MATRIX "parasites"

The main thing is that we learn throughout their lives - is the ability to lose energy. Aimless and meaningless, simply radiating it into space. If you carefully analyze a typical day, it is easy to see that the real action we spend at most 10% of the total energy, and the remaining 90% - this is our experience, doubt, dissatisfaction - what we call the spiritual world, and that in fact, it is the matrix of the parasite.

Judge for yourself - we are always short of power, that is, any of us would like to become stronger and more energetic. At the same time, we lose most of their energy entirely without meaning, and most of all - rather painful way for him.

Imagine a man in desperate need of money, but from time to time begin to scatter the little that he has. This is only possible if he had gone mad, or rather, it was loaded into a state of madness, and behind him walks someone smart and picks up the money thrown away.

We always lose energy when our inner activity is not seen in the outside world, when we can not do what we need to do, or doing something that does not want to do. We lose energy whenever substitute for real action by talking about it or fantasies about the results. And our world is arranged so that it acts (or omissions) of this kind takes much of our time ..

When we "tormented" the other person, all more or less clear. He just fed us, nourished with our consent, since it makes it less painful way for us than other possible predators. And since all the "excess" human energy consumed by someone (just not using it for his own self, it just can not be kept inside it), this process seems to us even natural.

But more often we are "suffering" themselves.

The energy that we have lost, for example, as a direct result of the conflict with the other person nothing compared with the energy that we lose constantly scrolling in mind this situation. Reflecting on the past or the future troubles we are able to bring themselves to exhaustion, illness and even before - to death. No other living creature is the "skill" is not available.

At the same time, we clearly realize that everything that happens has a cause outside of us, we try to distract from the sad thoughts, but they come back again and again, and somewhere at the subconscious level, we can feel like some tentacles, some giant leech tight They embraced us and suck the life force out of us. And these crazy visions - the most adequate picture of what is happening.

The dark side of the human race has always existed. But as long as people interacted mainly with the outside world, but not with other people, while his social status was determined from birth until the human race has continued to evolve, develop new space powers of the dark side played a subordinate role. Some entities, parasitizing on humans, have emerged and died, sometimes reaching an enormous size, but ultimately destroy each other. The situation changed when the actions of certain forces, Dark Side had the ability to self-development, and some rudimentary consciousness.

We will not dwell on is the process, we are quite aware of the results. And they are clear: the development of the human race is completely stopped. Those areas that have been developing for more beyond the control of man. Space exploration has degenerated to the creation of global communications, the development of computer technology in fact only serves for the almost formed a unified network (Internet), which brings together hundreds of millions of computers and related people together. Mobile communication today allows you to connect to this network every person, put it under full control. That is, the last few decades mankind has rapidly created a system that is unable to control, even in principle. In this system, closed on itself.
It - tip of the iceberg. And at its base active and purposeful human activity on their own enslavement. On the one hand, it created a more "aggressive" social system, in which each person has completely dissolved. But since it is not moving, it is most dissolving occurs only in the area of ​​consumption. On the other hand created countless new useless but expensive toys, together with the obligation to possess them. For each social group set their toys, but the general rule is that for the preparation of the whole set of human requires full-time commitment.

Modern man has become almost an ideal source of energy for the forces of the dark side. In fact, he has only two choices: submit or fully established order, fully identify itself with the social systems of which it is a member and to live your life without any problems. In fact, such a person is no longer there, he had already died, but what was left of him, well-fed and lead a peaceful existence. On the part of such an option may seem attractive even.

The second possibility is related to the preservation of the particles of the "I" of his personality. I have already said, and that in most cases, the person is forced position associated with uneven development of subordinating our system. In most countries it is not even found that the integrity in which it can accept a full and complete almost the entire population. Here, part of the human "I" remains just unclaimed.
Unclaimed, but actively used. Growing parasite requires much more energy than has already been formed and he is in constant search for energy sources. In terms of energy it almost constantly associated with each of us and the only purpose of this interaction - to bring us out of balance. He is able to remember and re-create the image, the situation that has caused our inner restlessness, made us a source of energy and it plays it in our minds over and over again until you suck all the energy out of us.

