To become that woman

Talk on the subject — the image of true femininity and true masculinity.

The fact is that if you look at nature, the most delicate creation that you choose (any moth, any delicate flower) has great power in order to live and be who he is. Just the power of the moth and the power of the elephant is a different force. The strength of the pine and the power of a flower that blooms for one hour or a few minutes is a different power.

However, the delicate butterfly and the beautiful flower it is necessary to overcome the enormous resistance of matter to become who he is.

The concept of "weakness" in the nature of non-existent. The concept of weakness which very often people oppose in the evaluation of men and women grew out of the comparisons. Ie a weakness I suppose – weaker than someone. Under power assuming – more than anyone.


If you look at nature, every object of nature itself is strong, itself is self-sufficient and is itself the necessary.

Again, such a metaphor with plants, insects and animals. If you take the forest — a beautiful creation of nature, a conglomerate of different forces. Take, for example, a beautiful deer or predators (wolves, foxes) that live there, and it will be removed from this forest any pollinating flowers, butterflies or other creatures of nature involved in this case, it is very often the forest is just going to die because of this delicate strength of the butterfly was not enough to maintain balance in the forest.

But most importantly, to be a moth, must have the power to break through its cocoon during the transformation from a caterpillar, you need to have the strength to resist wind you need to have the power to disguise themselves and hide in the leaves.

Ie concepts of strength and weakness in nature is fundamentally imposed on the person. In the phenomenon of the Universe is missing this concept. Everything in the universe, if alive, has the power in order to live. And if it does not have the power, it dies. And be born again, again, finding the movement and strength to life.

And now we take the relationship between men and women and misconceptions on this topic. One comment written by a young woman, smart, well-educated, beautiful, self-sufficient, she shares her life experiences in which she was in a situation where she has been abused. And she complains that there are no men around to protect her (no brother, no husband), because at the moment, I expect her to be strong behavior.

I must say that this woman, like many others, have put an incredible amount of effort to uncover their femininity, because her achievements in career, fulfillment of some kind based on typical masculine qualities that actually succeed a modern business lady: will, plans, achievements etc.

And in order to develop her femininity, a man very much studied, very much developed. And when he is in himself developed, was that of abandoning his male power, outside this man's strength didn't come.

Another comment was so blatantly formulated. I was very strong, since childhood was a Tomboy, could easily any be put in place to achieve their goals. And already to 30 years realized that I need to buy femininity. And when I got it all to do, it turned out that I was some weakling that everyone can plug.

And I'm so lost because I don't have a defender or a Keeper, and I myself has lost its power. I do not want to return the very power that I had (which is based on the struggle and pressure), and the so-called girl power, which is written various training, direction, performances, etc. (in fact – the power of love) in the absence of a reliable logistics very difficult to master.

And this lack of understanding women is very simple things that strength is not an indicator of masculinity, a measure of conformity itself. It is a measure of conformity to your values and allowing other people to have their values.

After all, if you take the image of noble women of the 19th century, you'll be amazed at how this woman is demanding to all the world. With talk you can not just! Need to reach a certain level and to achieve its position in order to talk to her. To receive her attention or get her to some kind of personal sympathy, we need more efforts to apply.

And that same lady in silks went and didn't earn anything financially in this life, she clearly knew that its strength lies in its unattainability for those who are unworthy of her understanding.

This unattainability has built a lot of AMD because of the inaccessibility of this was raised by the egregore of the family. Roughly speaking, were exchanged for material security or career of her husband. Then, as if a woman could descend to his blagodetelevoy themselves. I'm talking about the people from the higher layer.

What happened to the woman who chose love without an equivalent exchange, all you can read in the book "Anna Karenina". When people followed the sharp impulse of love... About love there is no question. If you read the book, you will understand that the book is not about love. But love was present, going beyond the matrix.

And voluntary surrender, without any inner sense of their values inevitably led to the fact that the gift given was not necessary, eventually. And it's not that light condemned it, and that favorite was not ready for happiness to come into conflict with the light (with the social concept of "Higher light"). Because a woman has violated the rules of the game. She gave herself a gift.


And when you look at current life events... In your personal life, everyone decides for himself, but there are many other situations... for Example, cooperation with the workers, who give you the window, or disassembly during a small accident on the road with the traffic Cops, or even some moments...

