Unexpected pros role-playing games (and how to get them to play)

Games without pravilKogda you hear about role-playing games, such as Dungeons & Dragons (D & D, Dungeons and Dragons), in the head you once there is a picture: dimly lit basement, filled with people dressed in somewhat eccentric clothes and throw the dice. In fact, things are not so sad. Play role playing incredibly fun, in fact, they can develop new skills you have that will be useful in the real world.

When I first learned about role-playing games, I thought that this occupation for nerds. A couple of years later realized that was completely wrong. As soon as I discovered the world of monsters and swords, role-playing games seemed to me much more interesting than the traditional. This is not just an adventure fantasy, and having a good time in good company where you need to be able to solve problems, think creatively.

Escape for a while from the problems and bustle of the real world - it's wonderful, and with every game I get something new. I realized that role play is more than just entertainment.

The game develops creative myshlenieTvorchesky approach - the basis of role-playing games. You can develop a story in either direction, as soon as you like. Of course, there are rules for every game, but they are something of a skeleton, and then he built up the stories invented by the team.

Immersed in another world, you can come up with a lot of cool things, and the results may surprise you h4> Inventing stories is well developed brain and contribute to this role play. When we tell the story, we need to develop their own language, to establish the cause and effect of events. Lead (called Master) to be a good storyteller. Even if the game uses the story finished, you still have to come up with dialogue and vividly describe the world players in which they fall. His character, whom you play, you need to come up with his personality and rich background.

D & D has affected many celebrities such as comedian Stephen Colbert writer George Raymond Richard Martin and many others, all of them once played it. Immerse yourself in another world, you can come up with a lot of cool things, and the results may surprise you.

The game develops kommunikabelnostKogda you hear about the game Dungeons & Dragons, you're not thinking about the social side of it, but actually role play at 100% are not. You have to communicate with others to offer their ideas about a given situation. Board games are built on communication in groups.

Of course, to some extent, video games can also wear a social nature, but not as role-playing games, during which you will communicate directly with the participants, not through the screen. Before and after the game you can chat with friends, discuss what happens in your life. And you can join another group to play and make new friends there. Most games are played in shops where goods are sold for a hobby, and maybe some group at this time to look for a member of the team.

Such communication in groups can be especially useful for children. Those who are very difficult to find their friends, role play great help to get rid of this problem. If the adult or child shy, aid can also come to the game. During the fun people like the character wears a mask, and he ceases to feel vulnerable, it becomes easy to communicate with others.

The game promotes the work komandeBolshaya part of role-playing games aimed at not winning or losing, and to work in a team. The development of events is entirely dependent on the actions of the players, and if someone does not know how to interact with others in a team, this game is guaranteed to be gloomy. Board games are based entirely on communication! Believe me, the time will pass quickly and cheerfully, if the game will not be winners and losers.

games well help learn the basics of working in a group, in stressful situations h4> Competitiveness is an important element in many games, and in life it is sufficient, role-playing is making some variety. Moreover, teamwork skills can help in the professional world. In life, you take responsibility for the work, the same thing happens in RPGs. Your character has a set of skills that determine the success of the task team. So it is at work in the real world, if you're bad coped with the task, it may affect the whole team.

Of course, the passing game is not as serious as the tasks at work. But the games well help learn the basics of working in a group, in stressful situations. Maybe, in the course of the game you will realize that you are a good leader, or know how to find a way out of difficult situations better than your colleagues. The game is no good or bad role, the main thing - to be fit team.

The game develops a skill game problemRolevye solutions focused on solving problems or issues. Tests for tests await participants in the game. You can solve the puzzle during the passage of the maze, and at the same time find a way to free a group of goblins, trying to find out the mystery of the murder, and so on. D. To do this, you must solve the problems of communicating with the team.

During the game, the event changed its direction, you have to respond quickly to them. So you develop the skills of improvisation. Moreover, you experience a sense of pride when the group finds an ingenious way out of a difficult situation. In fact, the most memorable moments - when being pressed against the wall, you will manage to wriggle through wit.

Your critical thinking begins to grow, you learn to see problems from different angles, and life is very valuable quality.

Play it veseloSerezno, role-playing games - a delight! Try it this way: think of something like that, and then you feel a little silly. For example, at a party after a couple of cocktails you tear a dance floor. At first, maybe you felt uncomfortable about this recall, and later was the most memorable moment in your life. That's what it's like role-playing games! Play and have fun as a child, and a world filled with challenges, at a time will leave you alone.

How to start igratNachinat always difficult, but there are some ways to help make it easier. Unfortunately, it is difficult to explain how to play role-playing games, but I can give a couple of useful tips.

First, find a game that you would be interested. If you like science fiction, there are many different games in this genre. If you just fiction, you also can find these games without any problems. Vampires, werewolves - it is. You can find whatever you want.

Climb on the Internet, and you can find what you need. If you get lost in such a variety of games, go to the store for a hobby that can help you.

When you find what you were looking for, find out what you may need additional materials or books.

Next game might need the following things:

Guide for leading the game. Dice: usually hexagonal. But for some games need their own special dice. Always check that you may need. Character sheet. You can find it at the end of a guide for players or on any site games for free. Pencils. If you are just learning to play, you should not use the handles. table: the more you have room for the books and the character sheet, the better. Some players like to use figures, but they are not required. And, of course, people: You will not be able to play alone, it's not so much fun. Best of all a team of four or five people. So you get more fun, believe me!
If your friends are at the moment can not accompany you, do not hesitate to join the game in the other group. Perhaps in your nearest stores the event takes place, then you do not have to buy an additional book-guide. There are also sites where you can connect with people who spend the game in your area.

In the end, if you do not quite understand how to play, you will help each YouTube. You can find there countless video that explains the rules of the game, or recorded completely.

Role playing helps to discover something new, and it's fun and exciting! So find a game to his liking, do not let stereotypes overwhelm you. Role playing - they are for everyone.

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