How dangerous the Internet and computer games?

In virtual reality human capabilities seem unlimited and computer games industry annually offers more and more new games that are of great interest. Computer games develop a relationship - it is their main threat. It is a mental disorder and requires intervention to cure doctors and family support.

When computer addiction people immersed in virtual reality and only occasionally returns to real life. In severe cases, gambling brings to loss of appetite (the player does not want to be interrupted for food) and sleep (it is impossible to break away from the game, as the desire to continue the fight with the enemy compelling). It begins very simply with conventional zasizhivaniya for a computer game. It is becoming longer. Teen seems that he spent some time at the computer, but it turned out that it took several hours. When the dependence of the game becomes apparent, then deal with it is already very difficult. In such a relationship are sometimes adults, had a negative impact on their fate.

Many online games are accompanied by paid services and gambling teenager can spend all the money game.

The most dangerous of the games various shooters, racing, Action. They are accompanied by violent emotions, cause resentment. It often manifests itself in relation to the one who is trying to distract from the game. Some games do not cause overt aggression, but they require special attention and quick response. It causes severe mental stress. Add to this a long stay in the same position during the game and it becomes clear why the game is so exhausting and depletes the nervous system. Loops of the human psyche, as well as the body, frozen in one position and the consciousness of man is dulled. It can not timely to say "stop". Therefore, even innocuous at first glance, computer games during a long time the game is very harmful to the psyche and health.

Long stay in a sitting position violates the mobility of the spine and leads to diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Very tense hands to compress the clock mouse click or by keyboard. Violation of the mobility of the spine leads to poor blood supply to internal organs and various diseases. Computer games cause eye strain, which can lead to vision loss. Therefore, the assertion that the long stay of the computer is injurious to health, it is not a joke.
From computer games can be good. Few play games, contribute to the development of logic, memory and attention, that is, intelligence generally useful. This is a different puzzle, puzzles, logic games. There are strategy games. They are not forced to strain your eyes, do not require too much attention and speed of reaction. Such games can be stopped at any time for more important affairs of life, and then continue in my spare time. They are easy to dose over time. There are various educational games, such as learning a foreign language and school subjects. In conjunction with other developmental activities, such games are even useful. Teenagers, as well as an adult, in the computer games you can spend no more than 1-2 hours per day. During this time you can and play, and get useful information and remain a living person in the real world.

Internet attracts teens and social networks. On the Internet quickly and easily make new contacts, and easily break them, if anything went wrong, we would like. You do not need to worry about the impression you make on another person. On the Internet, you can imagine yourself as you want, and you should not try to change the look or learn something. In adolescents, the illusion of life, filled with emotion, and it does not raise any difficulties. All this is very misleading.

To find your friends in real life, or to meet a girl, you need to spend mental strength. We need peace work and to maintain relations. Communication on the Internet is very easy. There's no need to play sports and lose weight if you are overweight, do not pump up muscles, to please a girl. On the Internet, you do not need to get rid of their bad habits. You can come up with any name itself and submitted a hero. Thus, a teenager, as adults, will not work on them. He spends time on an empty chat and in real life, he can not be friends. For this entertainment may be hiding the loneliness, fear of real communication, lack of confidence in the person. Teenager may be afraid of criticism or ridicule in relation to himself, as he considers himself ugly, unfunny, not a teenager ... I created an illusion of communication, while it is becoming more and more lonely and wean to communicate with human beings. Attempts to move from online communication to the real acquaintance, as a rule, are rare and even more rarely lasts acquaintance.

The danger of Internet communication also lies in the fact that it is possible to come up with yourself any image. During the correspondence, you can imagine yourself anybody, even a movie hero, a well known figure. So many people think teens mistakenly spend their lives on the Internet and put themselves at risk of losing their own self Besides the desire to impersonate another person often leads to mental disorders. If you find it at home, then you have an inferiority complex. Have you no self-respect, to be a valuable person to communicate with their name, their own personality traits? If not, then you need to do is. Firstly, a real live person is always better than fictional, and secondly, you have to remember their strengths and develop them to write on their behalf as confident and interesting. In a period of rapid development of the body for this is the time. It is necessary to develop not only the body but also the mind and soul. To do this, read books, watch movies, play sports, play educational games and interact with real people. Diversifying people are always interesting. And if you hesitate to talk about themselves and consider themselves the most ordinary and unremarkable, you should change it.

The interlocutor of the Internet can also pretend to be someone else. Or you are not seeing or hearing it, you can confer interlocutor invented features. At the meeting, you may wonder: what you find in common with that person about what you can talk to him?

True friends are much more interesting. They can talk about a lot, go to the movies, talking about this topic. A friend can help in a difficult situation, ask for help himself. These relations are developing. While you sit for hours on the Internet, your peers have time to do something, grow as a person and become more successful in life.

Communication on the Internet among adolescents occurs in a special language. For adults it is not even always clear. When communicating via reduction and perverse words, emoticons, vocabulary and speech abilities of teenagers becoming more scarce. Among fans of the Internet, and it looks like his can communicate on this slang, but loses its competence, the ability to articulate thoughts and feelings. Long communication only on the Internet leads to that the ability to hold a conversation with a real person is greatly reduced, even lost.

At long stay on the Internet a person ceases to notice the beauty of real life - people around, events, nature, his feelings as well as another person. Dependence on the Internet leads to the development of neuroses, psychoses, and even schizophrenia.

Internet allows us to develop horizons of man, since it is possible to find any information. If you are looking for online information on your topic of interest to learn more about something - this is normal.
If you aimlessly wander the sites, you think what else to look for, it is only wasting time. So, it's time to stretch, shake and it is urgent to do something that is not associated with the computer.


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