How did we come to such a life

How can we do this very femininity lost? If you read classics, you will see that three hundred years ago, the majority of women were women's education, women's work. Girls from an early age he studied the female arts, weaving and embroidering her dowry, constantly engaged in creativity – singing, dancing – and in between.

Also the girls understand their power of divorce at the time was very little. Girls often marry immaculate. Families were strong traditions, were entire clans. People knew their ancestry, their roots. It was important and interesting.

What happened to us? We have ten marriages fail eight. Women give birth little. And when I want to give, many with this have difficulty. Starting from conception, which for many as desirable, but impracticable. Many pregnancy is not hatched. And natural childbirth is now very small – often a caesarean and medical intervention. We seem to have forgotten how to nurture and give birth to children.

Women often look like men, and even three hundred years ago, such a question could not arise. From a distance it was possible to determine the girl or the guy.

Women receive five degrees, but I can't do at home – either to cook food or get the stain out. Earn equal to men, become restless and nervous. And was formerly the Institute for noble maidens. Those who have noble lacked, he studied women's things at home mother.

What is not made for women before no difficulty, now it seems higher mathematics. Put modern girl for embroidery, and she often does not have the patience or dexterity to do it. Even the preparation of the dough, bread, pies for many it's too difficult and energy consuming.

That this happened in the last hundred years, which led to such changes?

1. The rejection of its roots. Twice.

Over the past hundred years twice – at least – of the family suffered a rupture with his roots. First, during the revolution, when someone emigrated, but someone refused them and went to the other side.

Then during the Stalinist repression. When relatives of enemies of the people were ashamed of their roots. Changed names to hide the nationality. Abandoned fathers and mothers.

All this was done in order to survive. So the family can continue to live, to exist. Who knew that it would have such consequences!

And the gap with the roots of a terrible always. Because it lost continuity throughout. Including in women's power in female viability, life energy.

2. The rejection of their faith. Twice.

The first time happened a long time ago. When our heathen ancestors, who actually lived in the Vedas, took forcibly to Christianity. In this place again there was a break with tradition.

That was clear and familiar, now became forbidden. And new was too unclear. And many did not survive. Many have become Christians formally, not realizing the depth of the. But still, where the depth was – became "outside the law". And if it was clear to those who passed himself through that process, their descendants have not understood, why deep is not faith.

And then we had another violent "baptism" – this time the Communist. When we had to refuse from Christianity. Almost a hundred years churches were destroyed, icons were hidden, and read prayers silently in the corner, underground. Of course, this is again reflected in the faith of the people. Again lost culture, understanding of rituals, their meaning. Understanding of the commandments, laws, prayers, and faith – all of it was lost. And now people are trying bit by bit to collect everything that could get easily, in childhood, in the parental home.

The loss of deep faith scary for everyone and men and women. Men lose the sense of life, women trust in the world. First begin to drink and degrade without meaning, and the second taking everything on yourself, because "who if not me".

3. War.

Over the last hundred years we got two world wars, a revolution, a few point wars. In each of them we have suffered losses. We lost mostly men, and it left its mark. Women had to raise kids in a house. And the ability to otherevery they had. When you're grieving, when all this around.

The woman who failed to pass the mountain, the heart closes, coarse. For all. She is no longer able not only to feel emotional pain and cry, but to love and be happy too. Even their kids love it – somewhere very deep, but all duties are carried out stiffly, formally, sparingly. Because the heart is closed.

A woman who has had to survive, it is very difficult to believe that you can be weak. What can anyone trust that someone will take care of her. She teaches her daughter the same – who knows what. You should be able to be able. No one can save you, except you.

Children who lost a father, it is impossible to obtain a complete and holistic education. Boys don't know where to take the male example. Girls are deprived of unconditional love and admiration of the father, the first men in their lives.

4. Communism

The woman at this time has become a friend. We had to quickly build, manage five-year plan in three years. Plan the most expensive. Therefore, children had to donate to the nursery. Woman now has become the same labor as a man.

Working with women that you can get bigger and better. It was profitable. Gather all children in one place to be looked out for one teacher and twenty moms came to build BAM.

It is beneficial to bear in moderation. So there was a time when abortions were forced, at the rate of square meters per person. Why waste a valuable asset that can work for maternity leave?

It is beneficial that women have forgotten their power. To become a citizen. The less feminine a woman is, the more it is controllable, the less it the force that is frightening. So, by the way, once burned at the stake "witches" — those women in whom the feminine power was too much.

It was beneficial to the state and society. But lost family. And it was not immediately clear. Because first we have seen families that have remained strong based on what was laid before. But the children of Communist families have already create your cell not able, to raise children, they also didn't have the strength. And many of their children's injuries still trying to heal, and to heal psychologists.

5. Emancipation

And then we had another change of values. We saw another picture – West. And the thought that there is more happiness. That time we didn't do it "traditionally" — although traditions in our families for a long time left, that will happen as they have. How do they have?

Women work alongside men, earning money, make a career, get a lot of formations. There are plenty of men's way.

And the best in family life, there are two men. This is the best, because men with this approach degrade. No one wants to nourish their energy, to inspire, and they wither.

Initially, the emancipation had as its goal the equality of women in voting. There is a possibility for women as men to plough and produce food, and put captions in tables and forms.

It was only later, when the opportunity to vote does not bring happiness, began to invent new "options" of feminism. So was born the absurd movement, where women victims have become tyrants. Accusing men of harassment, even if he just opened the door for her. Where the woman away from her husband, takes the children and will allow him to see them. Where women earn so much money that men are just afraid to approach them, and those who are suitable and not men at all, and Gigolos.

Equality? Why aspire to it if we are initially equal in their rights. The right to happiness and the right to love. And responsibilities we have the same can not be. Men can't bear children. It is no coincidence, right? And that women without any difficulty can carry out men's duties, is not true. The price for such performance of duties is too high – destruction of family, relationships, traumatized psyche of children...

This movement also has brought happiness to the world. But we still think that our happiness will bring. And fight for equal rights that we do not infringe that we are not forced to give birth and get married. However, then we cry into the pillow from loneliness and emptiness inside. But with five formations and a beautiful career, a new Mercedes and a huge empty apartment. With a ruined relationship with children who did not wait for love from the ever busy mother. Without men around, because no one can not withstand such a pressure, oppression and female independence. Man can not live long where it is not needed.

And we continue to study management, Economics, physics and mathematics. Instead learn how to cook soup, play with children, to manage their emotions and pray.

It is time we re-open the Institute for noble maidens – now for everyone. In all the regions. For all ages. It is never too late to start over. To learn what I always wanted to learn. Forget all that for a woman.

The past cannot be changed, not rewritten. And to what it is. All that we have lost can be restored. But with a full awareness of the value of all this wealth. Femininity is really a treasure. Much more than bought their own apartment or ten different, useless diplomas. Independence ensures that a woman's only lonely nights and the void in my soul. And femininity wraps her like a warm blanket of love, care of relatives, harmony.

If we were born in a female body — this is no coincidence. As it is no coincidence that we were born now. And what we learned about the nature of women. So we are that culture to recover. So we must become the conductor of this knowledge to our daughters. So they all originally were in his place. So it was easier to live in this world. So the world looks a little different.

Yes, we all could be simpler, many years ago, or in another country. But is it worth the regret? Or is it better to focus on transformation.published

Author Olga Valyaeva


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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