Fitter - climber (10 photos)

"At work, I'm a woman. Not to say that men do me favors. " One day a installer-climber. When life seems gray and hopeless job, it's time to change something. So thought Svetlana Stepanova and retrained from the painter in the installer building structures. We spent the day with a girl who defies the stereotypes of society and does not divide the class in life exclusively male or female.

«never could have imagined that I would work in this specialty»

Svetlana stretches the rope through the carabiner. Is securely fastened, climber checks itself. There are older and more experienced team-mate and is always ready to hedge: in this area Svetlana only half years.

The girl is already mounted on the dome of the building of the Museum of the Great Patriotic War. She worked at the zoo in Chizhovka, factory refrigerators "Atlant" on the building of the National Olympic Committee. Sets the low tides on a residential 17-storey building on the street Denisovskaya.

- Each of my new day is like another. I come to work and do not know what awaits me today. And I like it, - says Svetlana.

Today it establishes between the glazing profiles on one of the buildings in Minsk.

- Who is my object among installers-climbers I a woman. But do not say that men do me favors, working with them on an equal basis, but sometimes they try to take care of me - laughing girl.

We come to the cabins, and the first thing that makes Svetlana - wears a winter jacket. Then, shoes, hat, helmet and a safety system climber.

 - It captures the chest, legs and waist - Svetlana tightens the harness system and secures the descender with a rope around the waist. - Therefore, if a tear, I'll hang grouped and bruised back.

Working at height, cling to each other prohibited safety. Fall - potyanesh for a friend. Each climber two separate ropes.

 - There inclined surface, therefore only one rope - girl runs it in trapping device - if it was necessary to work on the vertical wall, would use eight and Shanti. Eight - a device for organizing insurance and downhill in mountaineering. Shant - belay device to work in conjunction with the trigger device.

Technical preparations are finished, and Svetlana goes to work: Sets the profile between the glazing and secures it with screwdrivers.

 - First of all, I am assembling and climber - is related specialties. Resort to methods of industrial alpinism, when you can not get the job done without ropes - shares professional secrets girl spinning another screw. - In my life, everything turns off the cuff. Never could have imagined that I would work in this specialty. After some time on the old paper concluded that in life it's time to change something, and I began to look for myself something new and interesting, where I could realize themselves. I love the height and fresh air. So I became fitter and mountaineer.

"Even in the most severe frosts, when the winter was -25, I worked in the open air»

Multiple profiles established. You can relax a bit. We are interested in Svetlana's easy to become a climber.

 - Exchange of industrial alpinism lasted only three weeks. It was necessary to pass the essay, several exercises for a while and learn 10 knots. Of them in only two: bowline and eight - she makes a loop, which is fast becoming a hub. - Tie them is not easy. I brought it to automatism. Especially in the courses I was given 10 seconds to tie each of them.

Svetlana still engaged in glazing, stained glass assembly, sealing. Sometimes installing windows and doors, flashings and low tides.

 - Bulin surprisingly easy fit, even with a strong craving never delayed "tightly", does not spoil the rope, never slip, did not undone, but it is easy to untie when it is needed - Svetlana shows us another strong knot. - With regard to the Group of Eight, in most cases, for fastening a rope, tied with eight at the end, and then used shotgun assembly fit loop. If the shotgun is not used, knit knot at one end, for example, for attachment to yourself for chest harness.

According to the girl, her pay well and have enough money to live on, but keep in mind that it is hard physical labor.

 - The feeling when you are hanging at the height inexpressible. People and cars seem toy, and inside - boundless sense of freedom - does not hide his delight Svetlana - injuries and downs I had. I'm ten times recheck carbines before climb onto the roof. There will be too late to check.

Most often, Svetlana working outdoors. Sometimes it is necessary to execute the order within the premises, but more often - outside.

 - The street is now zero temperature, but still a little hands are cold, although I have gloves - rubs his hands one of the other girls to keep them warm.

How do you work in winter? We ask Svetlana.

- Even in the most severe frosts, when it was -25 degrees in the winter, I worked in the open air. Half an hour of work, and then run away to warm up. And so the whole day with dashes.

Eight-hour working day comes to an end. Profiles between the glazing installed. Svetlana goes to the gym, and we along with it.

"Long nails do not interfere with any work or lifting weights»

In the gym, our fragile-looking heroine easily lifts 80 pound barbell and discourages questions Photos "to throw another ten pounds or so well?»

Svetlana professionally engaged in weightlifting. A few days ago had to leave the competition in Ukraine, but because of the unstable situation in the country they moved to the end of March.

- May I have some competition in April - other. In addition to doing powerlifting power and extreme weight-wrestling. I can move the car from the scene - a power extreme, and mas-wrestling - a tug of sticks, the national sport of Yakutia, - says the girl, removing weight plates with the simulator.

Interested on special diets.

- Before the competition my diet consists mainly of protein products, preference is given to fats of vegetable origin, there is no salt in the diet, carbohydrates in the diet is the minimum amount. Conventional products sports nutrition supplements - amino acids, protein, carnitine.

We were surprised that Svetlana, like many girls - manicure. According to her, it does not prevent it in any work or in sports.
- Long nails did not prevent me from lifting weights. This is a continuation of a finger - confidently meet Svetlana.

"And now I'm going to catch up, - told us the girl, and boldly went to the horizontal bar.

Not every man can do immediately without respite 15-20 pull-ups, and Svetlana - easily.

- How do men react when they find out that you have, in fact, male profession, and you are also world-class athlete?

- On the street I'm with anyone not acquainted. In the circles in which I communicate with people all know that I do sports, and the installer work. They see that my hands are inflated. It is clear that I did not jump on the rope. So no big wonders - Svetlana laughs and shows us the biceps.

The girl's family (which is her 8-year-old son) to the choice of profession and life passions mother is well.

- Son - my support and my main fan. He experiences and worried about me, knows that very often have to work at height. In sport, supports me and wants to be like me.

Train coming to an end.
The street was dark. Svetlana go home, cook dinner and check homework son, and tomorrow she will again conquer new heights: in the sport and at work.


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