On the run

I bought crayons cockroaches. In my head silently. Sit draw.

I want to eat some healthy food. For example, a healthy piece of meat.

Announcement "Smart man will think about your problems. 50 rubles / minute.

If Darya Dontsova beheaded, it will have time to write more books 2

Fallen into the water a chocolate bar in the pool caused panic

Formula 1 in Russia - C2H5OH.

If a little of their own mistakes, can expand their expert opinions.

While the brain thinks, ass already decided!

Pigeons, when they see Nikolai Valuev, suffer

A well-coordinated centipede can give both 39 Pendeli

Needless arrives just crap. You have to dive for pearls.

My brother and his wife bought a blue cat breed Briton. I suggested nickname Elton John. Offended ...

Ideal morning I woke up, stretched, smiled, rolled over and went to sleep.


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