Disappeared of the country (10 photos)

New countries appear more frequently than lost, but it happens.
I want to show you the list of countries that have disappeared in the 20th century for one reason or another.

10. The German Democratic Republic (GDR), 1949-1990

Established after the Second World War in the sector controlled by the Soviet Union, the German Democratic Republic was best known for its walls and a tendency to shoot people trying to cross through it.

Wall was torn down with the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1990. After its demolition of Germany was reunited and again become whole state. However, at the beginning, because of the fact that the German Democratic Republic was a pretty poor integration with the rest of Germany nearly bankrupted the country. Currently in Germany, everything adjusted.

9. Czechoslovakia, 1918-1992

Built on the ruins of the old Austro-Hungarian Empire, during the existence of Czechoslovakia it was one of the most prominent democratic states in Europe before World War II. Betrayed by Britain and France in 1938 in Munich, it was fully occupied by Germany and disappeared from the map of the world in March 1939. Later it was occupied by the Soviets, who made it one of the vassals of the Soviet Union. It was part of the Soviet sphere of influence until its collapse in 1991. After the collapse, she again became a prosperous democratic state.

In this and had to end this story, and perhaps the state would be integral to this day, if the ethnic Slovaks living in the eastern half of the country, do not need to be separated into an independent state, the division of Czechoslovakia into two in 1992.

Today Czechoslovakia is gone, in its place there is the Czech Republic and Slovakia in the west to the east. Although, given the fact that the Czech economy is booming, Slovakia, in which things are not going so well, probably regrets the department.

8. Yugoslavia, 1918-1992


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