The most noticeable change logos 2013

Trends this year: a return to simplicity and clean istokam.Dizaynery overloading detail, get rid of unnecessary extras: striving for simplicity, to be easy to read and remember the sign. In this article, we summarize and present you with a selection of the changes in the logos of famous companies in the world for 2013. By the way, Website is also changed the logo this year.

search engine services and Google

Minor changes, as usual with this company, but expressed in the new logo is the main trends: the logo has become flat, left the shadows and volume.
Design: Own development.

Index Pegman on Google maps

In May 2013 the company introduced a new interface card, and at the same time changed the design of the index, sticking tendencies.
Design: Matt Delbridge.

Data Warehouse Dropbox

And this is the case when it was worse than it was. Service is positioning itself so even if you spill coffee on a laptop, you will not lose your data (everything is stored on remote servers). Now there is no sense of security: the box was flat and bottomless in the worst sense of the word.
Design: unknown.

Cosmetics Nivea

Nivea got rid of the wrinkles of their own: the basis for a new logo took the legendary blue tin jar of cream - is the most famous product of the company.
Design: Fuseproject.

Cigarettes Lucky Strike


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