Muscular armor: exercise to relieve tension in the pelvic region

Look in the area below the waist. The abdomen and pelvis are associated primarily with human sexuality. And muscle clamps formed in this area, have a negative impact on sexual function.

The psychology of the body allows you to work out the clamps, returning the body to the joy of life and fullness.

In the pelvis there is a large number of different muscle groups that are responsible for stabilizing and maintaining the vertical position of the entire body.Here is the center of balance. And the pelvis have a major share of sexual experiences. It is therefore not surprising that many people have expressed problems in the pelvic region.

Thus, a powerful sexual feelings are often accompanied not only experience pleasure, but also anxiety, anxiety, various fears, feelings of guilt and shame. Trying to suppress unlawful or disapprove powerful sexual attraction, we create the muscle clamps, which are localized in different areas, depending on the nature of pent-up momentum. These clips continue to bother us even when there is no need to hold back your feelings and desires.

Disappointment in love, also contribute to the formation of muscle stress. Rejected in his love a fit man can survive such severe emotional pain that it would prefer to cut out the feeling of his body below the waist, and with them muchsee his feelings. But, defending himself from pain, he thereby voluntarily renounces pleasure,as part of is dying. It is therefore not surprising that this blockage of natural impulses leads to a loss of a sense of fullness of life and depressed mood, often turning into depression.

In addition, any part of the body being blocked, it becomes vulnerable to adverse external and internal influences, which creates conditions for the development of various diseases. Various violations in the work of both female and male sexual organs are uniquely linked to a wrong attitude towards the opposite sex, both conscious and unconscious. Often this distorted attitude is transmitted from generation to generation. Hence extending a series of similar diseases in the male, and often through the female line.

Muscular armor around the pelvis may also be formed as a result of the experience of violence. Such a person can implement two types of behavior: either to abstain from sex or to engage in promiscuity, which is a kind of self-punishment. As a result, people increasingly separated from their own sexuality, separating the sex from the individual that strengthens the muscle clamps.

The consequences of muscle in the pelvic area: 1. Muscle clips in the pelvic area reduce sexual sensation, contributing to the development of frigidity and anorgasmia in women, mehanizacii sexual experiences in men. The latter refers to the situation when the process of ejaculation, the man feels a powerful emotional discharge with a strong ecstatic feeling, but a purely physiological relief, similar to what one experiences by going to the toilet.

2. Muscle clips in the pelvic area can also encourage or even provoke the development of diseases, creating congestion in the pelvic organs. Thus, the scourge of modern men — prostatitis can also develop as a result of muscular surge in the pelvic region. Painful and irregular menstruation are also the result of disturbances in their psycho-emotional condition of the body is manifested in the presence of muscle stress, including in the pelvic area. Finally, the important role of the musculature of the pelvis and abdomen of the woman plays in the family activities. Many problems could have been avoided, if the time to work through the clamped muscles of the pelvic floor, genitals, waist and abdomen.

3. Creating a powerful unit that separates the lower part of the body between the chest and head, pelvic clamps violate the integrity of the individual, as mental and emotional. People with such a unit, tend to separate sex from love, believing sex is a purely physiological function, like eating or pooping, and love referring to spiritual experiences in any way with it not connected. Hence promiscuity, when declaring love and honor to one man.

4. Muscle clamps inhibit any pulse flowing through the body, reducing the overall energy of the body and any experiences, both sexual and non-sexual in nature. Man feels that it is not enough that I am glad that life is empty and bland. By the way, the tendency to seek strong sensations in risky enterprises also indicates the presence of pronounced muscle, not giving to experience the fullness and brightness of the ordinary life. It is only peak experiences, is able to break through the powerful muscular units, to give these people the opportunity to feel alive.

If you want to test yourself on the sexual responsiveness and the presence of muscular tensions in the pelvic area, then conduct the following experiment:

  • Stand straight with feet shoulder width 25 cm, feet parallel to each other. Slightly prisojnica knees, and body weight shift to the front part of the foot, the knees look straight. Lower the shoulders and relax the chest, stomach, "let go", let it relax. Put your hands on your hips and in this position rotate your hips in a circle first to the right several times, and then left. Move only the pelvis, the body and legs should stay relaxed as much as possible and minimally involved in the movement.
If you encounter any problems when performing this movement: breathing astray; tenses the abdomen; straighten the knee; movement of the pelvis sudden or newcourse; lost balance, the weight go with the front surface of the legs and redistributed across the foot or the lateral surfaces of the foot lifted from the floor; there is pain in the lower back, thighs or calves — all this indicates the presence of stress in the pelvic area that need work.

Work to remove the clamps from the pelvic area begins with an awareness and acceptance of their own sexuality, as an integral part of the individual. To accept his sexuality — it means to allow ourselves to experience the fullness and joy of erotic experiences without having to be accompanied by guilt and shame, fear and uncertainty.

But to work with muscle clips in the pelvic region can not only through the mind, but directly through the body. This will help us the next exercise:

Immediately should warn you that this exercise can do not all, because it is quite difficult and MB. traumatic. Therefore, it is better to lay on the floor mattress or high Mat.

  • Lie on your back, pulling his feet across the floor to yourself, so that you could grab the ankles, hands outstretched. Foot at a distance of 20-30 cm from each other. Now for the hard part: you need to bend resting on the head. The result is your body should form an arch, which control points will serve as the head, elbows and feet. Less effective, but also the variant, when the third point of support is not the head and shoulders.
  • In this position you need to be a longer time. You should breathe freely and deeply, clamping the stomach.
  • After a while you can feel the vibration of the pelvis, which, suspended between two pivot points of the head and legs will start to move up and down. Such spontaneous vibration not only energizes the entire pelvic area, but also helps to relieve her tension. She would rastrasant muscle blocks. Remember how much easier it is to remove from the ground metal pin if pre-shake. About the same makes our body vibrate, releasing the clenched muscles from the strain.
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Do not try to initiate vibration of arbitrarily. It's as useless as an imitation of orgasm — only adds to fatigue and is not liable to any relief. Wait until the body itself will respond to your actions. If at the beginning of practice you'll feel discomfort or are not expressed pain, do not worry, they will be as addiction. But if the pain is sharp or not takes a long time, you should interrupt the exercise and not practice it without consulting a doctor. This is especially true of people with problems in the spine.

Another exercise is very effective to relieve tension from the muscles of the pelvic floor:

  • Standing straight, feet parallel to each other at a distance of 20 cm, slightly bend your knees and body slightly forward. The maximum relax the pelvis so that he could move freely. Now as relax your buttocks, causing pressure on the muscles of the pelvic floor and relaxing the anal stinger as when defikatsii. Now tighten your buttocks and anus, pulling the pelvis forward. Alternate tension and relaxation several times.
It often causes confusion, especially when done in groups. People experience fears that can embarrass. But this is not happening, of course, if people really do not want to use the toilet.

Exercises working with stress in the pelvis, there are many. In addition, often in addition to working directly with the pelvic muscles, tension in this region may require a study and taking the strain of other muscle groups. But you can start with these exercises. And there a body might be able to tell you what he needs. published 


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