Scientists have identified, from which more likely to die! 25 most common causes of death.

Life and death are inextricably follow each other. Every day, the world is killed about 160 thousand people. The death of every human being - is a great sorrow for his family and relatives. But the death of many thousands of people - this is a statistic. Causes of deaths are recorded carefully, and thanks to this we are able to assess the risks that await us.

Reception on the list are present as the most massive cause of death, and very rare, such as what is likely to die from falling asteroid.

Everyone knows from childhood that the match is not a toy for children. A fireworks is a dangerous game, even for adults. Particularly high risk of injury from careless handling of fireworks on New Year's night. This is understandable, because the fireworks this holiday buy almost everything, but at the time of launch, many already are in a state of intoxication. However, the chance of getting a fatal injury is not so great. According to statistics from the fireworks one person dies of 615,488 dead.

From time to time news feeds from around the world explode messages from the effects of terrible tsunami. Although this element brings with it terrible devastation and claiming the lives of hundreds of people, but, fortunately, it is a rare phenomenon. In addition, he may suffer from a living on the coast. So the chance of dying from a giant wave is equal to one thousand five hundred.

Oddly enough, but scientists calculate the probability of death by asteroid is approximately equal to the probability of death in the waves of the tsunami. Just in this case were taken into account not only the actual deaths from meteorites, but also assesses the chances of the fall of a large asteroid to Earth, at which die almost the entire population of the planet. So the chance of dying from the fall of the gift of the space is equal to 1 500 thousand.

The attack dog
Cases of dog attacks on humans happen quite often. But according to statistics any dog ​​is rarely able to tear a man to death. The chance of such an outcome is 1 147 717.

As in the case of the tsunami, a lot depends on where you live person. Living far away from the mountains to die from an earthquake almost unreal. However, the chances to die because of the earth's crust shifts significantly higher than the probability of dying from the tsunami. This is due to the high population density in mountain regions, rather than on the coast. Therefore, the risk of dying from the earthquake is equal to 1 131 890.

The bite of a poisonous animal
When the phrase "animal poison" our imagination is the first thing any snake. But far more dangerous are venomous insects that are also allowed. Summary chance of dying from the poisonous bite is 1 of 100 thousand.

In our latitudes, perhaps the greatest danger of natural disasters is a thunderstorm. According to statistics, around the year lightning strikes about a quarter of a million people. Fortunately, lead to the death not all punches natural electrical discharge. The risk of dying from a lightning strike is estimated as 1 in 83 930.

Nevertheless, the world more people die from tornadoes, and not by lightning. For us, these disasters are not particularly scary. And here in the US or India, they are a significant threat to the population. Therefore, likely to be killed by a tornado for the average inhabitant of the earth above. It is rated as one chance in 60,000.

The death penalty
Of course, law-abiding citizens are not afraid of being executed for the heinous crime. But if you take the entire population of the planet as a whole, the chance of dying from the death penalty is not too small. The risk to end his life in this way is 1 in 58 618.

Yet flooding is the worst of the elements. Especially because in our regions, too, floods are fairly common. The risk of dying a death is 1 in 30,000.

plane crash
Air is considered the safest form of transportation. However, the chance of dying in a plane crash is much higher than killed by the earthquake or lightning strike. The probability of death in the crash of the liner is 1 in 20,000.

Beach season each year claims the lives of many people. Summer full of news reports about accidents on the water. The chance of dying from drowning is regarded as 1 of 8 942.

Electric shock
When handling electrical appliances must always be vigilant. After shock - a dangerous thing. The risk of death due to electric shock is 1 of 5 000.

The accident at bicycle
Oddly enough, but cycling is more dangerous than air travel. The risk of fatal injuries by simply having fallen from his horse's foot is small. But, unfortunately, there are many cases of collision of cars on the cyclist, and if such an accident mortality rate is very high. The overall probability of dying due to the cycling of 1 and 4 717.

Natural Disasters
If we estimate the risk of death from any natural disaster, be it a flood, earthquake or lightning strike, the chance of dying due to the wild waste is 1 of 3 357.

Fire can also be attributed to the natural disaster. But the fires, mainly, it is the work of man. Chance burn or suffocate from the smoke is equal to 1 of 1 116.

Unfortunately, the report did not indicate whether the undertook into account military losses or extras were limited only likely to get shot during shootouts. Judging by the relatively high risk to die from firearms, military casualties is still considered. The chance of dying from a gunshot wound rated as 1 of 325.

Young people this may seem strange, but from the usual drop a lot of people dying. The greatest threat is the bears seniors who are no longer able to regroup in time. The probability of dying in this way is estimated at 1 in 246.

Unfortunately, many people lost their lives voluntarily. According to the statistics every forty seconds in the world one committed suicide. The risk of suicide to end the life of 1 in 121.

For the convenience of transportation has to be paid. Victims of car accidents are millions of people. The probability to end up in such a way is one percent, or 1 in 100.

Accidental injury
Accident no one is immune. Because of these personal accidents maimed and killed many people. The risk of dying from such an injury is 1 in 36.

If you select the most dangerous medical conditions, one of the most feared it would be an insult. The risk of dying from a brain haemorrhage is 1 in 23.

Oncology - is the bane of modern society. The risk of dying from cancer according to a study of 1 in 7.

Heart Disease
However, the most terrible diseases are heart. Cardiologists warn that one in five deceased died because of problems with the main muscle in our body

Hayflick Limit
Under tricky term "Hayflick limit" meaning death from normal aging. Our body inevitably wears out, and, in any case, sooner or later all of us will die. And even if you escape death in all previous cases listed, then still we die with a probability of 100%.

So the causes of the deaths look like through the eyes of extras. For our fellow citizens, such information would be useful. In any case, take care of yourself and your loved ones. And share this information with their friends, because they also need to know what risks lie in wait for us.

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