Recent developments in alarm.

Imagine the early morning, you - with a terrible hangover (went to bed late, loaded wagons, communicated with thick stranger chatting) _Nuzhnoe_podcherknut_. But we must wake up. Next to you on the table lies Service (mechanical alarm clock, cell phone, radio, TV remote or muz.tsentr). He / it starts to ring at a certain time, trying to wake you up. This "device" is a button that you can at some time turn off the ringer.

But then - the most important thing! We can give yourself only one attempt to disable the alarm! Not any more. Such further conditions: this device (sotik mechanical alarm clock, radio) must themselves go, kickbacks, crawl into the zone OUR NEDOSIGAEMOSTI. That is, at a distance, to turn it off the next time we have been impossible without having to get out of bed.

So, ladies and gentlemen engineers think and invent such a device. In the subject there are additional questions and discussion to create a "runaway alarm devices».

So - the first version! Service jump.
On the basis of the alarm in Mobile.
Take mabilu, a Hungarian attached to her. With so that MOBILE flew away from the place of call at least three meters by two, ie, to a prosoni hand could not reach!

Room, Mobile, Hungarian

Next to the bottom of mobile phones (have to sacrifice what you will not go for the victory over high-tech human weaknesses) prikleevaetsya double-sided tape.

mounting system to the base of mobile phones based on the two sides of scotch

And so, when you take a call Mobil hands, thus distracting her from the chair. But but but do not tell! Put it can not be! She departs machine to the wall and will be there. To modila not broken - it is necessary to paste over the place potential impact wool! Thus, in any case have to either approach it, or ignore the fact that much more difficult.

 - Cheap;
 - Effectively;

 - Mobil can be removed from the Hungarian;
 - Can not be glued on cotton webbing, thus the problem is solved in another way;

Option Two. Service "incident»:

Produce Platform tilt. Platform and its cover are calculated so that the friction force all night to keep the unit in its original position. We put on her alarm clock, do a "barrier" of the books in the event of accidental movement of the night. Thus, the conditions of competition:

1. We have one attempt to stifle Service
2. At the place we will not be able to get it back (and will !, because we are with a hangover and not remembering what we have there is "platform»)
3. Our Service rolled away on the floor, we will have to stand up to him drown.

Pros: ease of fabrication of the complex consequences for the escape alarm
Cons: after two such awakenings client has a chance to remember that back to the platform Service returns a non-necessary, and will take him to the bed (put in a more stable position).

Option three. Service "ride, racing»

In this solution we get is not simple, and racing Service, hurrying to go as far as possible from the host from the first seconds of his ringing. Thus, we get an excellent and very effective way to wake up: the sooner we stop the alarm, the more chance we have more sleep, not getting out of bed. We can stop the alarm, and once, twice, and three, but each time the chances to reach the ringing reptile will decrease.

That's a diagram of the project:

Projects for implementation we need:

1. Produce a suitable size truck, instead of wheels, I recommend using an empty spool for thread.
2. Remove the key from the winding watch with mechanical alarm, and also replace it with a spool for thread. Here it is necessary to choose a smaller coil, so we get some "gear ratio", which will regulate the "escape velocity" of the device as a whole.
3. Between the two coils pull Rubber band. It can produce its own, cutting off the appropriate size of some rubber tubing. Be sure to adjust the chain tension!

Warning! Between the drive wheels must be sure to provide a rigid axle, otherwise the device with one drive wheel will roll around. Axis, we can make a simple pencil stationery.

Everything is ready.

Pros: nothing but advantages - ease of fabrication, ease of operation, several attempts to silence the alarm, adjustable speed escape.
Cons: not stated.

You can pick up a whole set of coils that are installed instead of the key-winding watch on the alarm clock. Thus, if you can change them by adjusting the gear ratio and speed of rolling carts with alarm. Thus, if you install a large spool speed upolzaniya system will be small, and you can increase the number of attempts to reach the alarm. And installing coil smaller Diament, you will have from two to five seconds to wake up and catch glushanut Up until the alarm is not washed away.

Development of the third embodiment. Service "ride, racing, electric traction»

So, the next solution to the problem of creating a racing clock. At this time in prinipialnuyu circuit with a mechanical alarm system added the drive.

What is the device?
The device consists of a platform on wheels, with fixed on it transparent (or translucent) duct. Inside the box is placed himself Service, children's electric motor, battery and motor of the power circuit. On top box attached "red button", replacing the mute button mechanical alarm bell and is also a power button on the entire system to bring it into motion.

How does it work?
Early morning, the alarm starts to frantically do their job, that is, to call and wake you up. You reach for the device and press the "red button". At the same time you turn off the call and closes an electrical circuit that supplies power to a motor. Service stops, the platform starts to move.

Whether the conditions?
Yes, because we really have only one attempt to disable the alarm. The next time a call bell is already on the other side of the room and we have to get up to turn off the alarm clock completely. That is, we wake up.

Why housing should be done transparently?
Service could continue to perform their functions fully, that is, through the transparent case we can see how it displays the time.

Pros: fulfills all the conditions of competition, at the same time, the scheme is simple to manufacture and requires no additional cost. Children's electric motor we can pull out any old toys, belt drive made from any rubber tube, pull the batteries from the remote control TV (also a good thing - we often get up from the couch).

Cons: Because the device is not equipped with an automatic power-off, the alarm will be worn around the room all the time until his next call. This has a negative effect on battery life.

P.S. At the time of the next call button on the alarm clock rise (we are so arranged all the alarm clocks), alarm clock starts ringing and electrical circuit will be broken off, stopping the truck. This is a very positive thing, because we do not have to rush around the room to catch the racing Service.

