Hard to say, when humanity truly to conquer the universe. But if that happens, we need an incredibly complex and large ships. In the movies, and video games recreated many such whoppers. Presents a selection of the most famous spacecraft.

Millennium Falcon
Ship from the universe of "Star Wars", piloted by Han Solo and Chubakoy.d996bab742.jpg

Super Star Destroyer
Class ship "Eclipse" can be seen in "Star Wars» .fefbb39c0d.jpg

A spaceship from the movie VALLI2b1a91bc83.jpg

Private transport automatic cargo ship can be seen in the movie "Black Hole» .94e1470d4a.jpg

District number 9
Giant spaceship from the same sci-fi thriller, boevika.b89bfbd617.png

Ship in a series of films "Star Trek» .dae319cb11.jpg

Fantastic ship from the movie "Spaceballs» .60e2de4dfd.jpg

Landing a spaceship out of the picture "Aliens» .b27c77cc8d.png

Mothership Zeta.
Ship of additions to Fallout 3.90e0fccf84.jpg

A spaceship from the movie "Alien: Resurrection» .d7aa20f454.jpg

Constellation Andromeda
Warship from the series "Andromeda» .dd26417706.jpg

SDF-1 Macross
Fictional interstellar ship from the anime "The Super Dimension Fortress Macross» .89d2123736.jpg

Another fantastic ship from the films "Alien" 8ac2a74b8c.jpg

Star Destroyer
The ship appeared in the "Star Wars" in "Episode VI. New Hope "6ee0e20064.jpg

Ship from the television series "Firefly» .5ed70311fb.jpg

Space battleship from the same Japanese multseriala.e3e5c5fcea.jpg

Fantastic space ship in the series of films about chuzhih.87370029d6.jpg

Battlestar Galactica BG-75
Ship of the series "Battlestar Galactica" and the game «Battlestar Galactica online» .1e07cdb224.jpg

Borg cube
Ship fictitious high-tech race of cyborgs in the universe "Star Trek» .4172947650.jpg

The fate
One of the most ancient intergalactic spaceships in the film "Stargate» .817db3d0ac.jpg

Ship from the series "Lex" 3e3d347331.jpg

Alien spaceship can be seen in the movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind» .d079428a25.jpg

Another ship from the painting "Stargate» .b91c3bb0ed.jpg

Battle cruiser out of the picture "Stargate Atlantis» .ed1b3f302f.jpg

USS Discovery One
Space ship in a series of novels by Arthur C. Clarke's "Space Odyssey» .75794f5576.jpg

NSEA Protector
On board this intergalactic space ships travel through the characters of the saga "Galaxy Quest". 0872ea0d76.jpg

White base
Cruiser could be in the anime series «Gundam Wing». Was put in place during the first part of the annual voyny.620ff14620.jpg

Ship from the movie "Prometheus" 21e9507ac9.jpg

Event Horizon
Spaceship from a horror film "Horizon" 8f7c2da172.jpg

Spaceship from a horror movie "Pandorum" f64a2a62d1.png

Dark Star
Ship of the same name filmab2f4f3c598.jpg

Ship from the movie "Sunshine" c1416b949b.jpg

Alien ship
Spaceship aliens from "Something 2011" f6e06b8977.jpg

Star Cmert
Ship from the movie "Star Wars» .6785571a4e.jpg

Ship from "Dead Space: Downfall" (Dead Space: Downfall) a517f828ba.jpg

Spaceship aliens from "Skyline" (Skyline), 20104d3a20d070.jpg

Alien ship
The great ship from the movie "Independence Day" ab7973614f.jpg

Spaceship "Agamemnon" from the series "Babylon 5» .033f41efae.png

Superkorabl from the movie "Kin-Dza-Dza" e729a2d845.jpg

TIE Fighter
Fantastic space fighter in the universe of "Star Wars" f9bf9f525c.jpg

Pillar of Autumn
Ship from the game Halof517dad493.jpg

Forward Unto Dawn
Ship from Halo 2023a41b8c8.jpg


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