The best advertising of the year

thirty of the best prints from all over the world in 2013 according to the wording Sayt.Luchshuyu print advertising, we chose from the monthly lists of "gross Prints" and the winners of the largest international advertising festivals. We are focused on the opinions and responses of readers of the site, as well as personal preference edition.

Places are not distributed, prints arranged in any order, as we believe they are all equally worthy of the title of the best, someone the idea, some of the craftsmanship.

We are confident that this kind of advertising makes people positive feedback and positive emotions. The comments you have every right to argue or disagree with us and talk about the work that seemed the best to you.

Canadian waterpark


What you have on the floor is not always on your mind. Floor cleaner

Aspirin. For those who have a headache from work.

Fitness club NRG Zone

Man Man +2 + "Yes how do you know that he is alive?» = ...

That's why we only insure women.

Shampoo Garnier Fructis for all hair types

Protect yourself from someone else's ass. Disposable covers for toilet Hygienex

The stunning collection. Shoes Max Shoes

Read the full story. Architectural Museum. Shchusev

We know a lot about the drama. TV channel TNT

Separate them. Dishwashing liquid Sunlight

Genuine Parts Volkswagen

Ultra-thin handles

News from first-hand. Newspaper Cape Times

Gum Wrigley's 5: Awaken your senses

Bon Voyage. Travel agency Expedia

Animals also do not like bald


True to size for your needs. Trucks Volkswagen

Satisfy your cat's instincts

Buy on delivery

Be the boss himself

Sound like barbed wire. Alarm Max

Golf. Toy cars Hot Wheels

Too many Schweppes. Iggy Pop

Music for the people. Radio Açık

Who seeks will always find. Image bank Getty Images

Shaver Braun

And you have to work a dress code? Anthony Kiedis 1984.

Advertising concert organizer Live Nation

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