The headquarters of Hitler - Wolf's Lair (45 photos)

The story of Hitler's command complex, from which he directed the attacks and fighting.

Wolf's Lair, Volfsshantse (it. Wolfsschanze) - the main rate of the Fuhrer and the command set of the Supreme Command of the Armed Forces of Germany. Hitler spent here more than 800 days. It was from here he directed the attack on the Soviet Union and the fighting on the Eastern Front. July 20, 1944 there was an unsuccessful attempt on Hitler (which was later made into a movie "Valkyrie" with Tom Cruise). The headquarters of Hitler - Wolfsschanze (Russ. Wolf's Lair). located in the forest Gierłoż 8 km from Kętrzyn. Construction rocked the spring of 1940. On all maps and plans of the object displayed as the Chemische Werke Askania (Chemical plant Askania). Engaged in the construction of the organization Todt. It was built about 2-3 thousand workers. There were three main periods in the construction: 1940-41, 1942-43, and the last - spring, winter and early autumn of 1944 work schedule was designed to strengthen the Fuehrer's bunker and other powerful bunkers. Wolfsschanze was the largest of Hitler's headquarters, and almost was a real city. It was built more than eighty bunkers and fortified buildings in the middle of dense forest, located in a protected area of ​​250 hectares and is surrounded by several rings of barbed wire, minefields, observation towers, machine-gun and anti-aircraft positions. The width of the minefields was 50-350 m. Almost until 1956 lasted for demining operations. It was found about 54 000 min and about 200,000 munitions. To protect from detection from the air, used models of trees and scrim. Its changed four times a year, in accordance with the environment, thus, there was no difference between the objects and the environment. The walls were lined with many bunkers algae, and then painted in green or gray. The whole area was photographed from the air in order to check the masking. Entrance to the territory was only possible through three security posts. In 1944, about 2,000 people served Wolf's Lair - 300 field marshals, generals and aides; 1200 soldiers escort a battalion of Hitler; 150 exploration services and the protection of the SS; 300 administrative staff, drivers, electricians, mechanics, stenographers and clerks, waiters, hairdressers and so on. D. For the first time Hitler came here June 24, 1941 after the attack on the Soviet Union. The evacuation of the German command Wolfsschanze came suddenly, when the Red Army was already coming right up too close. 24th January 1945, just before the arrival of Soviet troops (27 January 1945) Field Marshal Keitel ordered the destruction of Wolfsschanze, that they could no longer take advantage of anybody. There was not a deliberate attempt to destroy Wolf's Lair, although its existence and exact location was known to American intelligence as early as October 1942.

Plan for the whole territory of Wolf's Lair. We are located in the central part:

Plan of the central part:

The only fully preserved object. He used to use the SS escort. Now here is a restaurant and hotel. Here we spent the night and had breakfast before heading out to see all of what goes on it:


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