10 intriguing films puzzles

If you are already a dozen times pocmotreli "Shutter Island" and "Fight Club" and are in search of another masterwork puzzle, the Website has prepared this collection is for you.

Exam h3> Exam

Collect some unfamiliar people in an enclosed space, put in terms of varying degrees extremality, limited in time and means to achieve the goal - the recipe is simple but brilliant. 8 candidates for a successful and prestigious job - held only one. Each of them has to answer a single question. But what ...

The best offer h3> La migliore offerta

One day in the life of famous art appears a mysterious woman begged him to make an evaluation of its assets. Throughout the film, it seems that the solution very close, but it is not so. This film belongs to the category of pictures when viewing the end in mind is just beginning its movement swarm of thoughts, which will last a few more days.

Now You See Me h3> Now You See Me

"Four Horsemen" - magicians who collect notices on their show, and at the same time commit unimaginable robbery. Of course, with the help of his own stunts. All screen time you carefully watch the action, so as not to miss the smallest detail. And not for nothing in the film as many times repeated idea about carelessness. What we are closer to a solution, the more carefully you have to be.

Who am h3> Who Am I

The film is recommended for viewing to fans of "Fight Club." The protagonist - a young computer genius, but in the real world it is - no one. His life changes dramatically after he met with its opposite. The so-called clip editing only enhances the viewer's desire to figure out who he is, the protagonist, in fact.

All the best h3> All Good Things

The mysterious disappearance of the mysteries of the past, dubious mental health of the protagonist, and the intrigue of a beautiful romantic story. All this is mixed in an interesting and mysterious film that leaves a strange aftertaste. While all of this genre of films based on real events that have this feature.

Double h3> The Double

Simon - skromnyaga. At work I do not notice it, and ignores the dream girl. Once in office appears James - a charismatic and confident ... lookalike Simon. And slowly begins to take the life of the poor guy. This film is worth seeing if only because it is an adaptation of Fyodor Dostoevsky novel "The Double».

Loops h3> Los cronocrímenes

Hector - the average person is quite happy with their lives. One evening he inexplicably falls into a time machine in the woods. If you are tired of American cinema, the Spanish low-budget picture on the theme of time travel, which opens a view of the temporal paradoxes, just to attract your attention.

The Lost h3> Gone Girl

"Vanished" - thriller, which is based on the story of how difficult relationship between man and woman. At the main character's wife inexplicably disappears and he has to take the clue, as a result he was forced to reveal their secrets malosimpatichnye.

Cube h3> Cube

Even if someone has previously had a similar idea, the first well-known "Hermetic thriller" became just "Cube". So, some people fall into a strange place full of dangers, and are looking for a way out of it. This is one of those rare cases where the minor miracle of the money withdrawn, inaccessible to big-budget films.

Out of the car h3> Ex Machina

The atmosphere of the film is impregnated with mystery, secrets and technologies. Young programmer within a week testing a female robot that has artificial intelligence. The result is a kind of "mind games." And who will come out of them a winner - that's the main mystery.

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