10 of the most powerful armies in the world (11 photos)

At present, almost every country has its own army, created to protect the interests of the state from internal and external enemies. Ten of the most powerful armies was selected on the basis of their military history, military operations and, of course, the size of the Arms. Most of these armies were vovlicheny all the known world and the conflicts of past years soveremennyy, including World War I, World War II and the Korean War. In addition, many of the armies involved in the conflict, defending his independence.

Thus, the top 10 armies in the world:

# 10: Pakistan

Pakistan Army was founded in 1947 and maintains combat power, consisting of more than 500 000 soldiers, who are volunteers. Military history of Pakistan includes conflicts with neighboring countries such as Afghanistan and India, the Gulf War, in Mogadishu and Somalia in the early 90s. Pakistan has also served as a US ally in the global war against terrorism by assisting in the fight against the Taliban and "Al Qaeda" in Afghanistan and Pakistan on the border.

# 9: Israel

Israel - the only country in the world, which calls for both men and women, with some exceptions. Israeli forces based in 1948 and employs more than 150 in assets, 000 people. Israel took part in the Arab-Israeli war, the Six-Day War and the numerous conflicts in Lebanon and Palestine.

# 8: Russian

Russia has undergone many changes in its military history starting with 863. Today, the Army called the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and founded May 7, 1992. Previous Russian military organizations, including the Red Army, were involved in numerous regional conflicts and world wars and the Cold War. Before the collapse of the Soviet Union, our army has been known as the most powerful army in the world, which surpassed the US on all indicators, including the number of soldiers and the number of nuclear weapons. Conscription - 18 years, and the size of the army of about 1 million people.

# 7: Turkey

The Turkish army has existed for more than 2, 000 years. Modern Turkish army - one of the most prominent army, which remained neutral during the Second World War. Nevertheless, the Turks were involved in the Korean War, and the biggest conflict of the 20th century Turkey was the war of independence, which was attended by Russia, Great Britain, Greece and Italy. Military service is obligatory in Turkey, and the size of the land forces, Turkey has the second place in NATO.

# 6: North Korea

Korean People's Army was founded in 1939 and has an impressive number of soldiers - more than one million. The number of soldiers a reserve that can be raised in case of war on a rough estimate is about 7 million people. The main conflicts in the history of North Korea - a Korean and Vietnam War. The contradictions and tensions between North and South Korea still exist, and, technically, this conflict is not yet officially over. North Korea has recently confirmed its potential nuclear and chemical weapons threats against the United States and South Korea.

# 5: Germany

The German Army has one of the richest and most prominent war stories in the world. The German army is responsible for the outbreak of the Second World War, when it invaded Poland. After the war, Germany was a divided state and then formed the western German army. After the reunification, the armies of East and West united in the German army, which now has more than 200 000 soldiers.

# 4: India

Indian Army goes back to the Stone Age. Today, it is famous for the largest number of volunteers in the army, and the army has more than 1 million people. The Indian army has been involved in both world wars and several wars for their independence. Very unpleasant relations have developed between India and Pakistan.

# 3: UK

The British Army was founded in 1661 and participated in almost all known wars such as the Napoleonic wars, world wars, etc. The British Army had a significant presence in Northern Ireland and the Balkans, standing next to the United States in the Persian Gulf in the 1990s. British Army also has all possible assistance for the fight against international terrorism after the September 11 attacks. The number of active soldiers in the service of about 150, 000 people, making the army of Britain's second-largest in the European Union.

# 2: China

People's Liberation Army - the largest army in the world, which contains more than 2, 2 million people, and this after a significant reduction in strength in recent years. The Chinese army was founded in 1927, and participated in the Sino-Japanese conflict, World War II, Korean and Vietnam wars. Technically, military service is obligatory from 18 years, but China has never had problems with the staff, because the Chinese men who went into the army voluntarily, has always been, even more than enough.

# 1: The United States of America

Army of the United States begins its existence in 1775, when it created the Continental Army to participate in the revolutionary war. States took part in all the world wars, the Korean War, Vietnam, the Gulf War, and now in the war against global terrorism. Active military force of the United States is more than 500, 000 people and more than a million reservists and National Guard. American Army base located virtually anywhere in the world, and the service in the army is now on a voluntary basis.


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