir and Julia wanted, first, to help young artists (which is usually very difficult to get the first orders), and secondly- spend more time together. He is responsible for technical, financial and legal issues, she chooses jobs, contests and leads the editors of the site.

Business with loved ones brings together, motivates and gives the opportunity to introduce children to entrepreneurship and give them their business by inheritance, lists pros Vladimir Kunin. But so much harder to distract and relax from work, adds Julia. A couple tries not to work on Sunday, to allow time for sport, cultural life and personal projects (Kanina own web-Studio, Podolsky continues to do sculpture).

The formula of a family business: "If your team consists of the person you love, understand and respect, what could be better? It takes patience, understanding and responsibility."published  


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