Why fly to Mars? There Tibet and Everest

Sagarmatha, it is Qomolangma, she Everest- most highest peak on the planet Earth. People conquer it, there is not a lot, a little more than 4,000 people. Every year hundreds of people are trying to conquer this mountain, but is far from everything. Chomo-Kankar (translated from the Tibetan "mother - the Queen of Snow White") has a height of 8,848 meters (official figures) and is located on the border of Nepal and China, although the peak is located in China. Everest is surrounded by other equally majestic peaks Lhotse (8501), Makalu (8463) and Cho Oyu (8201 m).
Everest by the way is not the most difficult peak in the world, the palm belongs Chogori or K2 (8,611 m), but every year Everest collect their terrible toll.

Advanced base camp (Advende Base Camp -ABC) at an altitude of 6400m under the slopes of Everest

Will be 39 pictures and comments to them. Author

The first ascent to the summit made relatively recently in 1953, although there are disputes that George Mallory and Andrew Irvine reached the summit in 1924, but it remains a mystery, as Mallory and Irvine died. Dorje's body found in 1999 alone, and the body Irwin never found until now.
I just started to talk about Everest, since this year the father of my friend went to conquer this summit and of course I asked him to take some pictures. Expedition Everest is like a journey to another planet and it was interesting to see.
I want to warn that shooting a man who has no photos to do nothing, so the picture quality is not "gloss". comments of the author, and member of the expedition.

Generally, anyone can try their hand and try to climb Everest, the truth is it's not cheap - 1, 883, 450 rubles and you have to have in reserve about 2 to 5 months. And even if you have a stash in this case and you retired from work for the occasion, it does not mean that your ascent would be the best and you generally stay alive.
The route of your trip will be about the - Delhi-Kathmandu - Lhasa - Xegar - base camp - climbing to 8848. And be sure to buy a good belt, as weight loss after climbing - an average of 10-15 kg. Want to lose weight? Ask me how ... the most effective way of all, and even tan will form the layers 60 and be like a big thin chocolate bar =)

Taj Mahal in g.Agri (India).

3. For inquisitive umov- fly to Kathmandu and go to the Everest base camp can be a budget. 18-20 thousand flights St. Petersburg-Moscow-Delhi-Kathmandu and another 5-9 thousand for a flight from Delhi to Kathmandu well and arrived at the scene to some sort of group (here as already own agreement).

4.The height of 4500 meters is very hard and heavy and dark circle views of the Tibetan Plateau.

5.Molitvennaya inscription on the rocks in Tibet. pos.Tengri

6.Tibettsy live very poorly, and away from the capital conditions do not "fountain"
pos. Tengri. 4800m.

7. Tibetan children in the village of Tengri

8.Chleny Club expedition "7 Summits" for acclimatization at 5000m in the village. Tengri. Tibet.

9.Na seen thousands of miles to Tibet ...

10. That's the first time we saw Everest. He is so great that even close to it high mountains 6-7 thousand meters seem quite small

11.Everest by Kitaya- Tibetan Plateau

12.Bazovy Camp Base Camp Expedition Club "7 Summits" is located at the Rongbuk Glacier at an altitude of 5300m. Where there doing their notes some of the greatest climbers and travelers - Reinhold Messner.
In his book "The Crystal Horizon" you can find the following lines:
"We are far away from populated areas and are reconciled to the fact that do not get any mail. Who was exactly one month from the time we came to the Rongbuk Glacier and made camp here. It is a beautiful, secluded, pristine place. Sometimes scree slopes of the villages lying below, are nomads with yaks. »

13. yak caravans carrying cargo expedition base camp. one yak carries up to 50kg load is the main vehicle when transferring cargo.

14.Ekspeditsiya lasts just 2 months, this is the time you need to acclimatize the body and for the necessary training and exercises. The height of a slow death for the body. For example, at an altitude of 7925 m begins dead zone - the air contains only one-third of the amount of oxygen that is present in the atmosphere at sea level and body misfit man slowly dying.
Ice sessions on the frozen river near the base camp 5300m.

15.Uchastniki expedition on the transition to secondary base camp 5700m

16.Mr.Everest North Face - famous north face Everesta- highest and complex north wall of Mount Everest. View from the Rongbuk Glacier, 5600m. before Everest "small" Changzhou 7680m.