The paradox lies in the fact that you can activate your feminine power and charm of this value, which, as it glows in the woman, only when inside this woman has a real steel rail. Inside this woman is a clear understanding that she is precious.

And she will not tolerate attitude below what it considers normal. And for her it does not matter what others think and feel people. For her, it is clear that others think and feel people, but Important to her, what she thinks and feels about itself.

Now, if you take a closer look at this phenomenon, you will see that the greatest tenderness, self-sufficiency, radiance, kindness and gentleness is possible only in one who has within themselves a calm, balanced, strong man.

Not a teenager who is trying to prove to everyone around that he is also a hero and can also. And our so-called business-woman very often behave in this way. I.e., such predatory competition is present.

The problem is that our concept of masculinity based on this thesis. I.e. courageous is Mussolini type in the shared view. The one who beats the male, the breadwinner.

Actually, it's not masculinity, it is a stage of human development, in which immature individuals psychologically male, physically healthy specially raised so that they were involved in a military conflict. To have someone to fight, roughly.

Therefore, the attitude, consideration and understanding my own male energy in our life is also very much erased.

Based on the fact that most phenomena in our life we appreciate in their absence... i.e. we can feel what a heat when you need him. We can feel what a responsibility, when we are missing it in our men etc.

Based on this, we women are determined that Yes, the lack of masculinity is unwillingness to take responsibility: make the decision, take the consequences of his decision (to admit – Yes, I was wrong, and I bear the consequences of this error; or – Yes, I'm ready to take a chance, I will invest efforts to achieve something).

These qualities (responsibility, ability to make decision, take responsibility for themselves and for their loved ones) are very well developed in many women because they have perfectly preserved the internal memory of the man. Ie we have men's experience of the past, genetic memory, when we were responsible for his family, for his family, for his people, etc.

We live in an era when the opposite is true: women have incarnated many, many men, and in men, embodied is a lot of women. As for the preservation of Life on Earth requires understanding the sexes, which is impossible if there is no experience, turned into psychological traits.

But if you look at a hundred or two hundred years ago, those men, who are now men, and before that it was women, they were in a very dependent position. They have not had the need to be responsible. Their responsibility was decided roleplay family. To put it roughly, is how to sell themselves to a man, to take care of you.


For the manifestation of his genuine, soft, feminine, natural, flowing, free from fear of nature to completely clear the balance to have within themselves perfectly to have understood the male energy.

The very energy that clearly knows: "I don't care what anyone have an opinion on this issue. I have my own opinion on this issue." Which is perfectly aware: "If I have a strength, i.e. I'm stronger, I'm doing what I want. I can't wait for "supports", handouts or something"..

Inner strength that says to the man within, gives a feeling that I'll be fine. Because if there is this inner power, all of this femininity and softness, which manifests itself in our seeking their femininity ladies, definitely is faced with rottenness, insecurity, and irresponsibility of men. Because life teaches you a MIRROR. Or, on the contrary, aggressive, cheeky, overwhelming male behavior.

Life teaches you that reach itself inside of the balance, then next will be a man, which at the same time can be firm, decisive, responsible, and responsive, attentive and understanding.

The image, which psychologists say: "It is impossible. One or the other, dominant attitude!" So, I say: it is impossible, yet people are not aware of their polar side. And I know a lot of men and women, showing both the power and sensitivity.

If a man does not recognize in itself a vulnerability, ignores and suppresses it, he is very hard, he's very aggressive, he's very forward, very touchy. Classic Othello. The man who expects betrayal and would create the situation where you are all the time guilty.

Because inside he has a soft spot. He does not recognize his weakness. But this weakness is not weakness but sensitivity, vulnerability, a painful impression which is created from neozelandese. And roots it is very often not so much in childhood, as in handed down from generation to generation injury in the family.


Why is it so good so hard with each other

We see people that want to see


Similarly, a woman who can not be in nature everyday respect and the same behaviour, when you are ready to help you, all ready to do a favor (bring a bag, open the door, smile, thank) for the fact that you Shine. This woman can not things to achieve, because within it lives a large weakness, based on the feeling that the person is unreliable, has no internal power.

I.e. acceptance of oneself as a completely self-contained unit that can cope with anything because the world supports it is the Foundation to become the very womanthat are happy to support and accompany men. No matter – the father, son, or spouse, or beloved. published


Author: Svetlana Dobrovolskaya




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