A day in the life of Lugansk Saporta

1. Once again another good morning with coffee and Yap. People write something in life do, share life. Why not?!? I took ph and was born one day in the life of our Saporta.

70 photos text.

while I was smoking, his wife woke up, grabbed ph.

the contents of the backpack, which is often unnecessary, but sometimes helps.

strannenko, but half-empty cattle

Our synagogue

girls - our first detachments. Light

Light and

applications in my area. 4 pieces and scattered all appendicitis. The trip will take half a day. Nothing to do there ... send a junior researcher.

Let us today cents. Then the 2nd day to shovel consequences thunderstorms. Almost two hundred in trablshutere ...

And here is the junior researcher. Sanka ... molotstsa people. Spend on the way to work ... 2 hours from the field ...

Andryukha. Today he is a night vigilance. Bdil in the server since last night, if only there was no war!

terrible crap what that ... given the girls, I said to read. Otakot O_o

it is also a side view

Lelik, our support and the support. The only operator - desisexyboy!

I was in an elevator - going to smoke.

Michael - one of the oldest field staff

Serge - Proud installer.

Yurik with Sasha. a couple

Max - the identity montazhor. Podlyuchentsev phoned today.

Cashier - Mother Lily


Nasyalnika and debriefing ...

Senja with Slava - thunderstorm East

the holy of holies - the keys.

24. The card, if you suddenly lost.

The coolest nasyalnika technical support department. Andrey Viktorovich.

Natalia V., nasyalnika call center.

poison, also known as the "old", aka Andrei, with it today, and run

slide switches burned after the storm. Dead smart already carried servisnikam.

Ruslan. Hardware engineer and installer, and Saporta and polusklad. Shorter runs at work.

a smoke

it is the main prodavatel Ruslan.

zatarilis setevkami. Useful

33. Coffee Vimes. Then he gathered clues scattered applications in the kid and ran.

Choate's wrong with surveillance cameras. Installation useful to look.

The first application. Intercom silent

Old in lyade.

our safe - rear view

We glance. Perhaps Cho broken after the storm. A couple of ports burned. Peretknuli

Just fire checked the 2nd node blunt the switches. All is calm

We went down to the subscriber. First burnt router. Like and works, and does not behave appropriately.

at the 2nd caller on the application in the same house found here such shtukentsiya

3rd ... kabeletester writing on the laptop open in the meter. Passing the table. Crimp and voila.

41. ... then ran on to people less fortunate. Change setevku.

run on. Doors. Passepartout. Entrance. Call. Pogryzany saffron. Pereobzhimaem

veins ...

further what that company (can not remember name). Network card in the system, such as if running, and like or not. To avoid glitches later removed it, and send subscribers for the same.
for sharpness, or rather its absence kicking old.

someone in the network DHCP a bullet. Rewrite the poppy, then look for. Schya no.

wonders laying power cables

in the entrance of the subscribers that's a miracle

super twisted.

Another 615 dead Dlink

Light bulb. Burning. Priplavilas to Kabli and burned. Hanging for a long time. Charm chtol%)

not surprising. The house, built 52go

good work. Nada and eat. Yadavity took a pirozhochkov and tomato juice

my tea

My belyashiki.

Pts fun abonentka. What is the travel agency.
 - You burned the router
 - At Cho is, my honey. You finger tkni.
Poke a finger ...
 - AAA Vayvay ... so we have a spare ... O_o


pings flew, the router is configured. We fly on.

Another dead setevushka. An old grandparents and vebke. Et sad.

subscriber-dog watchdog.

Well Comp much dust ... taking into account the age of subscribers who are there ... it will be clean.

there too.
call from the office, pour hot applications.

Andryukha ass. Another floating cross

Spiderman if not established here and visit often zahazhivaet campaign

Two upravlyashek. Like the user has subscribed, but perhaps that's messed up. Going back to the subscriber

for 10 minutes waiting for a call ... he dialed. - HOW MY LINK? The answer: LOOKING B№;%

another miracle in the stairwell.

It is a side view. It's impossible to win this country.

a smoke and office applications to remove.

a new victim for hungry night poshpilit in tanks, BOB and line. That he will make the brain. Nikitos - we are with you.

Hooray. I'm at home. Tasty soup.

FSE. kick, praise, look ...



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