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Since the previous article about the ATM caused some interest - the continuing banking topic. "Plastic card" - the name of a narrow-minded bank payment card (BOD). The thing in the economy is extremely useful - because it can be used perfectly to dub track cut out of it a great mediator for electric guitar. But - jokes aside - curious specifics ...

Will 7 pictures and interesting text. Do not break, finish - whistle.


Main distribution on the territory of the CIS received cards Visa and MasterCard / Europay. The Card is the property of the bank that issued it and to the client, it is issued only for the duration of this card. If we reject some of the nuances, the cards are divided into two types - debit and credit. In Europe / USA - if you have a card type «Gold / Platinum, etc." - so you have a solid credit limit, then you are an honorable man - you will be wider smile and everyone understands that you have a lot of soul. Anyway, that was before. In the CIS - any student opens himself free card «Gold», to impress friends for an evening drinking beer and thus destroys the entire Western system of values.

Maps can be only a magnetic stripe, or else the chip. Someone with a chip - is right in the case of parsing of disputes. If your card with a chip and an ATM does not have a corresponding reading device - you're right. If on the contrary - the rights of the ATM. In Ukraine, still not many ATMs / terminals, serving chip cards - for me personally, for example, it is difficult to withdraw the money - you have to seek out. If you attempt removal of unsupported device - the amount can be blocked. Sometimes. For 30 days. Unpleasant.

The magnetic strip on the card razmagnit quite difficult. Local payment cards that are subject to higher (about them then somehow tell), but for several years I have had only one international payment card, which is demagnetized. By the time I personally went through them somewhere 15 thousand, so that - I think it's a little.

Maps are also used in access control systems. If the ATM is in the lobby of the bank branch - the night - you can get there (if provided) - Swipe the card on the device at the entrance. Suitable card of any bank (the homeless on the note - in the halls offices warm and cozy).

In the ATM of another bank it is not always possible to see the balance on the map. Generally - ATMs are not put to their customers, and to strangers - to make a (actually pretty good) commission. The average return on the ATM (if you count the dirty Commission) in 2004-2007 was about 4-5 years. My first reporting to the ATM installed in 2002, paid off only in 2006. Of course there are indirect savings - to unload the cashier, hour work again ... but come and expenses for collection, maintenance, etc. If you try to map that is listed as stolen, is inserted into the machine - it will take it without talking. If via POS-terminal - will be displayed at the cashier - remove the card. In the processing center also displayed this information - and the attendant may cause law enforcement to arrest the swindler to the outlet / branch. If the cashier does not want trouble pretended not to notice and gave the card to the customer - begins bagpipes ...

When the card is for rent in the bank - it is necessary to destroy. For example in the shredder. Often shredder does not happen, so in the course are severe scissors. Plastic solid, maps at the end of the month can accumulate 400-600 pieces - and have to be cut so as to damage the magnetic strip, the card number and the owner's name.

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Look at your map. She has a card number. The first digit - 4 - a Visa, 5 - MasterCard, 6 - Maestro etc. The first six digits - a BIN Bank. There are reference books. On the map it has an expiration date. The card is valid until the last calendar day of the month that is specified. If you have received a new card before the expiry of the old - the old will still work, but when you make the first step on a new map - starts already new. Banks get (buy) to generate keys for a certain period. On a year / two / five. It depends on the maximum period for which issued the card.
Inscriptions on the map can be easily applied or embossed (are embossed). Why is it necessary?


Historical device. The first appeared in the 40s, but have worked successfully in the two thousandth. Can employing today. On the imprinter plate screwed outlet / branch of the bank, which is also embossed identifying information point. In a special niche placed customer card, on top - the so-called "Slip" - self-copying forms, rolled on top and get the impression on the forms of data cards and point of sale. Calculate. Recently card (especially low level) are available with a seal of identity, not extruded. Although I «old-style» subjectively like more.

Processing center

Maps are not taken into account and maintained in banks and processing centers (PC). This is a rather complex organizational and technical institutions. Only large banks can not afford to organize their own PC. Small, banks - have contracts for service in someone's PC. Processing Card serves as apart from all devices interact with payment systems - ATMs, POS-terminals and systems, software systems. The bank customer opens a checking account and give the card. It is theoretically possible that the current account from two customers in different banks will be the same (in fact, even less a chance, because there is the account number check digit, which is used in calculating the bank code, the check digit but also can match ...). - talking about the fact that both of these banks may operate with a single PC. So - your card has a technical account in the HRC, which the client can not even guess. Therefore, all operations with the card in the PC are on the technical account. When enrolling to the card - the bank informs the PC that it is necessary to enroll funds for such a technical bill. Thus there is double counting - within the bank and within the PC (or rather - the whole of the payment system).


