The TOP 7 most the best models of brushcutters — Rating 2019

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Treatment of lawns, mowing dense, overgrown vegetation and ongoing care of the grass requires the availability of high quality garden machinery. In this sense, the acquisition of high-quality leather accessories will be a great outlet for many consumers. Devices of this type are widely utilized by the vacationers and residents of the country estates. We offer you to pay attention to the best examples of models of the products.

1. Iron Angel BC43

This mower is designed to work at a professional level. It is able to cope with young grass, and with more rigorous growth.

  • quality ignition system to facilitate easy starting in any weather;
  • durable fastening of the handle to the rod;
  • the double shoulder strap for comfortable carrying scythes.

  • not a very attractive design.

This model functioning on gasoline, not tied to a power point. Designed to handle small-to medium-volume areas.

  • the possibility of mowing the grass with a knife and fishing line;
  • good capacity of the fuel tank;
  • balanced design to ensure comfort during the work.

  • heavy.
3. AL-KO BC 4535 II-S Premium

Semiprofessional brushcutters AL-KO garden tool which involves the young and mowing tough grass on medium to large plots.

  • a special casing that protects the device from external damage;
  • the possibility of rapid disassembly of the rod, if necessary;
  • the Bicycle type handle is comfortable to grip by hand.

  • enough durable fastening of the handle.
4. Oleo-Mac Sparta 25

Easy and comfortable in work petrol brushcutters intended for use on small lawns.

  • powerful two-stroke engine, located in the upper part of the apparatus;
  • versatile cutting system in the form of a fishing line and a knife;
  • simple maintenance tool in operation.

  • it is not revealed.

5. Hyundai Z 250


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