Option fourth (or fifth). Service "crawling on the walls»

No, as they say, limit to perfection. We continue to invent new ways of self-escape alarm from the clutches of his master. So, the former task: after the bell alarm clock should run away from his master in the area nedostyagaemosti so that the next time you press the button on his back and drown call the owner could no longer without leaving the bed.

This time we will leave different options to escape the alarm horizontally and solve the problem in a new way. Now our Service will learn to climb on vertical walls, running away from his master just like a cockroach from the sneaker.

Here is a schematic diagram of such a device:

What we need for the production of such a miracle? Platform - 1 piece, screws - 2 pieces, guides - 2 pieces, rope, nails, coil - one little thing.

The process of mounting the device:
1. Two screws fasten Service (4) to the platform (7).
2. Replace the key alarm clock winding the coil (3).
3. Trying to drive a nail (1) at a height of more than two meters.
4. Along the walls at a distance equal to the width of the platform (7) alarm, fasten two guide-stops (5).
5. One end of the rope (2) is rigidly fixed on the coil (3), the other - on the nail (1).

Everything is ready. At the time of the call coil (3) will start to wind over the rope (2), and the whole system platform Service (4-7) will begin to move upwards. Terminators are needed to firmly keep the system in a horizontal position, otherwise the alarm turn over upside down.

Thus, host, time has not had time to turn off the alarm clock, will have to reach for the wall Ringing device. For this we need to stand up and wake up (or vice versa).

Pros: marked additional advantages such as: compact installation and assembly, an additional opportunity to aesthetic design of the space manhole our tarakanopodobnogo alarm.

Cons: Not mentioned.

Remember! The larger diameter of the coil (3), the faster alarm (4) will perform the vertical motion!

Option sixth. Service "Trezvyaschy!»

And this alarm clock does not participate in the competition, because it will not run, but just a dirty trick. At this point you want to or not, you have to cut down it !!!

Option seventh. Service "Flying»

Description of the method:

By ceiling priveshen model airplane. It is located on the site of a pilot alarm that is triggered when the plane starts the engine. You make the alarm for the right time and go to sleep. At the right time the engine is started and the aircraft is simultaneously triggering the alarm. The plane starts to fly around and call. To turn off the device, you must not only jump, but also to intercept aircraft flying.

1. Guaranteed full awakening, because Only people with good coordination is able to intercept the car.
2. Additional exercise, when a plane would have run.
3. For the lazy training in marksmanship at a moving target. (Not so easy to get slipper on a pillow or flying monsters)

1. Fast flow batteries or fuel (depending on the type of aircraft engine)
2. The high cost of the method.
3. When using air defense can be very damaging to the plane (although Service will still be an integer)

In the proposed version, I would suggest to add a device that for a while postpones launch camolёta. That is, the alarm was ringing, and the aircraft has not yet fly. In this case, we will fulfill all the conditions of the competition, according to which "wakes up" should have time to drown Service ne_vstavaya_s_posteli.

For this purpose, the lowest point of the center of the circle must be directly overhead sleeping. At the time of sleep hanging at rest does not interfere with the plane and can be reach by hand. Further, if he still managed to fly for pointing "hanging point" awake and standing "catcher alarms" can not weak get to the head flown aircraft.

In view of this, I will add:

Cons: Increase traumatic
Pros: In addition to the ride, shoot, crawl on walls and pouring water alarm clock, we got more and "Service-flying»

Option eighth. Service "Self-locking, anywhere do not run»

This is a convenient carrying case, which will not have to look for the evening (where he ran ???) and even more so to run him in the morning, late for work, to turn off !!!

By clicking on the red button alarm off, but it triggers a spring and when the button is returned to its original position in a special groove comes to green wedge.
When the alarm sounds again, the second time you press the button you do not get !!! If you are certainly not broke stand, walk up to the sink, take the key, open the lock that protects the ring recharge and restart the system (RESET).
Perezarezhaetsya Service usually in the evening, before going to clean teeth. The key is left around the sink!

Option ninth. Service "digging»

Running, crawling on the walls, flying, lockable - all these alarms we already had. Now we set out to invent a "Service digging." Why do it, you ask? Our alarm clocks learn more and more new elements, they now call and wake us from the most unexpected corners of the apartment!

Thus, Service-dig. Basically, the point is this. You make the evening digging alarm clock and put it in a flower pot. Morning comes and alarm starts ringing. The key starts spinning and winding drives the blade strapped to this key. The blade is also beginning to make circular movements and thus, Service starts digging the earth from a flowerpot and ... safely send it on the windowsill, on the floor. If you do not have time time to wake up and stop digging Service, you will definitely be late for work because you will put things in order and clean up what he had done !!!

Here is a schematic diagram of an alarm digging and digging himself Service at work:

What will it take to make such alarm?
Service itself, children's paddle (shovel) and a bit of thread for attaching the blade to the key-winding watch. Basically, it's everything. Copa Service is ready to proceed to his many duties.

Pros: Their most simple to manufacture Service!

Cons: to cause appreciable harm to the flora inside apartment.

Option tenth. Service "bouncing»

Description of the method:

Service is located on a spring base with self-cocking spring. When the alarm clock stand starts jumping around the room. The longer sleep, the faster it will jump. As a result, when you get up, have to deal with more and jogging.

Pros: While not catch - is not turned off
Cons: If you long to sleep can cause considerable damage to farm in the apartment, although morality - a long time going to sleep, the TV will not be counted.

And the final chord of our hit parade: the most extreme alarm. "Exploding»

How long you sleep - you can not wake up.

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