14 habits of people who are all jealous

Have you ever met people he passed all the stress and chaos of everyday life, not touching and not touching them? They just float through life in a halo of perfection and leave behind anyone who does not feel so ... beautiful. What are we doing wrong? What prevents us from becoming successful people who still have time and always get what they want?

Here are a few habits of successful people who came closest to his ideal.

1. The quality-oriented, rather than the number of
Successful people set priorities and do not lend themselves to small weaknesses. Instead of sticks on the little things and procrastinate, they perform the most important things in the first place, and rest of the time spent on pleasant things. This helps get rid of stress and load that hangs over you, not allowing to enjoy life.

2. First of all, take care of their health and well-being
People aspiring to perfection, realize that they can not achieve anything if they feel ill. Therefore, they are tied for first place their health and well-being: exercise regularly prefer healthy food and leave time for quiet work and hobbies that help relax.

3. Know your strengths and weaknesses
We all have strengths and weaknesses, but instead of trying to suppress them or do not pay attention, successful people agree with them and work on their weaknesses (the more you ignore their weaknesses, the stronger they become). In addition, this is a great opportunity to support self-esteem.

4. Trust your instincts
Successful people are, above all, trust yourself. They do not care what others expect from them, they always know what to expect from yourself and do it yourself.

5. sets high standards
They not only set themselves high standards, but these standards do not allow yourself be intimidated. They understand that nothing is perfect, but are very pleased to carry out tasks as best as possible. They understand that to do anything good from the first time a much better and easier than to fix jambs.

6. They have a plan
Successful people know what they really want, as professionally, and personally. They know exactly how it will look their lives, if they continue to move towards its goal. And they never lower the bar, agreeing to less, rather than what was originally intended.

7. Do not sacrifice creativity
Successful people do not give a term lack of money intimidated and are not sold into slavery for a piece of bread. They do not take up the work that they are not interested only in order to get good fees for it. The threat of poverty, on the contrary, it is the motivation for them to quickly realize his ideal.

8. set realistic goals
People who still have time, never make unrealistic list of tasks that can not meet even a robot. In their to-do list is always a place for eating, going to the shower and relaxing holiday. They're too value their health to drive themselves into a corner or permanently postpone the planned business.

9. do things consistently
Successful people know that multitasking does not lead to anything good.

10. Regularly adjust its course
The road to success - it is not a straight line, and the route on which you want to learn how to maneuver between the cars, choose the correct speed and turn off in the right direction. Successful people constantly analyze your goals and the level of their performance, adjust the course and finding new ways to achieve.

11. Automate what you can not change
Rather than be annoyed about everyday matters, from which no escape, they bring them to the automatism. Automatically check e-mail, preparing meals and cleaned the apartment, spend a minimum of time and energy, and on about their business.

12. Do only what passionate
At this point, there is simply nothing to add.

13. intelligently organize their working day
They work from 30 minutes to one hour, and then stopped for a short break before the next "throw". Sometimes they can work for four hours, sometimes eight - it all depends on the amount of work to be executed today. They do everything that is necessary to carry out his plan, but are not going to "burn" at work.

14. Believe in your talent
No matter who (intentionally or not) is trying to interrupt their thoughts and destroy targets to sow and nurture the seeds of doubt, committed people know what they are doing exactly what you need and just when needed. Their critics can not say the same, so they quickly fall off and stuhayut.


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