World abandoned ships

Once these giants were floating on the seas and oceans. Some of them have absorbed the waves, others stranded or simply fallen into disrepair. According to UN statistics, the world is now counted more than three million of abandoned ships. This collection is designed to help the 12 most impressive. «SS America»

«SS America" ​​was an ocean liner built in 1940. After a long career, the liner was sold in 1993 to be renovated and become a five-star hotel in Phuket (Thailand). At this time the ship was renamed "American Star", although he never sailed with the new name. The ship was towed from Greece to Atlantic Ukrainian tugboat. However, the ship was in a storm, a tow rope broke, the crew on board the «SS America" ​​was rescued by helicopter and the ship was adrift. January 18, the ship ran aground off the west coast of the island of Fuerteventura (Canary Islands).
During the first 48 hours after the ship ran aground, hitting the surf of the Atlantic Ocean crashed ship. Aft collapsed and sank in 1996, while the bow part remained intact. In November 2005, the nose of the collapsed, and the body began to disintegrate. In 2007, the ship keeled over and fell into the sea. As of March 2013, this ship is only visible at low tide.

Fragments of "American Star» (SS America) in July 2004.

"The discoverer of the world»

"Discovered the World" was a big cruise ship, built in 1974 and carries out periodic flights to Antarctica and the polar regions, to allow its passengers to admire the ice hummocks and icebergs. The ship had a double hull, which provides protection from minor impacts. Still, April 30, 2000 the ship struck the reef and struck the body near the Solomon Islands. The captain sent a ship in the Gulf of Roderick and put him on a bank, to avoid flooding. Crew and passengers were evacuated and the ship was later sacked by the locals.

"The Mediterranean sky»

Cruise ship "Mediterranean Sky" was originally called New York City and was built in 1952 in Newcastle (England). His last voyage the ship made in August 1996.
Due to financial problems, which owns the company, "The Mediterranean sky»
He was arrested in 1997 in Patras. Two years later he was towed to Eleuzussky Gulf in Greece, where he was abandoned. In late 2002, the ship began to fill with water, and began to bend. To stop the flooding, it was towed to shallow water. In January 2003 the "Mediterranean Sky" tipped over on its side, where it is awaiting his fate.

"MB Captayannis»

Captayannis was Greek barge for transportation of raw sugar. She sank on the River Clyde (Scotland) in 1974 after colliding with the oil tanker. The tanker did not suffer any damage, but the anchor chain holed Captayannis so that the ship was filled with water. Captain Captayannis tried to bring the ship in shallow water, and he sat down on a sandbank. The ship turned up the next morning, and lay there until now.
While the ship is in relatively shallow waters, there has never been any attempt to save the remnants of the vessel. After a while Captayannis became home to marine life and birds.


BOS-400 - French floating platform, which ran aground in Maori Bay in South Africa, during a storm, a Russian tugboat towed June 26, 1994. BOS-400 was the largest floating crane in Africa. The tug was chartered to tow the BOS-400 from the Republic of Congo to Cape Town (South Africa). However, during a storm tow rope broke and the platform was thrown aground, where she is to this day.

«La Famille Express»

The ship «La Famille Express» shipwrecked in the southern waters of the Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean. The vessel was built in 1952 in Poland and most of his life served in the Soviet Navy as "Fort Shevchenko". In 1999 the ship was sold and renamed «La Famille Express». The circumstances of the crash is not clearly known, except that he ran aground during Hurricane Frances in 2004. Now the ship is a big local landmark and attracts large number of tourists.

«HMAS Defender»

«HMAS Defender" was a big gunboat acquired by the Government of South Australia in 1884, in order to protect the coast against a possible "Russian threat" of the 1870s. «HMAS Defender" served during the Boxer Rebellion, I, and World War II. In July 1943 «HMAS Defender" was requisitioned for military service in the US Navy. On the way to New Guinea, the ship was damaged in a collision with a tug. The case subsequently ran aground off the coast of Queensland. Its rusting remains are still visible to this day.


"Evangeleh" - a merchant ship built in the same shipyard as the "Titanic" and launched on May 28, 1942 titled "Empire forces." Later, she had several names and eventually was named "Evangeleh».
In 1968, during a night of thick fog the ship sailed extremely close to the shoreline and ran aground near Costinesti. Some argue that "Evangeleh" was intentionally destroyed by the owner to receive insurance compensation. The hypothesis is confirmed by the fact that at the time of the disaster, but the fog was very thick, but the sea was extremely calm and almost all of the equipment of the ship worked perfectly.

«SS Maheno»

Shipwreck vessel «SS Maheno" is the most famous shipwreck at Fraser Island in Australia ... Built in 1905, «SS Maheno" was one of the first turbine ships. It made regular flights between Sydney and Auckland as during the First World War was not converted into a hospital ship.
In 1935 it was sold to Japan for scrap. During towing in Japan, the ship got into a violent storm, and with eight people on board went missing. The ship was found 3 days later, beached off the coast of Fraser Island, his crew had set up camp on the shores of the island. Attempts to remove it from a bank were unsuccessful and eventually it was put up for sale, but buyers are not found.

"Santa Maria»

Santa Maria was a Spanish merchant ship. During the last voyage on board were sports cars, food, medicine, machinery, clothing and other. 1 September 1968 the ship passed near the Cape Verde Islands on their way to Brazil and Argentina, when aground. After a local tug unsuccessfully tried to save the ship, it was left. All the valuable cargo was loaded and taken away. Fragments of "Santa Maria" has since become a symbol of Boa Vista and Cape Verde.


"Dimitrios" (the former name - «Klintholm»), - a small, 67-meter cargo ship, built in 1950. He was thrown out at the beach in the prefecture of Laconia Valtaki in Greece December 23, 1981.
There are rumors that the ship was used for cigarette smuggling between Turkey and Italy. He was deliberately thrown the team stranded on the beach Valtaki, about 5 kilometers from the port of Gythio and then set on fire to hide the evidence of contraband cigarettes.


It was a cargo ship that was washed ashore near the town of Katapola, on the island of Amorgos in Greece. In 1979, he headed to Greece from Cyprus was captured by pirates. After failing to get the ship out of the bay, it was left there and became one of the most popular tourist destinations.



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