This can be done in only one way - to introduce in our picture of the world of the Matrix, contrary to everything that we knew before. Turn it so that all will be swapped. Create a world in which the weak, greedy and cowardly are at the top, create rules, and strong, or are forced to adapt, or to go beyond this world.

The cornerstone of the world, Changeling - the principle of equality. We know perfectly well that we are all different from each other not only in "quantitative" Noi on "qualitative" indicators. That is, theoretically, we recognize that, for example, Einstein was smarter than us, and Napoleon had perhaps the best "organizational skills". But in real life, we proceed from the assumption that all people are the same, they all deserve equal success and have every right to do. Here and there is a substitution of the main - we do not make it possible to achieve success and make us believe that such an opportunity we have. That is, we are obliged to strive for success, or suffer if we for some reason it does not reach. And if we still have achieved, we are forced to fear him lose - once all people are equal, then we do not deserve the success and anyone can take our place. The lives of most "successful" men - is a constant fear of imminent catastrophe. The fear that makes them run faster, but it always catches up with them - even before Death.

It is clear that the principle of equality is absurd and that we can take it, it was necessary to change all the values ​​of our world. Emasculate the real ones that stood behind them.

There are brilliant singers, energy structure which connects the city center with a voice home life, and which can transmit voice, almost all the energy in the world. And there is a "mediocre" singers who can make only a relatively clean sounds. If you compare the other directly, the difference will be obvious.

But we have long been deprived of this possibility. We perceive not what we hear, and what is the current opinion. That is, if the singer has received a sufficient number of awards, if the song is played on the radio, if it is "fashionable", that many will seek to get to his concert. And consider it the best.

At the same time they realize that the success of the singer's case. What it is really his voice weak - and his fame - only the result of a successful combination of circumstances and competent marketing. But this awareness is not only does not prevent, but on the contrary helps them to "admire" this singer. Although, if only because they can mentally imagine yourself in his place - once he (voiceless and incompetent) could become a star, then I can. Idols - the embodiment of the principle of equality, the more they attract.

The same thing happens everywhere - in literature, in politics, even in science - all at the top are those whose success is random on the spot who could be one. A talented all eradicated ruthlessly and quickly. World of equality - a world of mediocrity. And the world is an illusion of success reachable.