Banks usually do print (emit / embossed) their cards. From PC to receive information about the generated card and PIN-codes - Bank charges his unit - goes embossed cards and printing codes. The average productivity of 400 cards per hour. Erred when ordering cards and write in the name of the owner of any numbers or punctuation marks - it turns on the head quite entertaining. Sometimes. Minute humor.

Correctional Facility. All prisoners to pay wages for work performed. Penny, but for the entire period run over any amount. Bank (not mine) concludes a salary project with the Department of Corrections and cons to all printed cards. A lot of. Lots of. Printed and brought to issue. The head of the colony took the first available card and a little kick is not enough. Said a few unprintable words, he wondered how he would be issuing these cards to their wards? I had to get out empty-handed, and reprint all the cards.


In comments to the last article I was of interest to fraud and hacking. So - in spite of the movies and fables online life has shown that in fact, in the course of only two types of expropriation. In the first you need to work with his hands, while the second - his head.

In the first case it would be banal robbery. ATM heavy stuff - 900-1200 kilogram - an average weight. Plus, he usually conscientiously bolted to the floor. Here it is as your imagination. Harpoon breaks street, display screen of the ATM. Cable. Truck. On breakthrough. With a screech winch tighten the ATM on the platform of the truck and legs. In a quiet, relaxed, environment, slowly, to open safes. Or at an aircraft factory - a group of highly qualified fitter and turner sixth category opened a factory in the ATM and withdraw the contents of the shop without fanfare. Our people are brainy.

In the second case - a question of theft of personal data on the card. In banks, this information is not stored. Quite fantastic - steal a base directly from the PC (of course not remotely, but from the inside) - but it happens sometimes. Often, as more and more landed and we talk about the skimmer and cover.

On the banks of the ATM often hung antiskimery. But visually skimmer can also look like this. And built into your skimmer antiskimer - quite simply. It itself is very thin. His task - to calculate the magnetic strip on the card and record currently in memory (less) / pass over Wi-Fi (often). However, the magnetic stripe is not enough. We need a PIN-code. So it will be a miniature video camera (built-in somewhere like) or a spy (binoculars from the window of the house opposite).

It can also be pad on the keyboard. But it is more complicated. By itself, the pad thing quite expensive - a few thousand euros can cost model fit. Therefore, if you find an overlay on your keyboard - the best monument and pretend you do not otsvechivaya go away because that company won a student who drinks beer on a bench or a group of sullen men in leather jackets - she is here for a reason, and to control the situation - so that no one squeezed valuable thing.

Trained eye almost always determines that the ATM has a pad - because exactly fit the upper panel of the ATM is very difficult - it's hard work, and the task - to quickly obtain a set of data and go to another ATM.

In general - is always assume - that the skimmer to the ATM there is a tiny camera (the technology is not standing still). So - to withdraw money from an ATM checked, the appearance of which you remember, cover the keyboard with the other hand / purse when entering the code - and the chance to suffer - is minimal.

A separate theme - fake ATMs, but a chance to find a landfill have ATM is extremely small - so this theme is popular for Europe. That's when the street is an ATM - you come to withdraw money - he asks the pin-code, the amount of relief, but at the end of writing - something of a series of "communication error" and you will easily go to another ATM. And your data is already transferred to whom it is necessary.

As for breaking the network / Internet - a chance worthless. Even being on the same network with an ATM and put sniffer and having all traffic - need to spend a great job of deciphering it, and then you want to explore all the communication protocols - because have to simulate a communication between the PC and the ATM here ... this particular card. By the time you're already working on the serious work under serious supervision.

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What to do with this data card and PIN-code? White plastic. On it is written with a magnetic stripe card. Obtained clone. We go into a third world country and shoot through the ATM card (PIN-code knowing) money. This is massively organized groups. Everyone gets their share.

Separately, I note card holders (especially older ones) who write (scratches) on the map PIN-code. I do not tell them - just a note. The height of cynicism - scribble incorrect code.

At the time, I had two years to administer the local payment system in the bank. Himself emitatsii point, processing, operating a business day, self-accounting, balance sheet, in terms of issuing and servicing. Specific equipment. But that's another story.

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Bonus - common in narrow circles of the accordion (but little known to the general public) - PSD-template to draw your own design cards VISA.



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