This businessman destroyed all the houses in his village! But the reason for that - just incredible.

About politicians and businessmen usually say "the more there are, the more you want" or "frantic with fat." But Chinese businessman Xiong Shuihua breaks all the stereotypes. He - a vivid example of the fact that the rich also have a generous and noble people.

54-year-old Xiong Shuihua grew up in a poor family, and knows what the lack of firsthand. The businessman also not forget all the good that at one time to him and his family showed the locals. So he decided to thank them very unexpected way.

becoming a millionaire, he decided to use part of their wealth for the benefit of ordinary people.

Xiong Shihui acted radically: he carried old, uninhabitable hut residents of his village, and in their place for each family built a modern house. Large sums of money Xiong also invested in road repairs.

In addition, the businessman has provided the elderly and the poor free lodging.

All this resulted Xiong Shuihua in a tidy sum - $ 6 million.

But a businessman does not complain and say that he made more money than I could spend my entire rest of his life. This money will be enough to head to his children.

Unfortunately, we are often faced with the opposite situation, when the millionaires demolish the hospital and in their place build luxury villas. Our greedy politicians should be to follow the example of this man. Well, millionaires, who will take the baton?

This man really deserves respect! There are many more generations will remember him blessed memory. Each of us, too, can take his example and think about what and how he could help the needy and the poor. Look around - and always will be a person who needs your help. Tell us about this businessman-Kind to your friends.

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