18 most ruthless killers in the world of human nature. Such a death would not wish even to the enemy!

The world is not a safe what may seem at first glance. Where would not go, you can suddenly be in the balance of the death. I decided to make a list of the 10 most dangerous animals in the world. From the latter the most brutal murderers blood run cold. Be vigilant and do not expose themselves to danger!

At best chetyrehlapom other person, too, can awaken the beast. About 186 people a year fall victim to the dogs ... and the reasons for such aggressive behavior by nashyh pets are different.

African Lions
Looking at this mighty beast, we can not give a start. About 40 people a year die from acute, as the sword, claws and fangs of a lion.

Under the hooves of this graceful animal is usually killed those who endangers himself. About 20 amateur rodeo every year die during horse racing.

These animals usually nilly victims and the cause of car accidents. In such road accidents killed about 120 people a year.

No wonder many people are afraid and do not like ants. From paralyzing bites those nasty-looking insects die each year about 30 people.

It seems there is nothing surprising in the fact that crocodiles were in the list. But the number of victims who fall into the jaws of bloodthirsty, really frightening - about 1500-1700 people per year.

In India, leopards live side by side with a man nonetheless from their massive paws die each year about 15 people.

You may ask: what is making it harmless animal? But the people who are actively involved in agriculture know that about 20 deaths per year - it is the hooves of these seemingly cute and good-natured animals.

Do not laugh, if your friend is afraid of bees. After all, this may be due to the fact that he is allergic to the bites of these insects, which can lead to fatal consequences. Thus die about 53 years in allergy.

When you see these animals, just remember everyone's favorite film "Striped flight". But this is no laughing matter ... The victims of these wild cats getting about 100 people a year.

Are you still afraid of sharks? Poison of the inhabitants of the underwater bottom die 15 times more people than from the mouth of the shark.

Snakes - champions among the killers in the animal world. Each year, they kill about 50 thousand. From this figure, it becomes a little uncomfortable.

mosquitoes and gnats
It turns out that the annoying buzz of mosquitoes in summer nights - it's flowers! Do not believe me, but about 1 million people die from malaria, which are the carriers of mosquitoes and sandflies.

We know firsthand that a couple of buffalo can easily deal even with a lion, then what can we say about the man! When these animals sense danger, they may resort to an attack - and then there kicks off at yourself! From their antlers each year kills about 200 people.

This noble animal is not inclined to attack their own rights. However, about 500 people a year die under his feet.

Tsetse flies
It murderers do not ask for mercy. From bites of these insects is first infected with sleeping sickness, and then leave the lives of nearly 500,000 people per year.

These animals sting deadly poison. Such agonizing death die each year about 5 thousand people.

Many people argue that people - the most severe and the most ruthless animal daily destroying its environment and kill their own kind.

It turns out that the world is full of danger. Maybe the best solution - close and did not come out of his room? But the only way out of this situation - to not to endanger the wildlife that is often simply responds to aggression with human cruelty. Tell us about this list of the most feared predators of wildlife to your friends.

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