Who fought on the side of Hitler

On the eve of Victory Day, remember not only friends, but also enemies. The Red Army had to fight not only with the German Wehrmacht, but also with a whole horde of allied armies of Hitler and national units, representing at least half of Europe.
Here are just some of them.

The westernmost military ally of Hitler was formally neutral Franco's Spain, which sent to the Eastern Front volunteer "Blue Division" The Spaniards fought against the Red Army near Novgorod until October 1943, awarded by their German "colleagues" quite commendable. After the dissolution of the "Blue Division" many of its fighters moved into the "German Foreign Legion." Surrounded by Berlin before the surrender of the Spaniards fought 7000.

Not the largest, but the most efficient army in the camp of Hitler was the Finnish army, led by Marshal Mannerheim, a former general of the Russian Army.

Finland was the only democratic country of the satellites of the Reich and pretended to fight against the Soviet Union, as it were itself a continuation of the Winter War of 1939-40. However, this did not prevent the Finns to occupy a large part of Karelia, and even parts of Leningrad and Vologda regions. In relation to the Russian population Finns behaved worse than the Germans, in Karelia, they hit upon the idea behind barbed wire send all Russian men 15 years of age.

Fight against the Finns was extremely difficult, and in the summer of 1944 they managed to repulse a part of the occupied territory, and then between the USSR and Finland signed an armistice.

Finnish infantry on the march

Also quite stubborn opponent of the Red Army were Hungarians, send a few divisions on the southern sector of the Soviet-German front.

Hungarian soldiers, 1941

Hungarian soldiers in Budapest, 1939


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