The technique of "Breaking shells" by Wilhelm Reich

The purpose of technology

This equipment is designed for human emancipation, gaining confidence, development, elegance in the movements. The basis of the technique is based on the ideas of bodily-oriented psychotherapy of Wilhelm Reich. It includes thirty mini-exercises.

Wilhelm Reich believed that every characteristic of the relation of man to anything whatsoever has its corresponding physical position. The nature of man is manifested in his body in the form of muscular rigidity or even muscle shell.

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Relaxation no armor unfetters the individual, makes it more balanced and confident. Relaxed body allows both to release to the environment of unnecessary emotional stress. The manifestation of emotions in the movements allows you to control both the first and the second. Emotions become more controlled. Movement gain expressiveness and elegance.

The main effect of the development of this technique therefore is the formation of strong links between the internal and external condition.

Each of the mini-exercises should be given about one minute. In General, equipment is allocated 30 minutes.

Can be used in the program of group psychological training, individual training. It is possible to learn by yourself.

The technique is useful in the development programs of expression, including acting, personal growth trainings, trainings of emotional self-regulation in various fashion workshops.

It is recommended to use the technique only adults who have reached the age of eighteen.

Develops Quality. Confidence. Emancipation. Elegance

Ninety three million forty seven thousand two hundred seventy eight

Description of the equipment

Equipment includes 30 mini-exercises, each of which had a minute. One should not rush or delay the execution of each exercise. Should strive to fit exactly in thirty minutes. Strong alternation of exercises is the key to a good development of the so-called blooming of muscle shells, that is, removing strained.

We will work with muscle shells in seven areas:

1. Around the eyes. Protective shell in this area manifests itself in immobility of the forehead and sedentary expressionless eyes, which look as if from behind a carnival mask. Eyes can be Vice versa too moving, "running". Eye shell holding back expressions of love, interest, contempt, surprise and generally of almost all emotion.

2. In the mouth area. This armor consists of the muscles of the chin, throat and nape. The jaw may be too compressed and unnaturally relaxed. This segment holds the emotional expression of crying, screaming, anger, gramatycznie, joy, surprise.

3. In the neck. This segment includes the muscles of the neck, language. Protective shell keeps mostly anger, screaming and crying, passion, languor, passion.

4. In the chest. The protective shell consists of a wide chest muscles, shoulders, shoulder blades, and also chest and arms with brushes. Shell holding back laughter, sadness, passion. The control of breathing, which is an important means of suppressing any emotion, is largely in your chest.

5. In the area of the diaphragm. Include the diaphragm, the solar plexus, the various organs of the abdominal cavity, the muscles of the lower vertebrae. This shell holds mostly strong anger and General anxiety.

6. In the abdomen. This shell incorporates a wide abdominal muscles and back muscles. Strain of lumbar muscles associated with fear of sudden attack. Protective armor on the sides creates a fear of being tickled and is associated with the suppression of anger, hostility.

7. In the pelvis. The seventh shell includes all the muscles of the pelvis and lower extremities. The more protective the armor, the more the pelvis is pulled back, as if sticking out. The gluteal muscles are strained until the pain. The pelvis is "dead" and not sexy. Pelvic shell suppresses the excitation, anger, pleasure, flirtatiousness.

Before exercise it is advisable to dress in light, not constraining movements clothes. Or at least to remove excess: jacket, tie, shoes, etc. To perform some of the exercises need to lie.

If you experience any discomfort, stop for a few seconds each exercise, then continue. During each exercise, you can do a few of these pauses.


1. Sit on his haunches. Calm wind. Tell yourself "I am calm. I'm quite calm. I confidently look to the future. I like new sensations. I'm open to change."

Try to achieve this state of peace, what do you have there on the morning of the day when it is not necessary to hurry.


2. Open your eyes as widely as possible.

3. Move your eyes from side-to-side: right-left, up-down, diagonally.

4. Rotate clockwise, counterclockwise.

5. Look askance at various things around him.


6. Draw strong cry.

7. Send kisses to different things around much with voltage pulling of lips.

8. Draw the mouth mumbled: pull your lips inward, as if you have no teeth. Read the mumbled mouth any poem.

9. Alternating, depicts sucking, smiling, biting and disgust.


10. Draw gagging. Try and not hesitate.

11. Will shout as loudly as possible. If you shout absolutely not, we will posivite like a snake.

12. Sit on his haunches. As far as possible stick out your tongue.

13. Touch your head lightly with your finger. After that, your head should hang, as if she were light, airy ball, and your neck is like the string. Repeat several times.


14. Sit on his haunches. Take a deep breath. When it first inflates the abdomen and then expanding the rib cage. Deep breath. Again, blown away by first the abdomen, then the thorax is reduced.

15. Pretend to fight with just hands: pound, tear, scratch, pull, etc.

16. Inhale and try to lift your chest as high as possible, as if trying to touch the ceiling. Can even stand on tiptoe. Exhale, get some rest, and repeat.

17. Dance, actively moving your chest, shoulders, arms. Try to keep the dance was passionate and sexy.

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18. Dramatically reducing the aperture, take short breaths through a wide open mouth. The diaphragm is relaxing, leads to breath. Inhale-exhale should be one second. About one-fifth seconds — a sharp exhalation, four-fifths — smooth breath.

19. Breathe with your belly: it needs powerful swell, and then to come inside and would stick to the spine.

20. Lie on your back. Breathing out, lift your upper body and try to seize the feet. Hold your breath. Return to starting position. Repeat.

21. Lie on your stomach. Breathing in, raise body and back as far as possible tilt your head.


22. Making the strokes of the stomach, beat them with various objects around him.

23. Put your hands behind your head. The sides continue to hit the objects around him.

24. Ask someone to hold you by the waist. Lean back as far as it can be. If you do exercise alone, just put hands on hips and arch your back.

25. Get on all fours and draw a variety of feline movement.


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26. Draw shawdows horse.

27. Lie on your back. Beat the pelvis on the Mat.

28. Standing, one hand put on the lower part of the abdomen. The other arm lay behind his head. Make obscene pelvic thrusts.

29. Spread your legs as wide as possible. Carry the weight alternately on the left and right leg.


30. Free dance. Try to dance something to its original. published  




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