300 films for all occasions

Save to zabyt.Esli not you are facing a painful choice, what to see this evening, the following list will facilitate your search. In this article Website collection of 22 movies combined to suit every taste and color.

Happy viewing!

Movies that strongly influence the outlook and attitude:
The Butterfly Effect The Bucket List What Dreams May Come In pursuit happiness Diary of a Nymphomaniac The irreversibility Knockin 'on Heaven A Beautiful Mind Pride and Prejudice li > The Green Mile Seven Pounds The Devil's Advocate Limitless Scent of a Woman Always Say "yes» Schindler's List The Dreamers Forrest Gump Revolver Fight Club li > Cinderella Mr. Nobody

List of motivating films:
Gladiator Never Give Up Fight Club The Devil Wears Prada Slumdog Millionaire The Twin Towers The Secret Peaceful Warrior Dirty Dancing Rocky October Sky Yamakasi Knockin 'on Heaven The Shawshank Redemption Braveheart The Social Network < / What Dreams May Come The Bucket List Always say "yes» 8 Mile Mission to Mars Partner Die Hard Cinderella 3 days to escape The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Boiler Step Up Tycoon 1 +1 Django Unchained < Life of Pi Inside I'm Dancing

Awesome movies that make you cry:
Artificial Intelligence Hachi: A Dog's Tale The Green Mile Titanic < White Bim Black Ear A Walk to Remember The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas Pay It Forward Knockin 'on Heaven < Bridge to Terabithia

The best films according to Tarantino:
Battle Royale Anything Else Audition The blade / razor Boogie Nights Dazed and Confused Dogville Fight Club Friday The Insider

Top 7 banned and very controversial film:
House (banned in 36 countries) Kursk (banned in Russia) Loose Change (banned in the US) Greetings from Koba. Stalin The Lord of the world. Nikola Tesla A man who wanted to know everything. Leonardo da Vinci Reflection. Special Forces of the Outer Limits

The best movies about the betrayal:
Match Point Incorrect Proximity woman comes to the doctor Derailed Last night in New York What Lies Beneath Sliding Doors Bunker On the verge

A selection of films on the theme "Crazy in a frame»:
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Black Swan One Flew Over Cuckoo's Nest Shutter Island A Beautiful Mind Angels of the Universe House of Fools I Spit on Your Grave

Comedy about the exchange of bodies:
Boy Girl two of us Substitution Freaky Friday Love-carrot Love-carrot 2 I want you They changed bodies Chick From the 13th century 30

A selection of this male movie:
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels Reservoir Dogs Point Break Fight Club < At Home Among Strangers Act of Valor The train to Yuma 22 Bullets We're from the future < / We are from the Future 2

A selection of films for teenagers:
Wild Child Another Cinderella Story A Walk to Remember LOL Mean Girls < / Step Up Twilight Hachiko High School Musical

A unique selection of the best films of Jim Carrey:
Mr. Popper's Penguins A Christmas Story Always say "yes» The Number 23 Fun with Dick and Jane Lemony Snicket: 33 accident Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Bruce Almighty Majestic < / The Grinch - Stole Christmas Me, Myself & Irene The Truman Show Liar Liar The Cable Guy Batman Forever Dumb and Dumber Mask Ace Ventura: Pet Detective I love You Phillip Morris Man on the Moon

A selection of the best movies with Johnny Depp:
Mrachnye shade Romovy blog Turict Alica in Strane chudec Dzhonni D Voobrazharium doktora Parnaca Charli and shokoladnaya fabrika Racputnik Volshebnaya ctrana Taynoe okno < / From the ADA Kokain Shokolad Connaya loschina The Ninth vrata ​​li> Ctrah and nenavict in Lac-Vegace Donni Bracko Dead Ed Wood Edvard Hands-nozhnitsy ul >

A selection of movies with Leonardo DiCaprio:
Start Shutter Island Body of Lies Revolutionary Road Blood Diamond The Departed The Aviator Gangs of New York Catch me if you can

"Nine" stunning mystical movies:
other Sleepy Hollow The Sixth Sense The Skeleton Key Gothic Constantine: Lord of Darkness 1408 The Omen 666 The Ninth Gate

5 amazing adventure:
Cast Away survive 127 hours Battle Royale Six Days Seven Nights < /

The best disaster movies:
Saturday Skyline I - a legend Flood The Day After Tomorrow li > Appearance 2012 Sign The Twin Towers The Day the Earth Stood Still ul >

The best films with Monica Bellucci:
Shoot 'Em The Matrix Reloaded Rabid blood Second Wind Man who loves The Whistleblower The Ages of Love Do not look Dracula Tears of the Sun < /

10 best films on the theme of loneliness:
Cast Away Mulholland Drive Lost in Translation Broken Flowers Leaving Las -Vegas About Schmidt The sky over Berlin Spider Chungking Express A taxi driver

Horror films based on real events:
The girl on the other hand Wolf Creek Zodiac The Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Exorcism of Emily Rose The Strangers The Haunting in Connecticut The Phantom of the Red River Horror Amitivilya It < / Obsessed Evilenko Manhunter Cannibal of Rothenburg Boston Strangler Heath The Alphabet Killer Citizen X The Collector of bones The gravedigger Gacy Lost Memories of Murder Beyond Fear Eastern Promises An American Crime

The worst horror movies in the history of cinema:
Psycho Do not Look Now The Wicker Man The Shining Exorcist Nosferatu: Symphony of Horror Vampire Vampires Peeping Tom Innocent li >

A selection of historical films:
Gladiator Alexander Braveheart Troy King Arthur < Robin Hood Joan of Arc The Kingdom of Heaven The Last Samurai

A selection of science fiction films:
Blade Runner 2001: A Space Odyssey Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope Do not remember me Metropolis The Day the Earth Stood Still Planet of the Apes Alien Solaris < Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Even more movies:
20 comedies for cheerfulness and joy
15 films that will believe in themselves

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