18 unusual cards representing our world in a new light

Ever since school lessons we all remember the map of the world, where countries were painted in different colors, depending on the mineral density of the population and all sorts of other indicators. Today, you will learn interesting information about the world and see old maps, which you can hardly tell the lessons geografii.1. Rozherovaya map of the world Al-Idrisi, 1154 god

Muhammad al-Idrisi - the famous Arab geographer, author of the map prepared on the initiative of King Roger II of Sicily in. 1154.

2. Map frequency blondinov

3. Map of the world in terms of ubiystv

4. A map drawn in Imperial Japan in 1853 godu

5. World Geography in the representation of Pomponius Mela in 43 CE. e.

Pomponius Mela - the earliest Roman geographer.

6. Map mismatch astronomical time to time on chasah

7. A map that highlights the city has a population of over 1 000 000 zhiteley

Total 4,037 cities.

8. Map of population density mira

As can be seen from the large countries the highest density of population - in China and India, 364 and 140 people per square kilometer, respectively. In Russia, this figure - 8 persons per square kilometer, and from the regions of Russia is the largest population density in Moscow - 4770 people per square kilometer.

9. The size of the world on this map correspond to the population that will be living in them in 2050. godu

10. Map of the world in the representation of the Ottoman Empire in 1803 godu

11. Map of the world religiy

12. A map showing where you had been, if committed grand podkop

13. Conformal cylindrical projection Merkatora

Mercator's great invention was the fact that he has found a way to construct marine charts, in which the ship's course is a straight line, and the azimuth directions are not distorted.

14. Map popular types sporta

15. Map of the World, created by Abraham Ortelius, the author of the first history of the atlas of the modern type, in 1564 godu

"The first modern atlas" Abraham Ortelius consisted of 53 cards.

16. Global Map users Interneta

17. Map of the popularity of online saytov

18. Who is the opinion of the majority of the population of each country represents the greatest danger to world soobschestva

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