10 films about traveling, which is great motivates and expands consciousness

You will not regret the time spent. However, after watching Be sure to select the real world, because none of the films will not be able to convey all the feelings and sensations of the road, you will pass on their own. So there you go!

Frankly, I am not a big fan of movies, especially Hollywood. But over the years of his life, I have accumulated a small list of different motivational films about travel, which can be reviewed many times and it does not get bored. They once opened my eyes to new things, expanded consciousness and inspired the purchase of a ticket in the happiest of my first trip.

I'm sure these films also impress you, to expand the boundaries of your mind and give you a lot of useful information. And if you need the magic "kick" to advance to his first unforgettable trip, invite your best friend / girlfriend and together look at one of these films. You will not regret the time spent. However, after watching Be sure to select the real world, because none of the films will not be able to convey all the feelings and sensations of the road, you will pass on their own. So there you go!

1. Into the Wild (Into the Wild)

This is one of my favorite movies about travel. The story, based on real events, about a guy who, after graduating from university with honors, decides to give all of the accumulated during the study funds to charity and sent to Alaska to survive in the wild. Not bad sharahnulo it, yes?

The film teaches that every travel has both positive and negative aspects, but it is an integral part of everything that happens in our lives. And yet the film moves in different places of the planet and shows how rich and beautiful the world around us. And, most importantly, the film makes you wonder who you really are, and to rethink the real value of the material world. Perhaps you, too, to recognize themselves in the main character, and find the strength for such a feat.

2. The art of travel (The Art Of Travel)

Another cool movie. Light comedy where the main character for their loved ones suddenly, abruptly changes the course of his life, having gone on a trip to Central America. Running from his past and is looming before him dull future, he enthusiastically opens new country, meet new people and even finds love in the heart of impenetrable jungle.

3. Seven Years in Tibet (Seven Years in Tibet)

And this is a masterpiece of all travel-movies. Quality and tasteful. In particular, I advise all fans unruly mountains and those who are close to the history of Tibet. The film is set in 1939. Austrian climber, driven by vanity, to conquer the Himalayan peaks in the name of the Reich. After he was caught and sent to prison, he runs with the other hostages, and enters the closed city of Lhasa, where he met with the Dalai Lama at a critical moment for the country. So begins a new life two fugitives. On foreign soil, among strangers, the two men gradually change their egoistic perception of the world, are rethinking their past actions and stand on the path of enlightenment. I think for the sake of these vital lessons should start to travel.

4. Gandhi (Gandhi)

In fact, few have heard about this wonderful film, after watching that I want to believe only the best, bright, good. This biographical film, which tells about the life of Gandhi, whose work has brought enormous changes in India. On the day he was born, his country was an ornament of the British Empire. On the day of his assassination, India became free and happy country. It happened all of this thanks to the Herculean labors of his eventful life.

Objectively show the history of the Mahatma, perfectly captures the spirit of India, an incredible cast and massive crowd scenes will make a great impression on you! And despite the fact that the film goes three hours, start watching, you will understand that this time is too short to show the history of the life and work of this outstanding personality.

5. Home (Home)

Excellent movie, one of the few that I have seen lately. The film is about our common home - the land. Beautiful aerial keeping with the music and plot a sad fact of life - the truth about how people unconsciously destroying the planet. In this regard, nothing new in the film does not say, but the beauty of life and death with a bird's eye turns everything inside so that it is difficult to continue to remain asleep.

6. Encounters at the End of the World (Encounters at the End of the World)

Documentary film in which the story begins in a military plane carrying the director and his team at the station Antarctic Research Centre. The station can support life and work as much as 1,200. It is not just "another film about penguins," but rather a free story of the author about his extraordinary journey, and those thoughts that were born in the mind of the director during this adventure. The most interesting thing is that almost all the main people are finding a director.

The film was shot very nice and realistic, and the conversation with the director's extraordinary people are the most fascinating part of the film. It is very interesting to listen to the feelings of people succumb to the temptation to explore the most extreme point of the planet.

7. 127 hours (127 hours)

Biographical drama about how Aaron decided to sacrifice jobs and higher wages in order to satisfy his passion for wildlife and the mountains. He set an unprecedented goal, but one day when he rode in a narrow gorge on the bike, it rolled a boulder, crushing against the wall of his right hand on the 127 hours.

A man weighing the balance of death, suddenly begins to realize that his life is incomplete without the people close to him. The film will make you think about this idea and reevaluate what you have.

8. outsourced (Outsourced)

Interesting funny romantic comedy about the relationship of people of different cultures. The plot of the film tells about the unexpected change in the life of the average manager in the US named Todd. Unremarkable course of his life turns Post boss that the new place of work should soon become a distant Bombay in India. He leaves in a strange and incomprehensible to him the world, where it begins a new, rich life.

The film is about how the dramatic changes in his life, which at first glance may seem unfortunate, can dramatically change the course of a lifetime and bring new opportunities!

9. The Darjeeling Limited (The Darjeeling Limited)

The three brothers living in India have lost touch with each other after the death of his father. They had not seen for a year, and met each other on the way to his mother, who lives in a monastery. On the way, happens to them a lot of funny situations. India is not like any other country, so watching a movie is easy and soulful. Just warn desperate adventure travelers may bring in you a strong desire to visit the country of contrasts.

10. The Motorcycle Diaries (The Motorcycle Diaries)

"The Motorcycle Diaries" - the story of Che Guevara's life prior to becoming a major political figure. This film is about a young student who has lived and thought about the political situation in his country. Going on a trip with his friend Alberto, he did not even know that it's so hard to change his life.

The film stands and interesting, also was filmed by himself Che's diary. Travel - it's part of life, which not only brings pleasure, but also gives you the opportunity to make the world better. This attitude is certainly worthy of respect, and presents a good example to others!


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