"The great northern wall of Mount Everest rises before me like a pyramid powerful, pure, irresistible wall of ice and rock. Neither climber, applying all the hooks and ropes of the world, would not be able to in the monsoon time even to come close to the top, going right in the forehead. "(R. Messner)

17.Buddiyskie prayer flags on the trail to Everest. 5500m

18.Ledyanye rocks - seracs - about average base camp (middle base camp) 5800m

19.Lednik Rongbuk

20.Surov and majestic Mount Everest and its northern wall after a snowfall
Some facts and records:

"In 1999, Sherpa Babu Shiri spent 21 hours at the top, and this despite the fact that at an altitude of 7925 m begins the very dead zone. "

"In 2001, an amazing climbing Everest has made a blind American Erik Weihenmayer. By the time he had already conquered all the highest peaks on all continents. "Rising to the seven highest mountains of the seven parts of the world, I was hoping to show people that the goals that may seem out of reach, actually quite achievable," - said in a statement Weihenmayer. »

"May 21, 2004 Pemba Dorje set a record speed ascent of Everest 8 hours and 10 minutes from the base camp near the Khumbu Glacier»

Your child at home playing in GTA 5? and yet:
"May 22, 2010 won the top of a 13-year-old American Jordan Romero, to climb with his father. Prior to this record belonged to 15-year-old Ming Kipa Sherpa. »

In May 2011, Nepali spiritual teacher Bhakta Kumar Ribi set a new record for the duration of staying on top - 32 hours

May 3, 2013 80-year-old Japanese Yuichiro Miura, completing the climb, became the oldest person to reach the summit of Everest. Prior to this record belonged to 76-year-old Nepalese Min Bahadur Sher Khan

21. Right - the most beautiful peaks of the Himalayan mountains -Pumori 7138m

22.Lyubite skiing and snowboarding, and think you are PRO?
Dare to repeat?

In 1992, the slope of Mount Everest on skis down skier, Frenchman Pierre Tardevel. He pulled off the southern peaks, located at an altitude of 8571 m, and overcame 3 km 3 chasa.Cherez 4, the Italian skier Hans Kammerlander down from a height of 6400 m on the northern slope. He was at the foot of the "Roof of the World" in 17 hours.

In 1998, Frenchman Cyril Desremo made the first descent from the top on a snowboard.

In 2000, the Slovenian Davo Karnichar pulled off the Chomolungma skiing.

In 2001, a French snowboarder Marco Siffredi came down from the top of the couloir on Norton. The following year, lost during the descent from the gully Hornbeyna.


24.Podem steep ice wall on the North Col of Everest. 7000m



27. Sometimes cracks in the glacier can be overcome only with the help of a ladder

28 minutes of rest on the rise in the saddle. 6800m

29.Pervy high-altitude camp expedition to the North Col of Everest 7000m.

30. The expedition Vitaly Simonovic with breathing apparatus on the rise in the second camp at an altitude of 7400m.

31.Vo second camp at an altitude of 7800m hurricane, reaching 150km / h ripped tents set.


33. The height taken !!!

34.Uchastniki expedition on the descent at an altitude of 8000m

35.K Unfortunately in this expedition was not without casualties. Everest collected his terrible toll.
May 5, on the trail near the camp 6400m suddenly, presumably from heart failure, died member of the expedition - Sergey Ponomarev. He died almost instantly. Condolences to the family and friends = (((

At such altitudes can die just from the cold.

Chinese climbers descend from a height of 7800m injured climber

36.Ochen hard to pull from 8000m down sick person

"The bodies are often left on the slopes of the mountain because of the difficulties associated with their evacuation. Some of them serve as a guide for the climbers. So the body of Indian Palzhora Tsewang, who died in 1996, marks the height of 8,500 meters and even has its own name - "green shoe" - on a bright green shoes of the deceased. »

37. The expedition doctor Sergei Larin verifies that the oxygen machine to the North Col of Everest 7000m.

38. Nepali Sherpa climber Pemba 5 times was at the top of Everest

39.Ekspeditsiya completed. Not all were able to get up and visit this beautiful top, but that's the law of large mountains.

Members of the expedition after reaching the top in the advanced base camp.

That's all. Thank you all. Beauty of the mountains fascinates, allures and sometimes kills.


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