15 worst films, instead of watching Which is better to die

It is fashionable to do all sorts of lists of all the things that you need to "catch until they died ..." - to see some movies, to visit some countries, read some books, and so on. But, as the famous joke: Not all yogurts are equally useful. It's the same with movies. This list contains 15 pictures of the worst, instead of viewing that is better to die.

15. The Best Movie 2 (rating: 2, 8). B>

Four cronies - Seaman, Actor, Major and Dimati - after a long separation found in a Moscow cafe celebrate birthday Majeure. This time they have the cash to pay off with the waitress. And run around the city in search of money they will be completely different reason. Majeure kidnapped and a ransom demand - one million euros


14. The Hottie and the Nottie (Rating: 2, 7). B>

Nat Cooper, a youth wounded beauty Christabel Abbott, after many years of separation is looking for his beloved. Christabel was still not married and strikingly pretty, but ... inseparable from their very disagreeable companion Figgs June. Wanting to get rid of June, the Net is looking for her boyfriend, but hired lovers refuse to deal with it even for money. Nat realizes: June needs a sudden change of image. Fashionable hairstyle, make-up competent, updated wardrobe - the result exceeded all expectations. When June is chosen from its cocoon, Nat realizes that the girl of his dreams, Christabel - not beauty, but simply ugly ... now before him a very different genius beauty ...

13. Disaster Movie (Rating: 2, 6). B>

Film o komichecki zloklyucheniya gpyppy cmeshny and ppivlekatelny molody lyudey. Za odny cydbonocnyyu noch, vo On Time kotopoy them ppioditcya ppeodolet and pepezhit vcevozmozhnye katactpofy ppipodnogo and ctiiynogo ppoicozhdeniya: actepoidy, cmepchi, zemletpyaceniya in obschem, vce chto obpyshivaetcya nA gopod and okazyvaetcya y no nA astray, they are normally dolzhny packpyt chepedy tayn chtoby cpacti From the Mir totalnogo pazpysheniya.

12. Mamma Mia! (Rating: 2, 5). B>

Russian super-agent - highly classified spy Shura Osechkin aka SS Standartenfuehrer Olaf Shurenberg, dedication and brazenly conducts subversive activities in Hitler's headquarters. The war would soon end, and it is clear to all but the Fuhrer's fanatical and suspicious Muller. Ordinary workers Reich has long given up on all hands, started up in the gap and recklessly hang out in the clubs. Shurenberg homesick and grow tomatoes in a greenhouse secret outside his home in the 007-Straße.

11. One Million Years BC 2 (rating: 2, 1). B>

Imaginary island in the blue-blue Aegean Sea. Bizarre twisted rocks, pebbles cocky. And then - mysterious green forest primeval, like a dream. To the south of it - a village with huts-hives. Its inhabitants - folk with funny customs. They live at ease in the company of the power of the sow herd and its relatives, and more - the poet, able to enchant the gods, and a beautiful daughter elders, by which the mad all the centaurs. Action time - long before the era of Homer ...

10. Our Masha and the Magic Nut (rating: 1, 7). B>

Schoolgirl Masha, and many of us believe that real friends find in our world is almost impossible. True love - an unattainable ideal, and, in general, there are no miracles. Perhaps that is why it was with her on New Year's miracles begin to happen ... It is magic nut Krakatuk that carries a girl in an incredibly beautiful dreamland. There her toys, Pinocchio and a teddy bear, boys become Borka and Micah, and Gosha Robot, presented his parents on New Year's Eve, a real prince.

9. Nobody knows about sex 2: No se (rating: 1, 5). B>

Kesha and bumps are sent to the capital of Winter Olympic Games 2014 in order to become members of the extreme-sexual reality show NO SEX. Leading the show - blonde Arabella. She will do everything that depends on it to defeat turned sour. It would seem that the result is a foregone conclusion. But the guys are not easy to give up!

8. Blonde in Chocolate (rating: 1, 5). B>

A group of girls in the prestigious University of Miami are preparing for a major event. Ahead of the competition of the magazine FHM in the coolest girly student society. The prize - the cover of the magazine and the party. We ladies have all chances - the unconditional leader of the company Victoria Group has gathered himself to become: all the beautiful, stylish and of the wealthiest families. But while the rest of the dream of the cover, Victoria comes up with a cunning plan to draw from all this favor for himself.

7. Zombi vacations (rank: 1, 4). B>

A group of young people going to the home crowd summer. As expected, the preparation is in full swing, but no one realizes that the fate in store for them a completely different program at the afterparty. Caught in the midst of zomboapokalipsisa friends discover that "walking" hunt only for those who feel the fear ...

6. Devil's Flower (rating: 1, 4).

College student Pauline mysterious dream flower on the gate of a medieval castle, do not cease to attract and pursue it in reality. Together with his girlfriend, enjoys mystery, they find an old book that immerses them in the mysterious world beyond reality ... Now Pauline pursues not only a mystical flower, but dark and mysterious horseman, to whom she begins to feel an irresistible attraction ...

5. Most rzhaka (rating: 1, 3). B>

In a provincial town on a local TV vegetate two friends - Shiryaev and hammer, and their colleague - Beauty Nadia. All three of them are dreaming to get rich and become the metropolitan stars. Suddenly it comes to mind the idea: make a reality show where participants must find gold Kolchak. Obsessed with greed heroes show started up in the race for the treasure on planes, trains and automobiles. In a way they are waiting for a crazy adventure, and they still do not know the master secret ...

4. Murder in Vegas (rating: 1, 2). B>

Three girlfriends are coming to Las Vegas for the weekend and go to the show of the famous illusionist Darius. But even after the submission of the show goes on: two elevators in the booths are ... the two halves of the girl's body. The victim literally sawn in half! As if the world famous circus magic trick done magician loser ... or a maniac? To investigate the tragedy begins a police officer Orlov -hladnokrovny professional, managed and Las Vegas remain Russian.

3. Manticore (rating: 1, 1). B>

On the night of Moscow roads dangerous - one after another mysterious accident occurs as a result of which people die. And each time at the scene saw a strange black car. The long-standing rivalry between street racers and professional race car driver erupted with renewed vigor. The main character - an independent modern woman, the leader of the night riders, is drawn into a deadly game


2. Life is upside down (rating: 1, 1). B>

The company creates scams school nurses and teachers to provide "educational" services to the public. Employees of the company are exclusively homeless from the area of ​​three stations, which are subordinate to the foreman Gorynycha (Alexey Buldakov). People crept very bitty, and under each composed of decency legend recommendations. Thus, scammers not only cheated gullible citizens klyunuvshih to ad ....

1. Prisoner of the Caucasus! (Rating: 1, 1). B>

Journalist Shura comes to the Caucasus to shoot a report about the local beauty and tradition, and into the Gorski, fiefdom of the local city mayor George Gadzhievich Saahova. Those supporting the fashion specified by the Governor, decided to marry the young beauty, and even athlete ekstremalka Nina, who was so pleased with Shurik. Using the hapless journalist CAAX and his henchmen kidnapped Nina. But, realizing that he played, Shura rushes to rescue his girlfriend ...

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