And just here and run the basic mechanisms that allow us to extract the energy from almost any volume. These mechanisms - envy and sympathy.
In a world of equality we are aware of the fact of the existence of a something that distinguishes us from all other people, but can not find him inside of the base. Therefore, we are forced to define themselves through other people, and our "I" is the personal qualities of the pieces of the known people. Our "I" is almost always 10% "Ivanov", 15% "Petrov" and so on, these are the qualities that bind us with some people and distinguish us from other people. The problem is that when this perception we are totally dependent on others. The stability of our "I", of our inner world is completely determined by the provisions of the stability of the people, which we use for self-evaluation. For example, you think you are as smart as "Ivanov" and this quality makes you different from all the other people you know. If "Ivanov" in life everything is fine when his mind is highly appreciated and generously rewarded, it is the foundation and your own self-esteem. But if he suddenly for some reason failed -That or suddenly apparent success achieved "Petrov", which that in your coordinate system is a carrier of "stupidity", your self-esteem and your inner world begins to crumble. And to restore it, you are using two mechanisms that allow you to extract the energy of envy and sympathy.
In terms of energy both aimed at restoring the status quo. In the first case you are aiming to lower the rank of a person unjustly (from your perspective) dobivshegosya success, to reduce it at least in their own world, and if possible - even in the outside world. As a rule, you do it yourself you can not, and therefore ask for support from others and find it without any problems. If someone from the members of the group suddenly lucky everyone else happy start to discuss all his faults, his former and future ills and troubles.
The second reaction - COMPASSION - more difficult. If with someone of your friends get into trouble, it automatically raises your own rank in your inner world. So, if your friends incomes halved, then psychologically you become twice as rich, and it's nice. That is, you do not really want to trouble you know "resolved" by themselves. But there is another point - if it happened to them, it can happen to you. The stability of your world is threatened. And your sympathy is aimed at achieving a single goal - to convince yourself and what happened to them is unfair, incidentally, contrary to the laws of the world (so - will never happen to you).
That is your entire emotional activity aimed at preserving the stability of your inner world, and this is a normal reaction to a normal person. It has nothing to do with your good and bad motives, you have to protect what you have. The problem is that while you start to lose energy without any benefit for himself. And this may be the goal of your life.
Sympathetic easier. Having convinced himself that happened to someone is "an exception to the rules" and can not happen to you, you easily lower the rank of the person in his inner world and live more peacefully. Rather, you increase your own rank at its expense, that gives you a certain pleasure. Of course, there are some problems that the person with whom you are communicating is counting on to his former attitude, and this leads to the development of many conflicts. But basically, it's worth it, you get more than are giving.
Enviously everything much worse. No matter how much you do not gossip about other people's success, the fact remains, and your inner world comes into conflict with your outside world. Once you've convinced yourself that this "lucky" - complete futility, when you see it in an expensive car, or are forced to carry out his orders. And all of your energy is wasted on the experience turns out to be sucked out of you.

You have only two choices: accept the undeserved success of another, "lower" themselves in their own coordinate system (and it is - an almost complete loss) or to delete it from your world, forget about it, just ignore its existence The problem is what to do it to the end you can not and you have to live in constant "struggle with foreign successes." Once you hear the least hint of someone's success, you immediately throw all forces on the derogation of this success. And maintaining constant readiness for the fight can take you almost all the energy.

But back to the topic. The only way to completely overcome the second gate, to get rid of envy and sympathy - to build its own system of coordinates, its system around the world of their own "I". We must accept the fact that in reality, you have only the qualities that can be used directly, without the involvement of others. Rather you need to find all the forces, all the skills and abilities of the element that truly belongs to you. But it is - a difficult task. For very many, this step means giving up all that they used to consider their own. A person can make a spectacular career, spending it all their lives, and in the end to realize that he is in fact nothing is gained, everything he did - it squandered the baggage that got him even from birth. And it is very difficult to recognize.
Therefore, there is a certain intermediate option, which allows you to overcome envy and compassion, while maintaining for some time, the "I" that we used to take her. You just need to understand and realize two simple things.

First, no one can change anything in your life, without changing CAM.

Man's position in the structure of his social relations generally determined by the amount of his personal power. Some effort we can really increase the amount of the wealth that we have. But it will inevitably change and the point of reference. As long as we operate in a system of social relations, our level of income, level of authority rigidly connected with our social environment. In other words, if we had earned, for example, a thousand dollars, we compared their income to those who earn from five to 1,500 dollars. If we begin to earn five thousand dollars, we compare ourselves with those who have already received 3,000 dollars to 10,000 dollars. And our place in every social group is determined by the amount of our personal power. That it makes us, including, rich or poor. If the supply of personal power is small, then, at a certain luck people still can get rich, he may even become a millionaire, but he will remain poor millionaire. All his friends are richer than him and he would have to reach their levels from last forces. In other words, such a person in every social group will be on the bottom and all the time will feel their futility. Conversely, if the stock is enough personal power, that person will always be richer than all his friends, he will always be at the top. Therefore, any movement on the social ladder is not man's place in the structure of the world.

Second in this world for everything having to pay a much greater price than it's really worth in.

Promotion of the social ladder is always accompanied by additional energy.


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