What became of the army Soviet republics


20 years ago, in December 1991, nearly four millionth Armed Cily Soviet policy began to take away on national apartments.

Because of the once unified Soviet Army formed 15 separate armies of the former republics-sisters. They were then and what became today? What they have in common and different?

RUSSIA: The General Staff did not notice the loss of 200 thousand fighters?

In the Russian army at the time of formation it was nearly 3 million. Guests. (See table). As the number and today it is more than all the armies of the former Soviet republics combined. And there's only nuclear weapons at us. The Russian Army Military District 4, 4 Navy Flotilla 1 (Caspian). Method manning - Mixed (contract and call).

Although officially it is considered that in our army a million soldiers, in fact, their 200-odd thousand less - almost as many draft dodgers in the country. The reform reduced the number of officer positions from 355 thousand to 220 thousand. Of contractors now - 186 thousand, in 2017 their number should increase to 425,000.

Several rearmament program undertaken since 1992 have failed. In the new state program until 2020 allocated almost 20 trillion. rubles. However, at the start of its implementation suffered serious failure: The state defense order contracts for 2011 only managed to conclude by the end of this year. The challenge to provide in 2010, all the dismissed officers permanent housing failed and moved in 2013. From 1 January 2012, the allowance will be increased to 2, 5 - 3 times.

UKRAINE: officers rush to the citizen

Ukraine inherited from the Soviet army three military districts, were on its territory - Kiev, Odessa and the Carpathian - and 387,000 personnel. No European country had such powerful forces. Over time, due to financial problems, the number of "bayonets" decreased almost four times.

Today, only one in four can get on a plane wing, only two tanks of the three - lyazgnut caterpillar, and every second gun did not even cough. In nezalezhnoї Absent pennies even on the modernization of old planes and tanks. The number of Army continues to decline - for the last two years have left 3, 5 thousand. Officers. But otherwise, if a kilo of meat on Bessarabka - $ 9, and the lieutenant in the purse of just 200? Promised state housing many of the officers are waiting for the last century (in the queue - 45 thousand families of officers).

BELARUS: Bulbash are not for pennies

The Armed Forces of the Republic to form part of that in Soviet times there were stationed. They are located 3457 tanks, 3824 armored combat vehicles, 1562 artillery systems, 390 combat aircraft, 79 attack helicopters and 238 thousand. Man personnel. Now - 65 thousand (15 thousand of them - civilian personnel). Every fourth soldier - contractor. Over the past 20 years the number of armored vehicles decreased by 1, 5 - 2 times, but the number of aircraft, helicopters and air defense systems is growing. Among armies - Russian allied armed forces of Belarus are considered the most combat-ready.

KAZAKHSTAN: the soldiers are aiming at ministers

Kazakhstan's Army was created on the basis of military installations and formations of the Central Asian and part of the Turkestan Military District. For 20 years, the number decreased almost threefold. Armament mostly Soviet-made 70 - 80s, but there are examples of Kazakh. In recent years, and purchased new equipment, such as the Russian armored tank support "Terminator».

Problems with manning in Kazakhstan there - officers constantly improve contentment, and young men eager for the army because of a career in state institutions closed to those who have not served.

AZERBAIJAN: "slaves" in uniform are rented

From parts of the former Transcaucasian Military District set up land and amphibious troops, and as a result of division of the Caspian Flotilla - Navy. Army of Azerbaijan with the help of foreign experts reformed to NATO standards. However, according to local experts, the process is often "imitation" character. There are other problems. The most acute - corruption. Who wants to avoid service, paying bribes from 4000 to 12 000 dollars. And during the service Azerbaijani soldiers are faced with extortion. Sometimes commanders sell soldier in "slavery" to foreigners. Officers and men are trafficked to Iran, where they are used as laborers and not pay a dime.

UZBEKISTAN: operational - through competition

The basis of the armed forces have become part of the Soviet compound and the Turkestan Military District. Today, they are evaluated as the most capable in Central Asia, despite the constant downsizing. Soviet technique, the early 80-ies. Reserves its large storage tanks at just over 2000. But only a small part of combat vehicles in order. However, there is an agreement on deliveries of Russian artillery systems, combat and transport helicopters, air defense weapons and ammunition. The army take on competition (say, that sometimes for a bribe) to serve prestigious, have benefits, the service - social elevator.

Armenia: how much patriotism?

The basis for the national army and became part of the military equipment of the 7th Army of the former Transcaucasian Military District. Since the founding of the armed forces has grown almost three times.

Since 2004, Russia has supplied arms to Armenia at relatively low prices (as a member of the Collective Security Treaty). US provides financial support for modernization of the Armenian army (2005 - $ 7 million.).

