How We Troll Moscow City Duma (39 pics + 1 video)

Brave guys continue to deal with offenses on the roads.
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Oh-wei! It will be a funny story. And although this trash and hell as the prosecutor's office, was not, but veseluhi and effectiveness - an order of magnitude greater. As you know, the activists PAR headed by Vadim Korovin occasionally carry out raids against illegal parking. A week ago, it was quite freaky story titled "How We Troll General Prosecutor's Office." Hell and trash. Tarantino with the reality of our lives is not lying near. As, however, and the Comedy Club. And confirmed that the action today. For me, it was a comedy. At this time we have decided to fight against illegal parking at the Moscow City Duma. Actually, all the same story - the band squatting, illegal fencing and personalized check-in for this band in a garage under a brick on an opposite

In place of diversion Far post parachuted at eight in the morning. By this time a citizen has already passed on the opposite, as eloquently traces left by them on the treacherous snow falling out. We got the camera and began to wait for the second. But. Whatever I did not say Posner, the Duma - not a fool. They sit smart people. Seeing through the window of his old friend Vadim Korovin, whose face already knows, perhaps one prosecutor and one deputy of the Duma quickly realized what he will now clone and started to cover their tracks. In the literal sense of the word. Snowthrower

Unfortunately, how to cover his tracks failed. It was at that moment there was a second deputy


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