And you can - Lightworker?

Do you feel a strong need to heal the world? If so, perhaps you - Lightworker.

Among the world's population of people a lot. And even if you yourself are not such, it is very likely that you have seen them.

Lightworkers carry a strong desire to carry positive energy into the world.

They use their gifts to spread the divine wisdom of love for yourself and for others, as well as freedom, knowledge, and self-control, and thus are the agents of pure loving energy.

If people tell you that you have a pure heart, that you inspire them, or you warms their souls, especially when they are depressed, that life can mean a job for you in the name of Light.

Lightworker feel the difference from those around him, and he often becomes woven into the spiritual community to identify and treat the painful manifestations of the world around them.

If you are not sure whether the Lightworkers, here's 9 signs that will help you decide.

1. You are sensitive and receptive.

The soul Lightworker very clean and many of the negative things that happen in this world, it is difficult to understand. They can be difficult to deal with people who actively express their emotions, such as anger or aggression.

When an employee of Light, going through life, meets the negative events, it seems that they have a profound impact, leaving a feeling of tiredness and the need to restore its purity and energy level.

2. The feeling of loneliness is normal for you.

From the early years of his life Lightworker feels his isolation from others, loneliness or lack of understanding of other people. In the process of solving life's problems and finding their way, they will increasingly distance themselves from others.

Due to the fact that they are easy to collect the negative feelings and moods of people around them, it is important for them to spend time alone often enough.

This nature an introvert really is not on the social preferences and temperament. It is simply laid in the basis of the soul Lightworker.

3. You - a man of empathy and empathic.

At Lightworker have deep desire for increased understanding of this world and he will often reach dark corners of life to gain perspective.

It is doing something more than just sympathy, Lightworker worry about others and feeling inherent in it very deeply.

During the unfolding of their experience, they continue to grow in its empathy and a direct consequence of this, ultimately, is the ability to help nurture compassion in the hearts of others.

4. You have a strong desire to help people.

Because of their empathic nature, they often choose occupations associated with the service.

Will it be an adviser, a nurse or teacher of any kind, it's a further confirmation of its commitment to contribute to the ultimate benefit of mankind.

5. You have to honor and respect the spiritual meaning of life.

Lightworker perceives the world as something grand and magnificent. Like a small cog in a big mechanism, he realizes that is a part of life, which may have an impact on the world.

He understands that all things are interconnected, and that every action is accompanied by a corresponding backlash.

When the Earth becomes the scene of destruction as a result of the many activities of man, the Lightworker may feel a sense of loss and even bitterness.

This close relationship often finds expression in love for animals and the environment, perhaps even prompting choose to work in one of these areas.

6. You - a little rebel.

Due to the fact that the Lightworker is a bit different from other people, sometimes it seems that they do not quite fit into the patterns of society.

Since hierarchical structures often do not work well in the traditional organizations, the presence there of authoritarianism often makes Lightworkers feel the need to rebel.

This anti-autocratic nature lies at the core of their being.

This is due to their vital task - to establish a new way of life that goes beyond the lock, restraining the evolution here on earth.

7. You act as the voice of humanity.

Lightworkers often act as representatives of humanity through his creative expression. They describe the mental activity of society through the humanities, voicing the thought of culture as a whole.

In the history of many wise men have joined us through the description of his visions the most creative ways. Lightworkers are in the completion of this self-expression.

Their creativity, knowledge and intuitive nature of the influence of those they encounter, and their activity is the pulse of humanity.

8. Do you admire the cosmos.

Sometimes Do you feel as if you have some "other house" outside of this great space?

Lightworker fascinated by the stars, and he feels that there is a life far beyond our earthly existence, and that it is directly linked with something that exists outside our planet.

Contact Lightworker to Source, God, the universe has a strong presence in his mind as if someone leads him to carry the light to where he is today.

9. Do you have a desire for self-improvement.

Lightworkers always gravitate to ensure that live my life the best way and to help others achieve the same.

Who we are and where we are heading, you can see in our daily habits, and since we are drawn to the light, then we try to surround yourself with inspiration, positive and activities aimed at personal development.

This can manifest itself in any form - physical, mental or spiritual.

For example, you can involve reading books on self-development, yoga, meditation, prayer, seminars on personal growth, running, walking, listening to audio books, or something else.

Live to learn to love.
Learn to love life.
I love to live while studying. (Rico Dasheem)

Most Lightworkers can be free from the search for justification outside itself, because they understand that true power lies within them.

And only depends on them whether they will help spread the message of spreading around itself its own glow.


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