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Really interesting information about countries that are not told in the classroom geografii.So school lessons we all remember the great map of the world, where countries were painted in different colors, depending on the amount of overlying oil, the density of population and other social-democrats, geo-soil and watered-economy indicators.

These maps of the world is nothing like that. But there is a map with the countries-coffee people, the countries that are on the brink of the water crisis, show where what dominates the social network, and home to the fattest people in the world.

By clicking on the map, you can see it in large size.

The average age of onset of sexual zhizni071a8af5dd.jpg

Map sizes grudif3f529abca.jpg

Map sizes penisov06c41aaa4c.jpg

Prevalence of McDonald's in miref3c4b04088.jpg

The busiest McDonald's in the world is located in Moscow's Pushkin Square. He yavletsya McDonalds's biggest in the world with an area of ‚Äč‚Äčover 2,500 square meters. The restaurant has 700 seats and a 20-meter rack with 27 funds and has served in its history, 250 million visitors.

Alcohol consumption per capita naseleniyab883180e0f.jpg

The most highly paid profession in the public SSHAa986de0555.jpg

The level of consumption kofe11ec1bed9a.jpg

The popularity of alcoholic napitkov0be86a395a.jpg

Map level IQ7e43b9c5cc.jpg

The number of scientists per 1 million. Chelovek05799e3427.jpg

Map schastya93d1651855.jpg

Service availability Street View from Google755e468969.jpg

Map popular types sporta4a91211411.jpg

Global density naseleniyab84a84402e.jpg

Inside this circle of people living longer than in the rest of the world outside of it.

Map-known brands in the states SSHA9c997e3e05.jpg

Relative density naseleniyac690e1c6ee.jpg

The world map is divided into seven parts, each of which has 1 billion..

Using the Internet, depending on the time of sutokf7d66780c2.jpg

The longest sea put27cea4a2c5.jpg

The longest path through the water can make coming out of Pakistan on the Kamchatka Peninsula. Its length will be 187 kilometers 32.

The population density in some gorodah751bdc8e74.jpg

Population density Avstraliif1e88471ab.jpg

98% of the Australian population numbering 22, 5 million people living in the area marked with white. And only 2% (500 thousand. People) live in areas marked in yellow.

Map invasion anglichan6db69220e0.jpg

Only 22 countries in the world have never been the British invasion.

Mirroring the Northern and Southern hemispheres relative Ekvatoraeb7872977e.jpg

Map the most popular familiyb3155b9221.jpg

Map systems pismennostif750648a2b.jpg

World Map capture sotssetyamib0bf9da608.jpg

Map impact frequency molniy149b44ff1c.jpg

Map of vegetation on Zemledecd6558a0.jpg

Map of the population's attitude to turistamf133e0954d.jpg

Map level ozhireniyabf4aa0cca1.jpg

Map kind of movement on dorogahdcecda94e9.jpg

Map of using the traditional metric system izmereniyad3c15c7033.jpg

Map of the threat of water krizisadccac707bc.jpg

Time zones in Antarktike242e7b057b.jpg

World map in flagah953a539d97.jpg

Maps are based on an open source: everyoneweb.com, targetmap.com, forbes.com, nuclearinfo.net, photius.com

via www.photius.com/rankings/national_iq_scores_country_ranks.html


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