Great comedians (7 pics + text)

Now, many angrily asked why the Soviet times there were so many great, funny, good comedies. Maybe that's why?
Yuri Nikulin
November 8, 1939, after graduating from high school he was drafted into the Red Army, he served in the 115th air defense artillery regiment. During the Soviet-Finnish War anti-aircraft battery, where he served, he was under Sestroretsk, and secure the air approaches to Leningrad. During the Great Patriotic War, fought at Leningrad until 1943. In spring 1943, he contracted pneumonia and was sent to the Leningrad hospital, and immediately after the statement appeared shell-shocked during the air attack on Leningrad. After being discharged in August 1943, Nikulin was sent to the 72-th separate anti-aircraft battalion at Kolpino. He was demobilized in May 1946 with the rank of senior sergeant; During the war he was awarded the medal "For Courage" (originally was presented the Order of Glory III degree), "For the Defense of Leningrad" and "For Victory over Germany».

Anatoly Papanov
From the first days of the war he was at the front. There was a staff sergeant in command of a platoon of anti-aircraft artillery. In early 1942, was severely wounded near Kharkov, he spent several months in the hospital and at 21 became an invalid of the third group.

Vladimir Etush
During the Great Patriotic War, Vladimir Etush graduated from the translation department of the Second Moscow Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages, he fought on the front as a lieutenant Administrative Service. He fought near the town of Malgobek, Ingushetia. His last position was assistant chief of staff of 581 Infantry Regiment of the Red Banner on the rear. By order of the 151 Infantry Division number 027 / N dated 19 September 1943 he was awarded the Order "Red Star". From premium sheet: In the battle for the socialist homeland against the German occupiers he proved himself a brave and resolute commander. In offensive battles in the area Mospino 7.9.43 of command of the regiment, Comrade. Etush was sent to the aid of the battalion, who had a difficult situation in the implementation of the combat task, Comrade. Etush fearlessly without sparing his life inspiring fighters bravely led a company of the enemy, at what their skillful maneuver knocked the opponent out of the area in this town killed 30 soldiers and officers captured machine gun. Tov. Etush working as chief of staff for logistics throughout the offensive fighting, ensure the normal operation of logistics and transportation. Without fail combat units delivered food and ammunition. Good reception and ensured the evacuation of the wounded. 09/15/1943 of advancing to the district center Kujbyshevo personally with a group of soldiers first broke into the village and street battles killed eight soldiers and officers

Zinovy ​​Gerdt
When the Great Patriotic War, Zinovy ​​Gerdt left volunteered for the front. In 1941 he was a special short-term training camp in the Moscow School of Military Engineers. He was chief of engineering service 81 Gv.SP the rank of lieutenant. In February 1943, the Belgorod, was seriously wounded. After eleven operations, the most important of which performs a leading surgeon Botkin Hospital Xenia Vincentini (the wife of the famous designer Sergei Korolev), Gerdt kept the damaged leg, which has since been 8 centimeters shorter than the healthy and strong actor forced to limp.

Lenonid Gaidai.
In 1942, originally served in Mongolia, then was sent to the Kalinin Front. December 14, 1942 in the battle for the village Enkino threw grenades at the enemy firing point and destroyed 3 Germans, participated in the capture of prisoners of war, for which he was awarded the medal "For Service in Battle" (order number 69 dated 12.20.1942 of 1263 Rifle Regiment 381 Infantry Division ). Was severely wounded, he stepped on an antipersonnel mine, after which he was found unfit for further military service.


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