Touching story.

Eastern Siberia, the CRB.
I sit at a reception in the LCD, a sudden call from the hospital: - The doctor urgently to us! Self - pregnant with abdominal pain, with two scars after cesarean!
Giving the reception, run to the hospital and see - on the couch in the receiver is pregnant, grayish skin and moaning softly.
 - What happened? - I ask, and she had to strip naked belly, and create inspection. Uterus "on end", dense, painful. Parts of the fruit is not clearly defined. Fetal heart tones are heard clearly - whether the child has bradycardia, or a mother tachycardia. Immediately I recall that this woman came to see me in the LCD exactly a week ago, to be registered. And she really two cesarean section history.
 - Stomach ache, - answer me patient. - Here, went to relatives in a nearby village, the whole family, in his car. Yes probably shaken up, even in the car sick stomach. And now there is no right of urine ..!
 - The pressure of what? - I ask their midwives.
 - One hundred and sixty-on.
 - To shift the woman on a stretcher and hands in surgery!
 - How about the hands? - Cried my girls. - She's just come herself!
 - In the hands on the stretcher! - I snapped. - Husband assistant take!
But she had a whirlwind in staffroom and fall to the phone: - Surgery? Urgent deploy operating! We assume you uterine rupture of the scar! I dialed a second number: - Women's consultation? Urgently raise NN card, she was with us a week ago, and the results of all tests recorded in the surgery! I do not wait for an appointment, I'm going to the operating room!
I grab an empty story childbirth and run behind the stretcher. In surgery we already meets Vassilich measures the pulse of the patient, evaluates the habitus (the patient's condition), quietly asked me: - Come on baby, or mother?
I responded round eyes: - Vasilich! Which child!? I would get my mother!
 - Clearly, - he said, and drove off the patient to the operating room. I run in the staffroom, I faced with an assistant: - Toll, let's start to wash, I'm next!
Through dtsat seconds ... and I wash up, get dressed, to the table - have begun! Open, we look - at us in corporal injury ruptured uterus looks completely peeled the placenta, the lower edge of which is firmly rooted in a scar all over. In the abdominal cavity about five hundred milliliters of dark blood.
 - Oh, Tolia, help! I'm afraid! - I whispered to the assistant.
 - Do not be afraid. Come together - and begins gently with one finger take the tissue of the placenta from the edges of the wound. The bleeding is not increased.
 - Everything has been reduced, work, - he assured me. And we started working. They took the placenta, without touching the bottom edge, opened the bag of waters, and got completely white as a sheet of paper, a child with no signs of life.
 - Sorry, did not have time ... - said my surgeon - all vykrovilsya through the umbilical cord.
 - Vassilich look, eh? Maybe you can still do something? You do have a magician! - I asked tearfully passing lifeless body in his arms midwife. Nearby stood completely lost young neonatologist.
To send their children, we have continued to work. Ahead of us was waiting hateful extirpation. and here in ten minutes of hard work, when vessels have been tied up and could tilt the uterus, we heard a faint squeak - not the kitten, not the thought ..? But squeak grew and moved to steady a baby crying!
 - Is revived !? - We were amazed - Vassilich is our baby crying !?
In operating with a satisfied smile swam Vasilich: - Did not you say that I am a wizard?
With the ease and on the rise, we have finished the operation. At full uterine rupture and save mother and child! It was a victory of our whole team !!!
Vassilich our good fairies and magician, died on 01.02.2013 at the age of 52 years, otdezhuriv daily duty on 1 January on the porch of his house. The bright memory of a beautiful doctor and man Rudchenko Vladimir from colleagues and patients.



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