I am responsible for husband, for son... For everything!

"For mom, for dad, for daughter, for negligent subordinates, too, I say. They are children disorderly. You never know what'll do?!" The desire to be responsible for all and for all – where the Shoe pinches?

There are women in Russian villages, who can do everything. And the people around them, like small children, Yes unreasonable, which need eyes and the eyes.

Correctly guessed – the other side of responsibilityis power.

"Where are you stupid one...? I'm smarter, I'm stronger, I have two degrees and you? Sit down and listen to what the Madam says." Wife, boss, mother, smart, strong daughter, and in fact – "the nurse", which is "visible".

Who and when put on the woman responsible for everything, and thus primaril her power?


©Peter Lindbergh

"You have children to feed and a husband to pull", – said the mother in early childhood. I have this phrase this forgot.

And recently mom the way I remembered and was surprised – why it was suggested to me by then? Why?

My grandmother was imperious, of those who hunger, cold, dispossession and war was not broken, children grow up and the legs raised. The force needed for this is unreal. And all around was heard.

"Everything in life happens, but you have children to feed and a husband to pull" – here's the parent plant. I don't think my mom's head she was born. From the depths of the female generations of her coming to my grandmother her mother said, and that is it. From the "women in Russian villages".


There is a scientific term "disability" is when a normal adult, teenager or child, make disabled. Disabled, I mean, not able, not capable, careless, stupid, and most important – someone who can't be responsible for themselves, not able to make decisions, which need constant monitoring.


These "controlled," "Women in Russian settlements" is typed a lot. Husband, son, daughter, employees, negligent colleagues, subordinates, mom, "which itself is like a little child"; a Pope who she wants to be a "good daughter", and in fact – wife, "better than Mama".

"So, give me freedom from my loved ones care?" – I asked the client. Good idea.

Only then the authorities will have to give up control, from the pathos of the victim – "Oh, I pull one all by yourself! I am responsible for everything!"

If it is firmly integrated into the presentation of yourself to part with his rescue-sacrificial position is very difficult. But to recognize its aggressive impact on loved ones, careless subordinates and colleagues – even more so.



©Peter Lindbergh

My erogenous zone is the brain ofthe Slags of emotions: as the illnesses of the soul are displayed on the body

Everything has a price. And "he who is responsible for all" pay at the rate of one hundred rubles per Euro.

Pay no forces on themselves, time for their own interests, zaterannosti, zabugornomu not a presence in his own life.

And then – if that happens, who is to blame?

The one who is responsible for everything. published


Author: Irina Dubova


Source: dybova.ru/news/ya-v-otvete-za-muzha-za-syna-za-vsyo/


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