Dean Karnazes (USA), 42, owner of the company that produces healthy food ran without stopping 560 kilometers

Two years ago, I ran 419 km - ten marathon races in ten days. So the first 80 km me uneasy. Marathon I run purely for the workout.

160 kilometer

The body starts to ache.

224 kilometer

Frayed first pair of custom-made shoes. Start whining quads, calves, torso. Dull pain, but sometimes suddenly goes into spasms. Particularly affected calves - it feels like to beat him with a hammer.

320 kilometer

For two nights without sleep. I'm all worn out. But when you run all night, at dawn got its second wind.

336 kilometer

Killed a second pair of shoes. The head does not work well. There is a feeling as if you look at his body from the side. Pitiable spectacle.

480 kilometer

The third night without sleep. Run, as in delirium, meandering from side to side. I now and then puts on the roadway. Drivers honk. At 2 am, sleep for forty seconds: on the fly without interrupting the run. Know the children's book "Where the wild beasts"? I started having hallucinations imagined that raccoons and opossums on the side of the highway turn into monsters from the book. Assistants doused my head with ice water.

488 kilometer

Hurt so much that yells. Running along a deserted road and yelling. Then I realize the comic situation and I parses unrestrained laughter. Stop laughing - again start screaming. And I again becomes ridiculous. I guess I look like a madman.

496 kilometer

"Death March, a death march, a death march." Throw away all thoughts of kilometers away and focus on just one: left-right, left-right ... shuffling the soles on the asphalt. Pereobuvatsya the fourth pair of sneakers. The main thing - keep to the rhythm.

544 kilometer

Suddenly come alive. Pripuskayut at a speed of 16 km / h. Like a man possessed. Actually, it's not even I'm running - running my body, and I was floating on top. Feet under themselves do not feel do not feel anything. Literally flying through the air.

Kilometer 560 (October 15, 22:44, Stanford, California)

Kaif incredible. Dropped 3 pounds. Burned 40,000 calories. A few minutes after the finish of the body numb from hypothermia. I tuck into a special sleeping bag. I remember only as someone fed me with a spoon hummus. Then failure. Slept all night and woke up in the morning safely.


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