Discovered Spanish ship Treasure (6 photos)

The researchers found the Spanish treasure ship. Which sank nearly 400 years ago in the Gulf of Mexico.

The collapse of Buen Jesus y Nuestra Senora del Rosario, and seven more ships destroyed the Bank of Madrid, and even contributed to the collapse of the Spanish Empire.

A team of divers engaged in deep sea diving finds that found at a depth of 400 meters is the famous ship. On board the sunken ship was discovered more than 17 000 items, which are investigated, divers have come to the conclusion that the ship was carrying gold, pearls, and even parrots.

The crash site is located at a distance of 400 kilometers from the coast of the Florida Keys. During the search operations were found 39 bars of gold and 1,200 silver pesos. In addition, at the bottom have been raised over 6,600 pearls, which were exported to Europe from Venezuela.

This rare pearl, which is extracted from a rare type of oysters living in South America, but appeared on the verge of extinction in the early 17th century due to over-exploitation of the colonial merchants. When pearling suffered not only the wildlife. It is believed 60,000 Caribbean natives died during a dive for oysters.

In addition to the precious metals and precious stones, were found on board two bones of birds, presumably sinegolovogo parrot. Parrots have become popular pets because of their bright plumage and ability to mimic human speech, but the remains of birds in the wreck were found for the first time.


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