From the service, you can pay off the penalty for each missed call. The maximum amount - $ 4, 8 thousand. Ministry of Defense has earned this $ 2, 3 million.

TURKMENISTAN: deserters are invited to build

The basis of the army became part of the former Turkestan Military District. Armed Forces of the Republic went to 530 tanks, 1132 armored vehicles, 540 artillery systems, 314 aircraft, 20 helicopters and several small boats and warships in the Caspian Sea. Today, part of the art - on the conservation without any prospects of much sold abroad. Instead of military equipment purchased in the NATO countries, Ukraine and Belarus.

The troops - shortage of officers and professionalism available in serious doubt. It got to the point that in parades piloted aircraft from Ukraine.

GEORGIA: troops for others

The armed forces were created on the basis of Soviet troops stationed in the country. Until 2003, the Georgian army was armed with outdated and worn-out equipment, but after the "Rose Revolution" began its active modernization: NATO generously supplied many free samples is not much battered beushnyh arms. The military budget of the country with the help of "Western friends" has increased 50 times and in 2007 reached $ 780 million. But it turned out - not in the horse feed. During the war, 08.08.08. "Georgians fled timid" throwing technique. And almost a third of it has been destroyed or put out of action. Now the US and NATO are actively compensate for these losses with new supplies.

The Georgian army is constantly working foreign instructors, officers are trained abroad.

LITHUANIA: Who scare "Russian bear»?

From the Baltic republics of the most efficient army in Lithuania. Service as both "neighbors" in the main contract. In the Army - two mechanized infantry brigade and two regiments. The fleet - two small anti-submarine ships and four patrol boats. Among the servicemen more women - about 200. Of these, as many as 70 lieutenant colonels and majors 6. The number of generals reduced by 10% (from 10 to 9).

The country and the army is constantly fierce anti-Russian propaganda. A citizen of Lithuania shared his impressions: "In Russia, sneeze - is already shaking:" Russian go! "Yesterday, Medvedev spoke at the Defense Ministry - today Lithuanian newspapers came out with headlines" Russia is arming! ».

KYRGYZSTAN: hang for $ 300

The whole army of Kyrgyzstan, despite the abundance of generals, less than a full-fledged division. Here's how to evaluate the readiness of its army Toktogul Kakchekeev - retired colonel of the armed forces of Kyrgyzstan, "Kyrgyz army fell into the hands of crooks who sold all the remaining from the Soviet Union. As a result, a general already planted, and the second - under investigation, the third escaped with Akaev, another was taken prisoner. " During last year's "tulip" revolution, the army failed to prevent the massacre. This is despite the active work of American trainers in the Kyrgyz special divisions. The country "practice" mercy ($ 300) from military service.

Moldova: Romanian under the hood

The armed forces consist of the Army and Air Force (out of aircraft - only old Soviet helicopters). NATO is helping to re-Chisinau, supplying military equipment second hand. The poverty allowance urges officers to go to the citizen. In the army, the institute of military intelligence officers pursuing dissidents. Moldovan army is under the hood of the Romanian intelligence services - have made them experts even before the secret channels of communication the Ministry of Defense.

TAJIKISTAN: every second officer - without higher military education

The armed forces of Tajikistan - four teams, anti-aircraft missile and helicopter regiment. But, in fact, this is one title: military equipment and not score a couple of battalions. No luck Tajiks from the Soviet Army they did not get hardly anything, weapons not only few in number, but also the old. Frankly bad artillery - the old 10 howitzers and 10 mortars. Still low staffing of the officers - 60%. Every second has no higher military education.

ESTONIA: Tank loan

The ground forces of the republic - 8 battalions and artillery battalion. Navy - Corvette (not depart from the pier), two boats and four minesweepers katernyh. To resolve the problems on the reflection of the Slavic hordes (after all, there are 100 cannons) troops periodically take rent a tank at the neighbors-Latvians. The crisis severely slashed wages war - they will receive 30 - 40% of what they had several years ago. Estonians expect that NATO's kindness will give them equipment for free. Over his dwarf troops Estonians joke: "Our army - the only one in the world that can be seen entirely on the military parade» ...

LATVIA: The sky cover "kukuruzniks»

The army consists of infantry battalion, artillery battalion and three training centers. In the armed forces - a big shortage (for officer positions - 40% of NCO - 60%). The Air Force of the Republic - a total of 11 trained pilots. As part of combat aircraft - two "maize". In spite of the slogans on cooperation and partnership with Russia on NATO acquires Latvian border electronic "ears" and "eyes».

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