25 films puzzles over which will have to think

For those who love the intricate plots and complex logical chain, the site offers 25 blockbusters, while watching them have to string up the brains. Enjoy! 1. Nachalo

Despite the apparent first blossoming complexity adventures of Leonardo DiCaprio and his team in another's dreams very structured and extremely logically organized - but get lost in them is still possible, so connect the gray matter while watching not just desirable, but downright necessary .

2. 12 obezyan

What did Terry Gilliam, defies explanation: taking seemingly banal story for the sci-fi movie, he took a picture that even fantastic somehow embarrassed to call. The picture catches the viewer from the beginning, despite the overall slow pace of the narrative, does not let go until the very end. Bravo, Terry!

3. Igra

In this paranoid thriller ripe style of the famous director David Fincher, dissects reality - layer by layer, so it is unclear whether there is any reality at all. This is what has been the character of Michael Douglas created at the behest of his brother (Sean Penn) "simulator" of reality, to see what he can do and how firm the world.

4. Island proklyatyh

Film tickling the nerves from dialogue to dialogue, from sound to sound, he seemed to regard the bowels of the soul and touches her most sensitive places, sometimes pricking them to tremble. And when there is a feeling that everything seems to be already clear, and the ending is obvious events dramatically change its turnover.

5. Source kod

It is vital, effective and incredibly dynamic fiction thriller. His intense action, he is able to literally glued to the screen and dramatic notes and pleasant romantic line - really move.

6. Interstellar

On the one hand, a great science fiction, on the other - a heartbreaking drama. The film is clear to all things as a family, love, pain and betrayal. But at the same time it affects the mysterious depths of space. The director managed to convey the immensity of it, compared to where we are - nothing. By combining these opposites, Christopher Nolan has created something indescribable and wonderful.

7. Illusion obmana

The film focuses scale presented much higher than the card behind the ear. There are four Horsemen return the money, robbing banks in the eyes of the amazed public, playing cat and mouse with the FBI and Interpol, hypnotized and forced to stare at the screen, trying to guess what will happen in the next moment.

8. The Curious Case of Benjamin Battona

Fincher managed to shoot a great movie, worthy of the highest scores. Tell us a story about a man who is born old and died an infant, he cuts to the quick, and makes you wonder. Incredibly emotional and humane picture, the beauty of which is impossible to describe in words, it's just to see, it must be felt.

9. Games razuma

Great story opens before us like a slow curtain. A brilliant mathematician tries to understand itself, and we are with him. The viewer builds his guesses himself with his head immersed in the atmosphere of what is happening on the other side of the screen. Is there a distinction between reality and fantasy? What's really capable of human intelligence? All these questions will stimulate your mind throughout the viewing.

10 Hour rasplaty

The protagonist of an engineer who is working on a complex and classified projects, it is harmless and is not long in the beginning of the film. Made a deal, memory erased, received a check and live on. But everything changes when the protagonist to offer to do the project, which takes three years of his life. Agree or not? The temptation, especially at stake is not quite small money.

11. Effect babochki

Boy Evan took over from his father-psychopath, now locked in the house for the insane, strange illness - he could not remember some episodes of his life, and in these moments occurred pretty strange, and sometimes terrible, events. Matured and enrolled in college, Evan makes a surprising discovery. Reading the diaries, which he wrote as a child on the advice of a doctor, Evan can return to childhood and their actions change the future.

12. Matritsa

One of the most iconic films in cinema, has generated a lot of new ideas and highly polished old idea, a masterpiece of fiction. The painting, which stores all times, even after the first viewing, so every scene leaves deeply impressed.

13. Dezhavyu

Many people have deja vu. It seems that this point has already been in your life. Each himself explains it differently. But whatever it was, after watching this movie I want to believe that you can return at any bad moment of your life, fix it, despite the fact that it will be another story.

14. Fight klub

This movie will never lose its relevance. Philosophy is something Tyler, you begin to think, and can really leave all the things that are already underway, and begin to enjoy life?

15. Fontan

Here are the movies that after watching seems to open up your eyes, and for a time, under the influence of the film, you're in a different look at things, you go all day, and it seems that you opened some sort of truth that has always been in front of you but you did not notice it persistently. Fountain is a film.

16. Cloud atlas

This is an incredibly good feeling when already during the show begin to discuss what is happening on the screen, long before the final, when one piece of the puzzle going into my head and comes to the realization that everything is interconnected.

17. Mulholland Drayv

The film is composed of pieces, fragments, small pieces that make up a whole. An untrained or inexperienced viewer can simply get lost, taking into account each clue to an overall mosaic. This film and the lure that keeps in suspense from beginning to end, raising questions from the moment of accident.

18. Pidzhak

Emotions prevail, the soul strives upward to something beautiful, you begin was encouraged state and do not know why, but you feel comfortable and relaxed, not thinking about the past, not wondering what will happen tomorrow - about such a condition appears after viewing movie "Jacket».

19. 10 negrityat

The formula is simple: cut off from the world house a limited number of characters. Outsiders do not have and, therefore, the killer - one of their own. Classic detective about the perfect murder would be nice anyway. But this film can be called one of the best adaptations of Agatha Christie, the acclaimed master of the genre. And I realize it another master - Stanislav Govorukhin.

20. Pomni

Leonard Shelby is looking for the murderer of his wife. The matter is complicated by the fact that due to the head injury he suffers from short term memory loss. The young man remembers everything alone until the day of the murder. The rest of the memory can only hold for 15 minutes. We have to go to all kinds of tricks to somehow keep the thoughts and at the same time move forward with the investigation.

21. Vanilla nebo

The center's young son of the rich dad, David, clichéd Tribes * fight. He likes to drink, carouse and have fun with the girls. David used to the fact that everything in his hands. But fate, and may the Lord God decided to test it and to teach life. Once in a terrible accident, Cruise hero must deal with a new life, alone with a new face. But all is not so simple, poor David's nightmares begin, and then he realizes that something is wrong ...

22. Mr. Nikto

The film - a dilemma, the main idea is - it is a matter of choice. Every step, every action - there is a choice. What would happen with each individual life, if the person did not say at the crucial moment the right words, if it did so, and not otherwise, a second later, a second before - and it would have a completely different life ...

23. Primitive strah

The film constantly surprises the viewer. Although the plot is sailing very evenly by time, never slack, and never flies at the speed of a bullet. But with each subsequent five-minute story reveals more and more secrets.

24. Oldboy

This film is like a heavy puzzle that is almost impossible to solve, and it is not possible to throw unsolved. Extremely naturalistic visuals, coupled with a powerful charge, laid down in the plot output this picture into orbit in terms of thrills and do not give off from the first to the last frame.

25. Prestizh

In the film, Christopher Nolan tells us the story of two magicians. Both are young, talented and tenacious grip. Each of them has achieved in his work good progress. But the competition, the public's attention and fight for the first place do not give peace to continue to work and their lives. Alfred Borden and Robert Endzher tough start to the slaughterhouse for the right to have the title of best magician of England.

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