Parable: a slap in the face, and 5 drugs

In the old days in the same city lived the official.

One day, when he passed through the market square, it was quickly approached by a strange man in rags and shouting swear words, spat in the face of the officer and ran away.

Has not made an official of the shame and ill.

It would have died, but his friends sent for a physician, who was famous for his ability to heal wounds. The doctor gave the patient five medications and ordered every night, waking up at the appointed hour, to take one of them.


The night has come. He took official first drug, and he dreamed of the market square and how the ragamuffin has spat in his face. From intolerable humiliation and shame screamed terribly sick and woke up.

The next night he received a second drug, and again saw the same dream, but instead of shame, he felt a chilling fear.

The same dream has dreamed the official and for the third night, but no fear, no shame was gone, and he felt a deep sadness.

The official was surprised, but decided to follow the instructions until the end and then the next night drank a fourth drug. Of course, he again saw the same dream, but this dream was not as painful as the previous night, and felt the official only a sense of mild surprise.

On the fifth night, suddenly the officer felt joy. Not knowing what to think, he climbed out of bed and immediately went to the doctor for advice and new medications.

— What did you feel after taking my drugs? asked the healer.

All night I dreamed the same dream that the beggar spat at me, — he answered, — but every night the dream evoked in me a new feeling: I felt the shame, the fear, the sadness, the surprise. And last night I felt the joy and experience it still. Now I'm confused and don't understand what I should feel, really?


After hearing the official, the doctor laughed and said

No matter what happened to you, if you can take it as you see fit. After all, only on your choice depends, will you be pleased or upset for any reason.

As for the slap in the face, a wise man just would not pay attention to him, the more that your abuser is crazy and his spit is not more offensive to you than a gust of wind, zaporosheny dust your eyes.published


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